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  • SMS messages have much better response rates than email, but some brands have been hesitant to get on board. Things are changing, though. To see whether SMS messaging is right for you, check out the latest SMS business trends.

  • B2B mobile usage is intensifying throughout the entire buying cycle. Here are four ways B2B companies can use mobile marketing to keep pace with the customer journey.

  • How much do you know about mobile marketing? This infographic is sure to offer you some new insights with its 104 facts, stats, and other trivia about the channel.

  • Communication matters. In organizations without effective communication, leaders can't lead, products don't sell, and projects don't get funded. Which presents a paradox: if it's that important, why does most communication fail?

  • SMS campaigns can supplement other marketing efforts, and they can also be used for more transactional messaging. Today's infographic describes how SMS can be used for marketing and why small businesses shouldn't overlook this medium.

  • We've become used to hearing about Millennials as "the next generation of consumers." That's no longer the case. Millennials are adults now. They're the current generation. And they're your customers. Here's how to reach them.

  • In the past year, Google made changes to AdWords intended to open up new channels for marketers on mobile devices. Here are four easy tweaks that will make the most of those new channels to get you more leads and conversions.

  • Moments that lead to a mobile or digital action in a consumer's daily life may seem trivial, but they can hold large opportunities for brands. Those "micro-moments," as Google has termed them, occur when consumers turn to a device for a specific need, anytime and anywhere.

  • Does your mobile app pull its weight? If your brand has a mobile app—or if you're thinking about creating one—check out this infographic for features that every business app should have.

  • Adults in the United States spend nearly three hours each day, on average, on their mobile devices, according to recent research from comScore.

  • In this PRO seminar, you'll learn how to create device-agnostic content that reaches your target audience and achieves your communication objectives. You'll come away with strategies to tell even the most complex B2B sales story, or engage the most niche B2C consumers, with awesome content—on any platform!

  • Even if consumers don't actually purchase via mobile, chances are mobile was a part of their customer journey. Here are three lessons from four top retail mobile apps to help you create mobile experiences your customers will love.

  • Content publishers have mountains to climb in trying to reach and monetize their audiences in this mobile-first, ad-averse world. How can you reach readers, viewers, and listeners—and keep them coming back?

  • As with any marketing tactic, there is a right way, a wrong way, and a really wrong way to use SMS, too, for marketing. These best-practices and tips from experts will help you avoid pitfalls and guide you on the path to good SMS marketing.

  • Changes in healthcare marketing have much in common with the shifts B2B marketers across industries have experienced in recent years. So there's plenty B2B marketers can learn from the world of healthcare marketing.

  • Ben Kaplan, senior director of mobile strategy and product at the American Cancer Society, discusses the mobile strategy that increased mobile app revenue 80% in 2016 for the organization.

  • The mobile and digital revolutions have changed the way national and global brands can reach consumers where they are, and when and how they want to be reached. Here's how to do local right.

  • For healthcare professionals, the days of hanging a shingle and waiting for patients is long over. So what are the best strategies for healthcare organizations, doctors, and physician practices in today's digital world?

  • Most emails are opened on mobile devices, but most conversions from email are still happening on desktops. Check out this infographic to see how your brand stacks up when it comes to mobile email metrics.

  • People check their smartphones obsessively—dozens, even hundreds, of times per day—and they open most of their emails on mobile devices. Here are five ways we email marketers can use those mobile habits to better reach our customers.