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Marketing Articles: Pricing

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  • by Hank Stroll, Tamara Halbritter
    How do you pitch quality over products that smell like a rush job and look and act cheap? Also: what's the best way to promote high-quality products that require some investment of time and dollars? more
  • by Dana Blankenhorn
    Once you have a product or service, you have to set a price for it. This may be the most misunderstood exercise in all of marketing. Lucky for you, Dana is prepared to clue you in. Ready? more
  • by Dana Blankenhorn
    If youíre looking to advise people in Web commerce today, itís best to look where money is being made. There is such a niche, a niche that has transformed its industry just as the Web promised it would. That niche is travel. more
  • Eight Ways to Close a Technology Deal in a Down Economy!
    by Paul DiModica
    In this economy that old excuse "We just can't afford it" might actually be the truth. Now, find out how to get around the truth. more
  • by Allen Weiss has a new pricing model for the web. Will it survive? In fact, will any of the new pricing models, like that of, survive? more

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