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  • If you're on the content bandwagon, but you don't know your customer acquisition cost (CAC) and customer lifetime value (CLV), you're playing a dangerous game: How do you know spending all that money on content marketing is worth it?

  • This quick flowchart helps you figure out—before you launch—the digital campaign strategies and metrics you should be using, based on your campaign goals.

  • To improve performance, optimize spend, and enhance customer experience, marketers must inject data and analytics into every phase of their marketing. Here's how you can avoid five common pitfalls of measuring marketing and media performance.

  • The volume of email sent by marketers in the fourth quarter of 2016 rose 14% compared with the fourth quarter of 2015, according to recent research from Experian.

  • Call tracking is one of the most powerful tools for your inbound marketing efforts. It results in clear-cut, actionable campaign data, enabling you to better optimize your inbound marketing strategy.

  • Marketers are using more digital channels than ever, and they are under pressure to prove the ROI of those efforts. Many look to attribution solutions to understand how channels are contributing to sales. But it's not that simple.

  • Key performance indicators (KPIs) become keys to optimizing your marketing only when you apply what you learn. Here's how to take a smarter approach to marketing with KPIs that guide your decisions.

  • The challenge? Measuring Marketing's performance and value to the business. The traditional approach to metrics simply perpetuates the myth that marketing activity equals value. Here's how to measure Marketing's true value instead.

  • If an email is sent but not opened, does it make a sale? Probably not. Check out these tips on how to improve email open rates.

  • Most consumers find a brand's Snapchat account by being directed to the username, or by searching for the username, according to recent data from Snaplytics.

  • Measuring the impact and influence of organic LinkedIn activity is not easy. The social network's analytics features are limited for organic (i.e., not advertising-related) activity. But it's doable.

  • Most brands that conduct user research do so early in the development of new products/services/campaigns, according to recent research from UserTesting.

  • Consumers use apps on their mobile devices more than normal on Super Bowl Sunday, but use drops during the game itself, according to recent research from Appboy.

  • Videos created by B2B companies continue to be viewed mainly on desktop computers, and they are still mostly watched during the workweek, according to recent research from Vidyard.

  • Which metrics and KPIs are most often reported to CMOs and other top marketers? Do high-performing brands pay closer attention to certain types of metrics or KPIs?

  • Christine Vermes, vice-president of marketing at sales and marketing analytics company Full Circle Insights, discusses funnel metrics and attribution, and how to measure marketing ROI in any industry, from software and technology to the game of polo.

  • Did you sigh when you heard Google is revoking free access to its Keyword Planner? Your first reaction was probably something like "Google is sticking it to us again." But there's an easy, inexpensive workaround: a small PPC campaign.

  • What Google Analytics data should marketers home in on to help executives understand the impact of marketing content and online efforts on delivering value through the sales funnel?

  • Here's how to apply loyalty best-practices to your social media marketing to increase customer retention and long-term loyalty.

  • In this PRO seminar, we'll share examples of companies using conversation research to drive product innovation, address customer experience issues, and inform messaging and communications. You'll leave with a practical approach to help you begin mining your online conversations to discover important data and insights.