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  • Text Your Vote to ...
    In late August, 2.9 million subscribers learned the identity of Barack Obama's running mate with a 26-word text message delivered via SMS (Short Message Service). The announcement joined a trend of strategies employed by the likes of NBC (Olympic coverage), Fox (American Idol) and others. According to R.J. Talyor, the ... more
  • Cool Open-Rate Stats
    Even if your email campaigns meet goals and deliver great ROI, you probably wonder how you compare to industry standards. If so, you’re going to love the spreadsheet in a recent blog post from Mailchimp. The company analyzed 271 million emails delivered by its system on behalf of small business ... more
  • Case Study: How HP Boosted Product Sales 84% by Letting the Blogosphere Run Its Online Marketing Promotion
    by Kimberly Smith
    Hewlett-Packard simply handed over a $5,000+ computer prize package to each of 31 bloggers, asking them to give away the prizes to their readers in any way they saw fit. HP trusted the bloggers' influence over the market it wanted to reach—and had faith in their creativity. Turned out, that ... more
  • The Power of Podcasts
    by Lisa Formica
    Social marketing techniques such as blogging, wikis, podcasts, twitter, and virtual worlds have given marketers an extraordinary range of opportunities to reach out to audiences. But do these techniques really pay off—or are they just trendy alternatives that offer no measurable return on marketing investment? more
  • Boost Email Marketing Response With List Segmenting and Triggered Emails
    by Neil Anuskiewicz
    If you are an email marketer who is doing traditional "batch and blast" email marketing, now's a good time to start segmenting and sending triggered emails. Doing so allows you to send more relevant emails and achieves better response from your subscribers. more
  • How to Blow It in Five Words or Less
    Nothing irks Steve Roesler more than when a speaker diminishes himself in five words or less. What may seem like courtesy when you're making that B2B sales pitch could actually be blowing your chances to seal a deal. Roesler offers the following examples of words that can kill. (Now, be ... more
  • Case Study: How New Media Helped a Rural UK Mail Order Company Go Nationwide, Global
    by Kimberly Smith
    Wiggly Wigglers is a natural-gardening retail company set in the countryside between England and Wales. Its products are not high-tech, but its marketing certainly is. Here's how the company abandoned traditional marketing and instead took up a podcast, a blog, a wiki, and more... and then reaped the results. more
  • Ditch the Pitch
    According to Justin Hitt, B2B sales teams routinely get it wrong when seeking new customers. "The problem is, not every sales person knows who makes a good client," he explains. Among the common errors he sees: Chasing too many prospects. "Successful sales people focus on highly qualified prospects most likely to ... more
  • Maximizing Lead Generation Marketing ROI (Part 1): Lead Quality Counts
    by Jim Lenskold
    Marketers responsible for lead generation are all too familiar with some common challenges—getting closed-loop feedback from the sales organization, measuring marketing effectiveness beyond just lead quantity and cost per lead, and building strong alignment with the sales organization. As presented in the MarketingProfs' research report, "B-to-B Lead Generation: Marketing ROI and ... more
  • Getting 'Social' with Social Media—Q&A With Rohit Bhargava
    by Mack Collier
    Rohit Bhargava is a well-respected marketer and blogger and frequent speaker at conferences, including the upcoming MarketingProfs Digital Marketing Mixer. Here, he shares advice on how to get the most from the conference experience and discusses where social media is headed, as well as how businesses can make the most ... more
  • Three Ways to Improve Your Lead-Nurturing Strategy
    by Kathy Rizzo
    Although more than 80% of high-tech marketers say they have a lead-nurturing strategy, 64% say their strategy needs improvement, according to a February 2008 survey by TeleNet Marketing Solutions. As for which areas of overall lead-generation strategy tech marketers would like to improve in the next year, nurturing of long-term leads ... more
  • Case Study: How a Controversial Book Became a Bestseller via an Aggressive Web Campaign
    by Kimberly Smith
    When the current POTUS is the villain of your book, it doesn't matter that you're a best-selling author... because the mainstream media will find it too hot to touch. So what do you do? You go to the Web. more
  • Every Blue Ocean Will Eventually Turn Red; Create an Unfair Advantage Instead
    by Dan Herman
    The vast red and blue oceans of the marketing world tsunamied into our awareness and vocabulary a few years ago, when two professors, W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne, claimed that competition can be rendered irrelevant. Their book, Blue Ocean Strategy, heralded the news to marketing managers and CEOs all over ... more
  • Has Your Telephone Become Your Sales Prevention System?
    by Todd Miechiels
    Is your company guilty of throwing dollars at campaigns to increase Web traffic, only to turn around and squander sales opportunities due to poor telephone and email handling? Make sure that your telephone system isn't preventing prospects from reaching out and touching someone at your company. As soon as you finish ... more
  • Tough Times Increase Pressure to Meet the Marketing Effectiveness Imperative
    by Jay Milliken, Chiaki Nishino
    Businesses today are hunkering down. With consumers clutching their wallets more tightly, companies are scrutinizing every budget item in an effort to maintain profitability even as revenues are flat and costs rise. And with marketing commonly viewed as a discretionary spend, it is one of the likeliest victims of the ax. more
  • Case Study: How a Telecommunications Company Used Video to Streamline Its Sales Process
    by Kimberly Smith
    Digium created a Web-based video that covered all the essential points of in-person presentations, but in a format more easily accessible to all of its sales outlets. The results: a more efficient sales process and an effective press tool. more
  • Help Me, Guide Me, Grow My Leads
    According to a recent white paper from Pontiflex, online lead generation grew 71% in the 2006-2007 timeframe, more than twice as fast as the online ad market. But conducting a good campaign can present "publishers, advertisers and advertising agencies with serious difficulties," says Zephrin Lasker. He offers four tips to "make ... more
  • The Power of Search Within a Complex Sales Cycle
    by Roxanne Lott
    Now that we know that 85% of B2B customers use the Internet at some point during the buying process, why is it that so many business executives still contend that online marketing "doesn't work" for businesses with enterprise solutions or complex sales cycles? more
  • Does It Come in a, You Know, Box?
    In post at the Neuromarketing blog, Roger Dooley says, "U.S. consumers have been conditioned to believe that proper wine comes in a 750ml glass bottle with a natural cork. Artificial corks and screw cap closures are suspect, to say the least. And box wines are traditionally suited only for penniless ... more
  • I'm Rubber, You're Glue
    Imagine you're Alissa Bayer—owner of the upscale milk + honey day spa in Austin, Texas—and a client has directed you to the Church of the Customer Blog, where a post by Jackie Huba takes your business to task for selling gift certificates with a $1.50 "handling fee." You scan through ... more
  • What You Can Learn From Starbucks' Mistakes
    Comedians used to make jokes about cities with a Starbucks on every corner. It seemed ridiculous at first, but we've gotten so used to their ubiquity that the closure of 600 stores came as a surprise to many customers. And in a post at Harvard Business Online, John Quelch argues ... more
  • Incentives: 5 Cardinal Rules, 10 Great Ideas
    by Kristin Zhivago
    When the economy gets tight, customers can take forever to reach a buying decision. So, managers think up incentives that will encourage the customer to buy. Whatever lure you use should inspire the prospective customer to edge a little closer to a purchase, which is sometimes easier said than done. more
  • Case Study: How a Small Internet Publisher Doubled Its Email Database & Reduced Marketing Spend With Cost-per-Lead
    by Kimberly Smith
    Earlier this year, when online travel publisher Tripmela was in startup mode, CEO Jared Blank determined that he needed to achieve a $1.50 cost per acquisition if he was going to lead this fledgling to profitability. Here's how he did it. more
  • by Gary Anderson
    Do you want to record a video message for on-demand access? Do you want to do live video from a conference? Or do you have completely different objectives? For marketers who want to put video communication to good use, the key is finding the right tools. Here's a great place to ... more
  • by Jon Miller
    Does an economic slowdown necessarily mean that business-to-business marketers have to find even more ways to do more with less? Or can a downturn create opportunity for smart marketers to grow and thrive? more

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