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  • Ready to get more done at work? Check out this infographic with tips on how to be more productive.

  • Wish there were 25 hours in a day? That would be nice, but a more practical solution to finding more time may come in learning how to manage the hours you've got. Today's infographic offers 15 tips to help you do exactly that.

  • Even if you're not hunting for a new job, maintaining an updated LinkedIn profile can help you with future job prospects that you might not even know exist. Check out the infographic for tips on how to make your profile stand out.

  • The median starting salary for a corporate chief marketing officer (CMO) in the United States is expected to be $164,000 in 2018, according to recent research from The Creative Group.

  • Articles are a fundamental tool in your content marketing toolbox. Here are three places your articles can find a home, each of which serves a different purpose and offers unique benefits for your content strategy.

  • Author, consultant, coach, and speaker Dorie Clark shares tips from her new book, Entrepreneurial You: Monetize Your Expertise, Create Multiple Income Streams, and Thrive.

  • How can you overcome a fear of public speaking? How can you deliver a winning presentation that encourages your audience to applaud, give you high marks on post-presentation surveys, and seek you out for a chat after the microphone is turned off? Here are a few recommendations and best-practices.

  • To build your online reputation and your personal brand, you need to present yourself as an expert, someone people will want to hire or buy something from. A blog is an ideal way to hone your personal brand online.

  • Gaining greater independence is the top reason people say they would start a small business, according to recent research from Paychex.

  • Orthopedic surgeon is the highest-paying job title in the United States, and computer science is the highest-paying field of study, according to recent research from LinkedIn.

  • When it's time to outsource copywriting or content writing to bolster your marketing, you need to be clear on one thing: Should you hire a copywriter or a content writer? We'll explain all the differences (and similarities!) so you can hire the writer that's right for your project.

  • Yawwwwwn. Is your lack of sleep costing you productivity—and costing your company money? Learn why sleep is crucial to performing your best, and see what you can do to get more of it.

  • Want to up your productivity at work? Look around you. Your environment and work habits have a big impact on how efficient you are. Check out this infographic for some easy-to-implement tips to boost productivity.

  • Imagine graduating from college with a marketing degree and being able to immediately function as a marketer in most any company or situation. Education has forever grappled with the the "theory vs. practice" problem. Here's how to balance the two approaches.

  • San Francisco is the US city offering the most jobs (per capita) for digital marketers seeking employment, according to recent research from MarketPro.

  • The world of freelancing has grown, and there's no longer one definition of what a freelancer is. Check out this infographic by LinkedIn ProFinder and Intuit to see five types of gig workers today. Which one is right for your business? Or which one are you?

  • Claire Diaz-Ortiz, co-author of One Minute Mentoring (written with Ken Blanchard) explains how mentoring benefits both the mentor and the protege, how to find a mentor, how to know when it's the right fit, and more.

  • Most salespeople turn to their peers and networks for tips on how to improve professionally, rather than rely on team (company) training resources and content sources, according to recent research from HubSpot.

  • Here's a little midsummer inspiration to get you motivated. See what successful entrepreneurs, from Bill Gates to Beyonce, have to say about overcoming challenges and performing their best.

  • Small content teams are expected to do big things these days, even though no company—large or small—has enough time or budget for content. So how can you create enough content to satisfy the voracious demand for it?