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  • Just over half of news publishers say they now offer native advertising options on their platforms, according to recent research from the Native Advertising Institute and the International News Media Association.

  • Marketers say their biggest challenges with mobile advertising are opaque data and a lack of internal knowledge about the approach, according to recent research from AppsFlyer and Forrester.

  • Most B2B firms are now buying or selling advertising programmatically, according to a recent report from Dun & Bradstreet and Adweek BrandShare.

  • Consumers in the United States say television and print are the advertising media they trust most, according to recent research from Clutch.

  • Why is it that some brands seem to achieve success with social advertising, whereas others struggle to find the right formula? Read on for five secrets from Facebook marketing pros to learn how your Facebook ads can have real impact on your bottom line.

  • Global advertising expenditure is expected to grow 4.1% in 2018 and reach a total spend of $578 billion by year's end, according to recent research from Zenith.

  • Male holiday shoppers are more likely than female holiday shoppers to be drawn into brick-and-mortar stores by online ads and deals displayed in windows, according to recent research from Euclid.

  • By testing various creative treatments, prioritizing the role creative plays in ads, and choosing the right tools for ad creation, marketers can do more of what they do best: offer creative solutions to their customers and prospects.

  • Black Friday is no longer contained within US borders. Now—thanks to Amazon and other international retailers—big shopping boosts occur in countries all over the world on that day. Learn more Black Friday stats and facts in this infographic.

  • Fully 40% of holiday shoppers begin searching and purchasing before November 1, which means search engine marketers need a game plan now to make some jolly-good sales this season.

  • How can your business react to consumer behaviors—and try to beat the retail giant that is Amazon? Here are a few new, innovative ways to keep driving revenue this holiday retail season through next-generation remarketing.

  • Do advertisers promote gender stereotypes—and should they? Choozle surveyed 500 consumers to see what they think about gender stereotyping in ads. One finding: over one-third of respondents like it when ads break gender stereotypes.

  • The proportion of clicks on Google paid-search ads originating from smartphones increased significantly between the third quarter of 2016 and the third quarter of 2017, according to recent research from iProspect.

  • The success of a direct marketing campaign depends, to varying degrees, on your list, your offer, and your creative. Getting those three things to work together in sync—in online and offline channels—will explode your results. Here's an overview, in interview format, of the fundamentals of direct marketing.

  • A group of affluent consumers in the United States has a significant impact on sales across all categories and strongly influences other consumers' buying behavior, according to recent research from Ipsos.

  • Why consider an omnichannel advertising campaign? Because 91% of businesses experience greater customer retention rates after adopting an omnichannel strategy, according to today's infographic. Check it out to see how omnichannel can help you and how you can get started.

  • Most major e-commerce sites in the United States are now using Facebook's advertising retargeting options, according to recent research from Nanigans.

  • The US television audience for the 2017-2018 season consists of 304.5 million viewers and 119.6 million households, according to recent research from Nielsen.

  • Customers today have seemingly contradictory demands: super-fast websites and immersive experiences. Web publishers would be wise to optimize their image-based assets, lest they lose visitors—and revenue—to slow pageload speeds.

  • The digital ad market in the United States is largely a duopoly controlled by Google and Facebook, according to recent research from eMarketer.