Did You Know that
Only about 1 in 5
B2B Marketers Feels
Very Prepared for Their
Future in Marketing?

See the surprising results from our first-of-its-kind
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Only 1 in 5? YIKES!

And only 31% feel their team is very effective in their roles. A quarter don't think everyone on their team has a basic understanding of marketing. A third feel burned out. And two-thirds are seeking new job opportunities.

Double, triple, quadruple (!) yikes.

These are among the key findings of the inaugural MarketingProfs State of B2B Marketing Training Report.

Nearly 600 B2B marketers and marketing leaders shared how they feel about their roles... their teams... their training and education opportunities... their career goals... and more. (Maybe you were one of them?)

The results are in—and they're pretty surprising (Ann Handley actually gasped).

19% of B2B marketers feel very prepared for their future in marketing.

B2B marketers feel very prepared for their future in marketing.

31% of B2B marketers feel their team is very effective in their roles

Feel their team is very effective in their roles

25% of B2B marketers don't think everyone on their team has a basic understanding of marketing

Don't think everyone on their team has a basic understanding of marketing

33% of B2B marketers feel burned out

Feel burned out

Key Findings

Crazy right?
We couldn't
believe it either.

Marketers are participating in training. But too often, it's not helping them improve business results.
70% of organizations report their teams participated in B2B marketing training. But only 30% say their current training is helping them meet their business goals.

Marketing teams aren't on the same page.
24% of B2B marketers report that not everyone on their team has a basic understanding of marketing. One third of B2B marketers report they don't have documented business goals.

Managers don't know what skills their team needs to learn.
Only 15% of managers report their training includes an assessment to see which skills their team needs to learn next. An additional 74% would like their training to include assessments. And 78% would like personalized recommendations on what training to take.

Very few organizations are proactive about B2B marketing training.
Most B2B organizations do not have a process to decide what training is needed; only 13% have a process in place. While this ad-hoc approach isn't ideal, it's even more problematic when 50% of non-managers say they are unsure if their organization has a budget for B2B training at all.

Marketers struggle with B2B training because it's too focused on theory.
The biggest frustration marketers have with B2B marketing training is its focus on theory. Half of marketers are frustrated because they want more B2B training focused squarely on execution: More than 70% of marketers want training to include real-world examples, templates, checklists, frameworks, and so on.

There's a gap between the type of training marketers are using and the type they actually want to use.
Self-paced online courses are used frequently for training; most marketers say self-paced training is effective for them. Yet companies are too often relying on virtual events for additional training, while marketers prefer workshops and in-person conferences.

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