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SmartTools FAQ

Question: Can anyone use SmartTools?

Answer: SmartTools are an exclusive benefit of PRO Membership, so you must be a paid member to use them. Want to try them for free? Kick the tires with our 30-day trial.

Question: Are SmartTools for people who don't know very much about marketing or marketing veterans?

Answer: Both actually. SmartTools are designed by subject matter experts who know the best practices for each marketing task. Each tool is full of helpful tips in handy blue boxes, clear directions and help text as well as links to articles, seminars, and other content. So if you don't know very much about a subject, you can supplement your knowledge as we guide you through what you need to do.

Already an expert? You can use the tools to quickly put together an effective program and skip over all the extra information (although you still may learn a few things—we can't all be experts in everything, right?)

Question: Is SmartTools for large companies or small companies? 

Answer: SmartTools provide the blueprints for you to rapidly build effective marketing programs. Each individual tool is what you make of it, based on the information you enter. Thus, SmartTools can work for firms of any size. 

Question: Is SmartTools for B2C or B2B companies?

Answer: SmartTools is equally appropriate for either. We've provided both B2C and B2B examples within the tools.

Question: Will SmartTools work for non-profits?

Answer: Yes, the information and guidance provided within each tool, while not targeted specifically for the non-profit audience, is helpful for non-profits. Since what you enter into the tool drives the output, your unique non-profit requirements will largely be addressed through how you interact with the tools.

Question: What are the system requirements for SmartTools? Do I need to download something?  

Answer: SmartTools are a Web service that you access by going to the Members Only page on the MarketingProfs Web site. There is no SmartTools client or other software that you need to download.

SmartTools does use pop-ups, so you will need to either disable your pop-up blocker or mark the MarketingProfs site as "safe" within whatever pop-up blocker you use.

Some SmartTools include Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft PowerPoint templates, so you will need these programs if you wish to use these templates. 

Question: Will SmartTools work with my Mac? Is there a browser requirement?

Answer: SmartTools are Web-based, so it doesn't matter if you use a Mac or a PC. We test SmartTools on the most common versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari. There is no optimal browser for SmartTools. If you run into any problems using SmartTools, simply contact our friendly Customer Support group at or (866) 557-9625.

Question: Does SmartTools support other languages or currencies? Can a non-native English speaker with only moderate English skills use SmartTools?

Answer: SmartTools does not currently support regionalization. All text is in American English and the U.S. dollar is used for all financial calculations and templates. The language used in SmartTools contains many specialized marketing terms as used by American marketing professionals that may be unfamilar to people who do not have experience with American English and marketing terms. The best way to see if SmartTools will meet your needs is to watch our SmartTools videos and then give it a try with our 30-day trial.

Have a question that isn't answered by this FAQ or the SmartTools videos on the right?

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