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Marketing Articles: Sales

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  • by Rob Engelman
    As we enter the early stages of the New Year, it is natural to think about and plan our marketing and business development activities for 2005. Whether you are a independent consultant, corporate executive or entrepreneur, consistent application of the following seven core marketing best practices will enable you to ... more
  • by Stephan Pretorius
    Co-registration (or co-reg, as it is commonly known) is rapidly gaining ground as a media tactic. In the age of CAN-SPAM, and with an increased understanding in the market about the importance of user permission for effective email communication, co-reg is an attractive option for building a house list. This ... more
  • by Mike McLaughlin
    The consulting proposal is a necessary evil. A great proposal can be decisive in winning a project; a poor one can cause you to lose a project, even if everything else in the sales process has gone flawlessly. Use these guidelines to a write a killer proposal every time. more
  • by Jared McCarthy
    Creating tradeshow displays is one of the toughest challenges that creative firms face. But if done right, they can be showstoppers. Here's why they are so tough—and what you can do to make them work. more
  • by Richard Banfield
    Here's a disturbing little secret: almost 70% of the people you do face-to-face business with will never speak to you again. It's not that they didn't like you or get value from your services. It's simply that they just don't care. They haven't thought about you since you last spoke ... more
  • by Hank Stroll
    This week: What approaches or steps do newsletter publishers need to follow to ensure the newsletter makes it all the way to recipients' inboxes? Join the conversation! Also this week, read your answers to the previous dilemma: How can a business cash in on year-end purchasing? more
  • by Angi Fisher
    More and more companies around the world understand the importance of really knowing how their customers and prospects view their organizations. They also realize that viewpoints can change quickly. So how do you keep informed of your customers' opinions? How do you know they're continually satisfied? How do you know ... more
  • by Brian Carroll
    Imagine your marketplace is a field of banana trees. Your marketing people are those who nurture and pick the bananas. Bananas are harvested when they are green, and they turn yellow as they ripen. Roughly 95% of your leads are like harvested green bananas. Here's how to ripen all those ... more
  • by Sean D'Souza
    Are you losing truckloads of dollars simply because you don't get the customer to consume what they've ordered? Can't entice them to move beyond the sale? What's missing in your marketing? more
  • by Lucy Sanna
    In today's competitive enterprise technology marketplace, the customer success story can be the tipping point for turning a prospect into a customer. Of course, the success story begins with a happy customer. But are you focusing on the right customers? Are you writing the best stories? Can your sales ... more
  • by Mal Watlington
    It's the fourth quarter of the fiscal year. Let the finger-pointing begin! In truth, the key to accurate lead-conversion ROI calculations is "self-honesty." While every company has the right to create its own definition of "R" to compare with "I," it is critical to look back at the justification that ... more
  • by Laura Patterson
    Without metrics to track performance, marketing and business plans are ineffective. Businesses need to know which success factors require measuring, and they must understand the differences between measurements, metrics, and benchmarks. For marketers, three primary metrics constitute a starting point for tracking their performance. more
  • by Eric Thiegs
    Times have changed for the account service department. Our role as account executives is to lend expertise and insight as we hack the path for our clients through a post 9-11 marketing jungle. more
  • by Mike Schultz
    As service and technology firms begin to awaken from a long, recession-inspired hibernation period, they are again beginning to think about proactive lead generation. If your firm is stepping-up outbound marketing, your first step should be to re-examine your firm's thinking about what works and what doesn't. Consider the following ... more
  • by Hank Stroll
    A name change could mean disaster. How does a company regain its brand without gaining a bad reputation for the constant changes it has undergone? Also this week, read your answers to last week's query: What's the best way to access other divisions of the same company? more
  • by Steve Jackson
    Can an effective keyword strategy improve Web site conversion rates? Absolutely. But only if your site includes the right terminology and phrases. more
  • by Reid Carr
    With many companies still cost-conscious about marketing, the Web presents a perfect opportunity for marketers to maximize the power of events and quantify returns. The interactive and direct nature of the Web can help marketers to better foster, manage, qualify and follow up on interested leads from trade shows and ... more
  • by Kevin Gold
    On Wall Street, financial investors speak of CEOs improving their companies' "top line" by increasing sales volume, or upping their "bottom line" by reducing their expenses to expand the margins from their current sales volume. For Internet companies, business owners determining where to direct their improvement efforts should take a ... more
  • by Suzanne Taylor
    Great marketers figure out how to make lives better, with the goal of attracting lots of profitable and happy customers. But to measure how well marketing efforts help build a large and loyal customer base, it's essential to identify (and rely on) the metrics that matter most. more
  • by Eric Best
    It's funny how things have changed in the last two years. more

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