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  • Email's Little Secret: 18 Words to Fly or Die By
    Just 18 words. Marketing and Sales pros who know this powerful stat, fly; and those who don't, die. (Well, their emails do.)
  • Now Is the Time for Developing Your Personal Brand: 26 Tips
    The time for personal branding is now, and today is the best day to start developing your personal brand. Here are 26 tips, from A to Z, to help your personal branding efforts.
  • Five Ways to Make the Most of Video for Marketing
    From the tiniest startups in Silicon Valley to the largest global organizations, consumer and B2B marketers are pouring more resources than ever into video. But if you're just now getting into video marketing, these tips will help you catch up quickly.
  • Three Ways CPG Companies Can Use Social Insights to Make Better Business Decisions
    To garner full value from their social intelligence strategies, CPG companies should be mindful of incorporating these three initiatives into their social plans.
  • Your Buyers Are Experiencing Marketing Fatigue; Here's What to Do About It
    Too many nurture touchpoints, too many pieces of outreach, too many really bad email messages. Buyers are beginning to shut down, and that's going to be a big problem for marketers. Unless...
  • Five Ways SaaS Companies Can Achieve Proactive Customer Success
    It seems so obvious: Businesses that take a proactive approach to customer success, going out of their way to anticipate customers' needs and offer help rather than waiting to be asked, are more likely to have loyal and repeat customers.
  • Six Building Blocks of a High-Converting Lead Generation Form
    Let's be honest: Website visitors hate to fill out your lead generation forms. Luckily, there are proven ways to reduce form friction and get prospects to hand over their valuable information.
  • What Do Publishers Really Want From Ad Platforms?
    The good news: The proliferation of new ad platforms and formats has created a lot of opportunities for publishers. The bad news: The proliferation of new ad platforms and formats has created tons of confusion and a whole new set of challenges.
  • Anatomy of a Viral Video: A Tale of Two Stories
    Between two similar videos, what makes one buzz to the top of the YouTube charts, and one languish in obscurity? Experts weigh in.
  • Don't Make a Titanic Mistake: Bigger Experiences Aren't Always Better in Experiential Marketing
    When planning an experiential marketing campaign, it can be tempting to sink a titanic budget into the splashiest one-day event ever conceived, but that single-minded pursuit of buzz is risky. There are icebergs in those waters.
  • How to Elevate Your Marketing Career From OK to Awesome
    In the fast-moving world of marketing, it's easy to feel stuck. Here's what you can do to get your career moving forward.
  • How Small Marketing Teams Can Achieve Big Content Wins
    Whether you're focused on building a content strategy, creating and distributing content, or measuring content performance, even one-person teams can achieve content marketing success.
  • Ad Agencies Should Stop Charging Clients Up Front: Three Lessons From Jerry Maguire
    Perhaps it's time marketing and advertising agencies re-evaluated their mission statements and standard operating procedures. Here are three still-relevant catchphrases from Jerry Maguire that agencies can learn from.
  • How to Prevent Marketing Team Burnout and Get Over Overtime
    Marketers are known for late nights and jam-packed days. Unfortunately, that kind of schedule can lead to diminished productivity at best, and burnout and turnover at worst. There's a better way.
  • Three Ways UGC Influences Sales: The Case of Real-Customer Photos
    When you scale your content creation efforts with user-generated content, and use real customer photos alongside branded content in your marketing, you'll gain credibility and authenticity for your brand and marketing—and help generate sales.
  • Diversifying Ad Spend: Why Mobile Marketers Need Both David and Goliath
    Although Facebook and Google dominate mobile advertising, marketers run the risk of relying too much on them for the results their brands need. Spreading spend across a variety of channels increases the likelihood of optimal ad performance.
  • No Size Too Small: ABM for SMBs
    Account-based marketing might be thought of as an enterprise-level tactic, but that doesn't mean ABM, albeit scaled down, can't provide outsized results for your small-to-midsize business.
  • Want to Break Into the US Market? Here's How: Seven Tips for Localizing Your Marketing
    For many companies, selling beyond their home market is essential to business success. But selling into new markets is easier said than done. Here's sound advice for European B2B companies that want to localize marketing for the US.
  • Five Effective Neuromarketing Principles That Boost Marketing Efforts
    Neuroscience can give marketers deep insight into what works and what doesn't in persuading customers to buy a product or service. These five neuromarketing principles will boost your marketing efforts.
  • Five Steps to Successful Audience Targeting in Online Ad Campaigns
    These five steps for successful audience targeting will enable you to pair audiences with the right messaging to communicate in more personal and meaningful ways, ultimately allowing you to reach your business goals.
  • Digital Asset Management: How to Demonstrate Business Value, Create a Business Case, and Search for the Best Solution
    If you've decided that your business needs a digital asset management (DAM) system to take over from your old, complex legacy systems, demonstrating business value may be fairly easy. If you've never had any comparable tools before, your job may be harder, especially if budgets are tight.
  • Good Money After Bad? Your Channel Partners and Your Co-Op Dollars
    The biggest challenge for a lot of distributed marketing organizations is that they don't have sufficient visibility into the co-op spending of their independent partners.
  • The Highest-Spending E-Commerce Customers Are Seeing Stars—Star Ratings, That Is
    Star ratings are simple, but they have an immense effect. They increase social proof, boost word-of-mouth marketing, and improve the results of paid ads. And, most important, they influence purchases.
  • How to Identify the Right Influencers to Market for Your Brand
    Not all influencers are the same. In fact, there are plenty of phonies and lame ducks out there. So how do you determine whether they can make a difference for your ROI? Here are three ways.
  • Eight Simple SEO Mistakes Killing Your Content Marketing
    Search engines want to show the world your content, but not if you've made mistakes that undermine the user experience and search engines' guidelines. So give them what they want by avoiding these eight common mistakes that content creators make.
  • Four Ways to Use SIC and NAICS Codes to Boost Marketing Effectiveness
    The SIC and NAICS classification systems were developed in an era of relatively little technology, but they provide a useful framework for the hundreds of industry verticals that manufacturing marketers address every day.
  • Three Lessons From Top Mobile Shopping Apps: How Retailers Can Improve Customer Experience
    Even if consumers don't actually purchase via mobile, chances are mobile was a part of their customer journey. Here are three lessons from four top retail mobile apps to help you create mobile experiences your customers will love.
  • How to Generate Clickthroughs (and Data) From Your Marketing Videos
    Marketing videos create awareness. But then what? What do viewers do after they click the "Play" button? If you want to know a lot more about your customers and your videos, get them interacting with each other. It's easier than you think, and you'll get data while your customers and prospects get a personalized experience.
  • Own Your Interview: Nine Questions Every Content-Writing Candidate Needs to Ask
    You can't get answers if you don't ask questions. And if you don't get answers, you can't make informed decisions. Ask these nine questions, and you'll be on your way to owning your content-job interview.
  • Content Marketing and Customer Acquisition: How to Calculate Your CAC, CLV, and ROI
    If you're on the content bandwagon, but you don't know your customer acquisition cost (CAC) and customer lifetime value (CLV), you're playing a dangerous game: How do you know spending all that money on content marketing is worth it?
  • The Anatomy of a Multichannel Welcome Series for Nonprofits (and Others)
    Donor retention is top of mind for nonprofits. And rightly so. But less than 1 in 10 take the most efficient and affordable action for combating decreasing donor retention: executing a welcome series.
  • Four Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Your Marketing
    You don't have time to do marketing yourself, but you know you need to if your business is going to succeed. Hiring an outside firm can be an option, but it can also be a risk. You need to clearly weigh the potential pros and cons.
  • A Future-Proof Way to Monetize Content in an Ad-Averse, Mobile-First World
    Content publishers have mountains to climb in trying to reach and monetize their audiences in this mobile-first, ad-averse world. How can you reach readers, viewers, and listeners—and keep them coming back?
  • Seven SMS Best-Practices and Tips for Marketers
    As with any marketing tactic, there is a right way, a wrong way, and a really wrong way to use SMS, too, for marketing. These best-practices and tips from experts will help you avoid pitfalls and guide you on the path to good SMS marketing.
  • Five Ways to Drive Engagement and Sales With Tradeshow Marketing
    Tradeshows and in-person events are powerful marketing tactics. Read on to learn what to do before, during, and after a tradeshow to drive engagement and sales.
  • How to Become a Guest-Post Contributor to Industry Websites and Blogs: A Comprehensive Guide
    This detailed guide can help you and your brand benefit from guest-posting—to position you as subject-matter experts, drive traffic to your site and generate leads, increase your audience reach, make connections with influencers, and much more...
  • How to Use Employee Feedback to Build Better Marketing Campaigns
    What do your employees actually think about your brand? Do they trust your leadership team? And when they talk about the company publicly, does what they say support or undercut your marketing goals?
  • Five Ways to Build Your Marketing Team's Confidence
    As a leader, building up the confidence of your marketing team is among the most rewarding things you can do—both for yourself and for your company. Give these five confidence-building techniques a try.
  • The Future of Healthcare Marketing: Lessons for All Marketers
    Changes in healthcare marketing have much in common with the shifts B2B marketers across industries have experienced in recent years. So there's plenty B2B marketers can learn from the world of healthcare marketing.
  • The Chief Content Officer Is Dead; Long Live Content Marketing
    It turns out that having a C-level executive in charge of content marketing has not been realistic, but the need for content—and content leadership—remains. So who's going to lead the content team, and what skills should team members have?
  • Five Common Pitfalls and Best-Practices of Measuring Marketing and Advertising Performance
    To improve performance, optimize spend, and enhance customer experience, marketers must inject data and analytics into every phase of their marketing. Here's how you can avoid five common pitfalls of measuring marketing and media performance.
  • The New 'SEO': Five Ingredients for a Profitable Search Experience Optimization Recipe
    We have entered a new age of search experience optimization—and marketers the world over are on the hunt for the best recipe for cooking up a profitable search experience.
  • How Account-Based Marketing and Selling via LinkedIn Can Drive Revenue
    Here are some real-life examples of how an account-based marketing and selling approach on LinkedIn can drive not just reach and awareness but also demand and revenue.
  • The Essential Role of Call Tracking as an Inbound Marketing Tactic
    Call tracking is one of the most powerful tools for your inbound marketing efforts. It results in clear-cut, actionable campaign data, enabling you to better optimize your inbound marketing strategy.
  • Four Steps for Successfully Implementing Marketing Attribution
    Marketers are using more digital channels than ever, and they are under pressure to prove the ROI of those efforts. Many look to attribution solutions to understand how channels are contributing to sales. But it's not that simple.
  • How to Raise Your KPIQ: Key Performance Indicators and Your Marketing IQ
    Key performance indicators (KPIs) become keys to optimizing your marketing only when you apply what you learn. Here's how to take a smarter approach to marketing with KPIs that guide your decisions.
  • Three Steps for Crafting More-Personalized and Better-Performing Content
    Content marketers strive to create content that not only speaks directly to their target audiences but also compels those audiences to take action. Easier said then done, of course. But these three steps can help.
  • Eight Key Elements Your Annual Marketing Plan Must Have to Succeed in 2017
    The annual marketing plan you created last quarter already feels out of date. How on earth are you supposed to plan for an entire year when marketing technology and platforms are changing at the speed of light?
  • The Four Trends That Should Drive Retail Strategy in 2017
    Consumers can afford to be selective: Global competition is the norm today, and your retail competitors offer comparable prices and user experiences. To stay competitive in this environment, retailers and brands must make four key trends a priority in 2017.
  • Four Visual Neuromarketing Hacks to Boost Your Branding
    Any detail of your branding efforts can have a negative or positive effect on your customers' decision-making. These visual hacks will help you get attention and enhance your branding efforts.
  • Marketing Activity Metrics Mean Little: Here's How to Really Prove Marketing's Value
    The challenge? Measuring Marketing's performance and value to the business. The traditional approach to metrics simply perpetuates the myth that marketing activity equals value. Here's how to measure Marketing's true value instead.
  • How to Do Local Digital Marketing Right: Four Adjustments Global and National Brands Need to Make
    The mobile and digital revolutions have changed the way national and global brands can reach consumers where they are, and when and how they want to be reached. Here's how to do local right.
  • How to Apply Neuromarketing Principles to Improve Marketing Effectiveness (Part 2 of 2)
    Part 1 examined stimuli that get the attention of the decision-making portion of the brain. Part 2 explains how specific tactics appeal to the brain and improve the effectiveness of your marketing.
  • Influencer and Marketing Campaigns on Social Media: Which Platforms to Use and When
    Choosing the right social network for your marketing campaigns is as important as the quality of the campaign's content. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, and YouTube offer discrete opportunities and challenges.
  • Medical Marketing in a Digital World: Content, Social Media, and Mobile
    For healthcare professionals, the days of hanging a shingle and waiting for patients is long over. So what are the best strategies for healthcare organizations, doctors, and physician practices in today's digital world?
  • Five Questions to Answer When Creating a Video Campaign
    Here are five ways to get smart about planning, implementing, and measuring video to ensure your video marketing campaign engages your audiences and achieves your objectives.
  • How to Measure LinkedIn Organic Activity
    Measuring the impact and influence of organic LinkedIn activity is not easy. The social network's analytics features are limited for organic (i.e., not advertising-related) activity. But it's doable.
  • Five Tips for Nailing Your First Tradeshow
    Tradeshows can feel overwhelming unless you have a few tips and tricks up your sleeve. Luckily, you know exactly what you need to do to make a fantastic impression—thanks to an article you read about nailing your first tradeshow...
  • Five Ways to Gain Customer Insight: A Guide for Marketers
    Having a strong understanding of your customers helps you spot warning signals before sales go completely south, as well as discover trends that can lead to new areas of growth and opportunity. Here are five steps you can take.
  • Eight Subscription Models and Five Best-Practices for Your Offerings
    Customers buy on convenience—because they want to make their job or their life easier. Automatic renewals are as easy as it gets. And from a business standpoint, it guarantees repeat business—the lifeblood of well-run organizations.
  • Six Email Worst-Practices: How to Send Your Emails to Your Customer's Trash
    Are you becoming an annoyance in your customer's inbox? Avoid these six worst-practices and learn how to instead get your messaging to resonate with your audience.
  • Five Top Content Leaders Shed Light on the Needs of Modern B2B Marketing
    Content marketing experts Scott Abel, Ardath Albee, Michael Brenner, Ann Handley, and Robert Rose share a heap of insights on content. If you know content marketing, you know that's quite a squad.
  • Six Ways to Generate More (and More Creative) Ideas
    Just about anyone, not just the talented few, can be creative. Here are six techniques for coming up with loads of creative ideas.
  • Improve Your Marketing Communications With Insights From Neuromarketing (Part 1 of 2)
    To ensure your marketing communications engage and convince your audiences, you'll need to understand how the human mind works. These are the six characteristics of the decision-making part of the brain you should be using to your advantage.
  • The Psychology of Case Studies: Five Ways to Amp Up the Impact of Your Customer Stories
    Why are case studies so useful in sales and marketing? Because they can trigger the underlying emotional drivers of buyer behavior. So here are five ways you can apply psychology to supercharge case studies—and content, in general.
  • The Five Most Important Digital Marketing Skills for 2017
    As marketing technologies, channels, and platforms evolve, so must the skill sets of digital marketing professionals. Do you and your team have the most important digital marketing skills needed for success in 2017?
  • How to Tackle the 4Ws of Marketing Content Creation With Data
    Before you create marketing content, you need to ask why, what, when, and where—the 4Ws. And because content creation is as much science as it is art, you need data about the 4Ws of marketing content.
  • Eight Steps for Running a Successful Addressable TV Campaign
    Addressable TV is a powerful advertising tactic. Its advantages lie in the data available for targeting, its ability to significantly reduce waste, its ROI measurability, and the post-campaign data that helps you optimize traditional TV buys.
  • Just-in-Time Marketing: Reach the Right Customer at the Right Time
    Just-in-time marketing reduces marketing waste and drives revenue growth. Investing in the right capabilities, models, and technologies can transform marketing operations and achieve a competitive edge.
  • How to Stay Relevant as a Marketer in a Crazy Martech World
    In an age of algorithms and artificial intelligence, marketers don't just need to be tech-savvy... they need to be tech-everything. That may sound like an exaggeration, but have you looked at job postings lately?
  • Four Steps for Driving Customer Loyalty With Data Science
    To build loyalty and retain customers, marketing teams can take these four steps that improve customer insights and the overall customer experience—and build lasting customer relationships.
  • Four Powerful Groups of B2B Brand Advocates on Social Media, and Five Tools You Can Use
    Which of your social media connections are potential advocates for your B2B company, and how do you build an advocacy system around them?
  • Turmoil Ahead: The Future of Net Neutrality, Publishing, and Digital Marketing
    In 2017, marketers will be at the mercy of politics. Net Neutrality, a pillar of Cloud-based content, apps, and services, faces extinction. If the Web becomes a pay-for-performance utility, Cloud-based marketing strategies could become prohibitively expensive.
  • Seven Video and Social Media Marketing Calculations for 2017
    Mark Zuckerberg said at the end of 2015 that we would be in the "Golden Age of Video" for some five years. So... it's not over yet, and business owners' and marketers' growing access to video will only further the shift in our social feeds in 2017.
  • How to Use Jargon for Good, Not Evil, in Your Content and Marketing
    Jargon isn't necessarily gibberish. Use it right, and you can make your content more effective. But the most commonly used jargon doesn't do that at all.
  • 2016's Great Big Social Media Fails and Lessons Learned
    The past year provided fertile ground for social media goofs and gaffes. Many marketers apparently didn't do enough thinking before they clicked on the tweet, post, publish, or share button. Here are some of 2016's biggest social media fails and the lessons they can teach us.
  • Social Listening in 2017: The Next Frontier in Social Media
    Social media is already an important part of the customer experience. Which is why marketers are using social listening for better targeting during the customer journey. Here are the social listening capabilities you need in your marketing strategy for 2017 and beyond.
  • Four Career Lessons for Would-Be CMOs and CEOs
    A panel of senior business leaders at the MarketingProfs B2B Forum discussed their careers and offered advice on the path from modern marketer to CMO or CEO. These four common lessons emerged from the discussion.
  • How to Use Video Content to Create a Loyal Audience
    Video content is becoming indispensable for your marketing efforts... Here's how you can create engaging videos and use your video content to build a loyal audience.
  • Social Media Best-Practices for Nonprofits (and Mistakes to Avoid)
    For nonprofits, social media marketing can be just as advantageous as it is for businesses. It's a great way to build support, grow your ranks of volunteers, and increase donations. But you need to be vigilant.
  • Video Marketing That Goes Down the Funnel, Not Down the Drain
    Just because we marketers understand the power of video doesn't mean we use it to its full potential. If you're not using video in all the stages of the marketing funnel, you're leaving conversions and sales on the table.
  • How Email Marketers Can Profit From Users' Mobile Obsession
    People check their smartphones obsessively—dozens, even hundreds, of times per day—and they open most of their emails on mobile devices. Here are five ways we email marketers can use those mobile habits to better reach our customers.
  • Four Tips to Boost Traffic (and Leads) With Compounding Blog Posts
    What if, rather than thinking of your blog as a chore on a to-do list, you were to view it as a savings account, with each post a long-term investment that generates increasing traffic and relevant leads?
  • Goat Rodeo or Gantt Chart: Five Better Ways to Creative Content
    Myth: creative content is the result of a smooth, linear process, thanks to inspired designers, writers, illustrators... The idea appeals to project managers and heads of marketing who love their Gantt charts. But the reality is more goat rodeo than Gantt chart. There is a better way.
  • Eight Design Tips for Your Next Tradeshow Display
    We know a good tradeshow display when we see one: It's usually the booth attracting a ton of visitors and leads. Sure, success depends on more than just display design, but design helps you stand out in a sea of exhibitors.
  • Eight Myths E-Commerce Marketers Must Stop Believing In
    At a time when tips and tricks for running an online business are so readily available, it should be easy to learn about achieving success. But how can you tell the difference between sound advice and seemingly sound myths?
  • From Making Headlines to Sustaining Engagement: What Donald Trump Can Learn From Marketers
    As he moves from provocateur to President, what can Donald Trump learn from marketers about how to build relationships, grow influence, and sustain engagement? He might consider these four marketing-tested ideas.
  • Five Ways to Compete Against Low-Price Competitors
    All of us face a low-cost or low-price competitor at one time or another. The solution isn't to lower your prices and engage in a price war; that just means low profitability for everyone. So what can you do to compete?
  • The Content Marketer's Approach to Successful Social Selling and Sales Enablement
    Push marketing. Pull marketing. Content marketing. Social selling. Sales enablement. All are in the playbook that Marketing and Sales use to grow the business via digital channels. Here's what content marketers need to know about their role.
  • Which Mobile Messaging Channels to Use in Which Real-World Situations
    There are four main messaging channels your mobile app can use for marketing. Find out which of the four you should be using in specific, real-world situations.
  • Four Ways to Use Social Listening to Boost Customer Loyalty
    Social media monitoring—AKA social listening—can help you build brand loyalty among your customers. Here are some simple steps you can take to encourage customer loyalty.
  • How to Make Powerful Facebook Ads With the Help of Your Customer Service Team
    Facebook ads can be powerful, but only if you avoid some common mistakes. Here's how your customer service team can help you do just that so you can create better Facebook ads.
  • Competitive Marketing Intelligence? Yep, There's a Chatbot for That!
    Collecting marketing intelligence on our competitors and rivals has long been a headache in search of an aspirin. We've had to use Google and scores of standalone tools to conduct competitive research. But it looks like we might have a cure in sight, in the form of a chatbot.
  • Three Major Shifts That Will Transform Video Marketing in 2017
    In 2017, three major shifts in how we create, promote, and measure video content will bring about the tipping point that changes the game and puts us squarely on track for the Golden Age of Video.
  • Five Ways B2B Marketing Will Change in 2017: All Roads Lead to Marketing Performance Management
    Ask B2B marketers to identify what they are focused on, year after year, and they will say "revenue." Enter marketing performance management. As we enter 2017, five key changes will make MPM a greater priority than ever for B2B organizations.
  • Five Effective Customer-Data Tactics: Resolutions for the New Year
    Marketers know that collecting and using customer data is central to generating positive business results. But, as always, the devil is in the details. Use these five tactics in 2017 to get more value from the customer data you're collecting.
  • Seven Marketing Automation Predictions and Best-Practices for 2017
    If 2016 was anything to go by, we marketers should be excited about marketing automation in 2017. If you want your automation efforts to pay off this year, keep these seven predictions and best-practices in mind.
  • Martech in 2017: Five Predictions and Expectations
    Marketing technology has been instrumental in helping marketers reach their audiences in 2016. Here's what you can expect from martech in 2017.
  • Three Game-Changing Trends for Mobile Marketing in 2017
    2016 was a big year for mobile marketing, but 2017 will be even bigger. A few tech trends looming on the horizon are going to make a deep impact on every mobile marketer’s work—whether they know it or not.
  • Goodbye Google Keyword Planner, Hello Keyword Research Using PPC
    Did you sigh when you heard Google is revoking free access to its Keyword Planner? Your first reaction was probably something like "Google is sticking it to us again." But there's an easy, inexpensive workaround: a small PPC campaign.
  • The Four Pillars of Performance for Digital Marketing Campaigns
    Even as marketing changes at breakneck speed, some things stay the same. The four pillars of performance have withstood the test of time, so keep them in mind to improve your marketing campaigns' chances of success.
  • Real-Time Marketing: Five Tips for Surviving in Our Brave New World
    Marketing campaigns that take months to plan, launch, and execute may still have a place in today's always-connected world, but if you aren't also jumping into real-time marketing, you will lose out.
  • How to Prevent Churn and Retain Customers of Online Services
    Customer churn is a normal part of doing business. The reasons customers leave you are diverse, but they fall in two categories: voluntary and involuntary. Understanding the differences between the two can dramatically improve your customer retention.
  • Seven Ways to Stand Out in, and Benefit From, the Experience Economy
    The experience economy gives us the opportunity to do more than just sell goods and services; we can now create unique memories and experiences for our customers—and in the process achieve competitive advantage.
  • Useful SEO Content Tactics for a Successful 2017
    SEO has evolved significantly, especially over the past few years: It is no longer search engine optimization, per se; our content efforts are now aimed at users, not search bots. These tips will help make your own SEO content more engaging in 2017.
  • Operation FOMO: Three Ways to Turn Customer Envy Into Engagement
    No matter your audience, their fear of missing out (FOMO) can work marketing magic for you, especially in the age of social media. But beware: If you don't make use of FOMO responsibly, it'll backfire.
  • 'It's OK to Be Terrible' and Other Affirmations for the Frustrated Writer
    Writing isn't supposed to be easy. But that doesn't mean it has to be painful. Here are a few things I do to power through. Call it a list of struggling-writer affirmations.
  • Supercharge B2B Sales With a Smart Indirect-Sales Ecosystem
    Could a network of partners be your ticket to accelerated growth and market expansion? If so, where do you start? How do you build a solid partner ecosystem and ensure it's functioning as it should?
  • Seven Tips for Creating Effective Explainer Videos
    If you're considering investing in marketing video in 2017, you'll want to read these useful tips for creating an explainer video that can help you drive more sales.
  • Six Tips for Successfully Using Livestreaming Video for Marketing
    Live video is a powerful, authentic, engaging, measurable, and cost-effective marketing option that more and more brands are turning to, for good reason. Here are some helpful tips to get you started.
  • Davids vs. Goliath: Five Ways Retail Marketers Can Stay Relevant in the Age of Amazon
    To many midmarket retailers today, seems unstoppable. It's not. An underdog, however, doesn't win by beating a giant at its own game—but by outwitting, outmaneuvering, and out-strategizing it.
  • How to Use Customer Insight to Create Better Content
    The insight you can derive from your own customers is invaluable. It will help you to not only increase the effectiveness of your content marketing but also reach your business and growth goals.
  • How to Use Scenarios to Achieve Marketing Agility
    Scenario analysis is an essential part of creating agility. Scenarios help you anticipate. They help you ask better questions and prepare for the unexpected. They increase your readiness, which is what sets the stage for agility.
  • Five Even More Buzzworthy SEO Trends You Need to Know in 2017
    Last year, I wrote about five SEO trends you needed to know in 2016. Much has stayed the same since I made those predictions, but much has changed, too. Here are five of the hottest SEO trends you can expect to see in 2017.
  • A 12-Point B2B Positioning Health-Check
    This B2B positioning health-check will tell you how effective your positioning really is. And it'll help you overcome preconceived notions about positioning effectiveness and give you a proven way to perform a realistic assessment.
  • Paid vs. Organic Traffic: Which Generates More (and More Qualified) Leads?
    In the debate of paid traffic versus organic traffic, which wins? Is that even the right question to ask? Here are some lessons learned from a recent campaign.
  • How Online Communities Can Help You Market Throughout the Customer Journey
    Along their buying journey, customers are often in uncharted territory, stressed and disoriented. Your job is to keep them on track to reach their (and your) desired goal. Various types of online community can help.
  • Three Ways to Make Influencer Marketing Authentic Again
    Influencer marketing hoped to reclaim authenticity in advertising by influencing the conversations consumers are already having with experts and one another. Along the way, it strayed. Here's how it can reclaim authenticity.
  • Five Steps to Integrating Your Blog, Social Media, and Email Marketing
    How do you unify efforts with different team members, initiatives, and strategies for your blog, email, and social media marketing? You need a content strategy that accounts for each channel. These five steps will lead you to a cohesive cross-functional marketing plan.
  • Four Ways to Select the Right Conference for You to Attend
    Never sit through another irrelevant keynote again... Learn how to spot the next big-name speakers—and gain truly useful information—instead of paying too much for the same-old faces.
  • Marketing ROI: How to Get Actionable Insights From Google Analytics
    What Google Analytics data should marketers home in on to help executives understand the impact of marketing content and online efforts on delivering value through the sales funnel?
  • How to Thank These Five Important Types of Customers During the Holidays
    Don't spam your contact database with generic holiday email greetings; they will be ignored, your time will have been wasted, and your brand will lose credibility. Instead, make your efforts count. Here's how.
  • How to Use the Six ABM Processes to Align Sales and Marketing and Drive Real Results
    Account-based marketing is built on six processes that flip the focus from generating leads to courting the companies you want to do business with. An added benefit: total sales and marketing alignment.
  • Four Steps to Increasing Customer Retention and Loyalty With Social Media
    Here's how to apply loyalty best-practices to your social media marketing to increase customer retention and long-term loyalty.
  • Online Marketers Need to Embrace Personalization: Here's Why and How
    You've found yourself in the midst of the most crowded market imaginable—online content. The best shot you have at attracting and maintaining audiences is relevancy. And the foundation of relevancy is personalization. Embrace it.
  • Five Mistakes You Can't Afford to Make in Your Refer-a-Friend Program
    Marketing has readily accepted the power of referral programs. Their reach, trust factor, and ability to target the right people combine to quickly and effectively boost customer acquisition. But some common mistakes undermine success.
  • Top 4 Things You Should Know on Your Journey to Content Marketing Success
    Finding your way to content marketing success is not always easy. Here are four lessons and a few secrets to help you on your journey.
  • Five Small Business Marketing and Retention Trends and ideas for 2017
    Traffic, acquisition, and sales have been critical priorities for marketers. Yet customer retention also plays a key role, though it is often neglected. Consider these marketing and retention trends and ideas as you finalize plans for the coming year.
  • Tips for Onsite Content Optimization With a Human Touch
    Here's real advice for optimizing your website in a way that is both strategic and natural. Learn how to avoid Google penalties for over-optimized content, and get best-practices and character limit guidelines for optimization.
  • How to Manage Your Google Search Console Like a Pro
    Google Search Console (previously Google Webmaster Tools) allows you to check your website's indexing status and to optimize its visibility for searchers. Here are issues you're like to face and how to deal with them.
  • Links, the Ranking Factor That Real Estate (and Other) Websites Ignore
    Various ranking factors contribute to ranking your website and content high in search results, but the one that is seemingly ignored among them is consistently identified as the one with the biggest impact: links.
  • 'Enriching Benefits': Why Consumers Love Brands That Make Them Feel Like Good People
    "Enriching benefits" have a strong influence on how much consumers admire a brand. Such benefits inspire consumers, moving them to action and engendering loyalty toward the brand.
  • Eight Missed Opportunities in Your B2B Content
    What really motivates buyers to act? When using content, many B2B companies struggle to engage buyers. Here are eight engagement tactics that work, according to research, but marketers use them too infrequently.
  • Buyer Personas: How Much Detail Is Too Much?
    At what point does a buyer persona mutate from a useful marketing tool into a meaningless collection of bullet points, stock headshots, and random guesses? Here's what we really need to know about our prospects to motivate them to respond.
  • Four Ways to Take Full Advantage of Email Marketing With Advanced Analytics
    Email marketers don't often go too far beyond conversion-, click-, and open-rate data. Yet, to create email campaigns that engage your subscribers and increase ROI, you'll need to.
  • Four SEO Tips to Apply to Your E-Commerce Website Today
    The success of an e-commerce store can be determined by whether it generates enough quality traffic that ultimately turns into sales. SEO can effectively drive traffic for all websites; e-commerce, however, presents unique challenges.
  • Four Ways for SMBs to Successfully Apply Marketing Operations
    In the world of marketing operations (MO), words like "enterprise" and "scale" are common, but we rarely hear "small business" enter the conversation. Ironically, small and midsize businesses (SMBs) need MO the most if they are to grow into the company they want to be.
  • A Guide to Contextual Marketing
    Content that not only works but also makes users want to share it? It's possible when you understand the basics of contextual marketing.
  • Three Ways Marketers Can Tell Their Stories Across Multichannel Touchpoints
    The digital, multi-device era has disrupted traditional brand storytelling—fragmenting story plots and making genuine engagement rare. But here's how brands can still tell captivating stories that bridge channels and devices.
  • 10 Ways to Make Facebook Your Most Powerful Event-Promotion Tool
    People often use Facebook Events to connect and meet up in the real world. So why not marketers? Facebook can help promote your in-person events—which are among the most effective B2B marketing tactics you can use.
  • Three Ways Marketers Can Master Strategic Word-of-Mouth
    Positive word-of-mouth (WOM) has long been documented as a powerful growth tool. The good news: unlike our B2C brethren, we B2B marketers can strategically manage WOM. Here are three ways to ensure word-of-mouth skews positive.
  • Brand Admiration Is Earned, Not Given: Here's How to Make It Last Forever
    Lasting brand admiration is achieved when your business becomes part of who people are (think "Mac people") and what they stand for. That kind of relationship isn't accidental or the result of good fortune.
  • Nonprofit Storytelling: How the Power of 'Why' Can Increase Advocates, Donations
    If you are part of a nonprofit struggling to gain donor support, get your team in the same room and ask yourselves two questions.
  • How to Create a Thriving Ecosystem of Customers, Partners, Advocates, and Influencers
    A unilateral or bilateral business model, whereby vendors sell to customers or via business partners, is old-school. Today, forming an ecosystem is the way to increase shareholder value, foster customer relationships, and enhance brand equity.
  • 11 Ways to Jazz Up a Boring Sales Page Without Resorting to Hype
    You don't have to do the verbal equivalent of dressing up in a burger suit and jumping up and down at passing cars. You can give your sales page copy some rhythm and oomph with these more subtle jazzifying moves.
  • Small but Mighty Marketing Tools Your Team Can Use Today
    How does the explosion in marketing tech help your team get stuff done today? It doesn't. So until you evaluate, decide, deploy, integrate, and optimize your marketing stack, try these lightweight but useful tools that cost little and are simple to use.
  • Brand It Like Beyoncé
    Beyoncé is a shining example of how a public figure and a brand can intertwine. But it's not just individuals who can learn a great deal from the renowned and meticulously built Beyoncé brand; companies can, too.
  • Here We Grow: Four Tips to Scale Localized Marketing
    It's exciting to be part of a growing business. But growth can also be stressful, especially for Marketing. In fact, sometimes growth can cripple your business if you do not have the resources to adequately support it.
  • How to Operationalize Your Customer Journey Map
    Clearly, developing a customer journey map is beneficial to your business. But how do you ensure that all of your work in mapping the customer journey will be properly implemented within your organization?
  • Marketing's Important Role in Accelerating Sales to Large Buying Groups
    Just five years ago, in small-to-midmarket companies, 1-2 people were typically involved in the purchase decision. In recent years, that trend has shifted; now, 3+ people must approve purchases, even those below $50,000.
  • Six Content Marketing Principles You Shouldn't Be Ignoring (but Probably Are)
    Content marketing can be as complex or as simple as you want it to be. Either way, six fundamental content principles should be guiding how you create and distribute your work. The trouble is, many marketers ignore at least some of those principles.
  • The 3 E's of Brand Admiration (and How Marketers Can Foster Them)
    Enablement. Enticement. Enrichment. Those three E's are the very foundation of brand admiration. And they are important for any brand in any industry. So how should they be fostered?
  • The Why and How of a Bloody Good Content Calendar for Marketing
    If you want to help overwhelmed, time-poor searchers to find you and your business online, then it's time to think hard about what you publish, where, when, how often, and—most important—why. Enter the content calendar.
  • Eight Mistakes You're Making on Facebook's News Feed and How to Fix Them
    Most of the tricks and tactics that worked on Facebook a few years ago no longer work; today, they can actually harm your page's ranking potential. Here are some mistakes you might be making—and tips on how to avoid them.
  • Influencer Marketing Isn't Broken, You're Just Doing It Wrong
    Word-of-mouth marketing is nothing new, but digital influencer marketing is... and all parties involved have a lot to learn still. Which is why many brands are approaching influencer marketing the wrong way—and souring the results.
  • Six Steps to Revenue-Boosting Lead Generation Programs
    As technology becomes a driving force in marketing and sales, B2B companies need to better understand the art and science behind launching and executing a successful lead generation program.
  • Five Essential Reputation Management Tools
    An instant is all it takes to threaten your business's sterling reputation online. These five reputation management tools are some of the best for tracking mentions, discovering influencers, and managing online reviews as they happen.
  • How to Improve Your Presentation Before You Even Open PowerPoint
    PowerPoint files, and the information contained within them, are a valuable business (not just marketing or sales) asset. Presentation management unlocks the value of that asset, empowering everyone to make better presentations—before they ever open PowerPoint.
  • Four PPC Tips to Capture Consumer Cheer (and Cash) This Holiday Season
    With the summer over, many companies are starting to think about capturing consumer attention in the run-up to the holidays. If pay-per-click advertising on Google or Bing is in your marketing plan, here are a few tips to help you get ahead.
  • Don't Panic! What to Do Instead When Your Marketing Campaign Doesn't Go as Planned
    It doesn't matter how much time you spend on crafting your marketing campaign: You have no guarantee it will pay off. Sometimes marketing just doesn't work the way you want it to. Here's what to do when that happens.
  • How to Boost Your Brand's Eco-Friendly Image
    Becoming known as an eco-friendly brand isn't easy. Especially when so many brands present themselves as environmentally minded, and make so much noise on social and traditional media, even if their actually practices don't follow suit.
  • Eight Ways You're Killing Your E-Commerce Sales
    A consistently successful e-commerce site depends on myriad factors, and it is near on impossible to control all of them to guarantee success, but one thing you can do is to plug the holes that drain your sales.
  • How to Get Maximum Engagement From Your Employee Advocacy Program
    Word-of-mouth marketing is not new, but companies are putting a new spin on it to help their marketing, sales, and recruiting: Instead of customers, employees are the ones spreading word to their social networks via employee advocacy programs.
  • The Saving Grace of Brand Admiration: 3 Companies, 3 Mistakes, 3 Different Outcomes
    How would customers react to your company's mistakes and missteps if it had long ago made sure to invest in becoming an admired brand? Certainly not the way they would to the mistakes of a brand they didn't admire.
  • How to Improve Your Tech Marketing Videos With E-Learning Insights
    Getting people to grasp new ideas and ways of doing things is especially critical to the sales process in tech companies. Which is why applying teaching and learning principles to scripting and producing marketing videos makes so much sense.
  • How to Write a B2B Explainer Video Script That Converts
    You market and sell to businesses. So, if you're going to create B2B sales and marketing material (which—make no mistake—your explainer video is), keep in mind these five tips for writing a video script that converts.
  • Story-Driven Data Visualization? Yep, That's a Thing, and Here's How You Do It
    B2B marketers live in a world powered by stats and facts; no wonder data visualization has become a thing, especially since so many people are visual learners. But data visualization isn't about pretty design, it's about telling a great story.
  • If You Create, Will They Buy? How to Go From Insights to Products Customers Want
    If you develop a new offering, will customers buy it? That's the perennial challenge for today's companies, and it's increasing as pressures to innovate "first and fast" intensify.
  • Four Types of Email Addresses Damaging Your Deliverability, and What You Can Do About Them
    In love and in email marketing, you have to learn to admit when a relationship isn't working—especially when email subscribers you're attempting to woo are instead getting you blocked or blacklisted. Here are four types of offending addresses and how to deal with each of them.
  • Seven Ways Newsletter Marketing Still Works for Professional Services Providers
    Marketing rules and tactics for professional services providers (accountants, attorneys, physicians, dentists...) are often different from those for product or service marketers. Here's how newsletters work exceptionally well for professional services.
  • Social Success for the CMO: Four Signs You're Doing It Right
    Modern CMOs know that to be successful they must integrate multiple data streams to glean valuable, actionable information for Marketing, Sales, and the wider business. Here's how to tell whether social efforts are having an impact on your company.
  • Google Just Got Rid of AdWords Converted Clicks. Now What?
    Today, Google ends support for Converted Clicks in AdWords. If you're still using this metric in reports or for Target CPA bidding, here's what you'll have to do.
  • Four Steps to Lowering Your PPC Costs
    You've probably noticed that you (and a lot of other advertisers) have recently been paying more for PPC campaigns than you used to. So how can you pay less, short of putting a stop to your PPC campaign or lowering your bids?
  • Don't Be Cheap With Your Landing Pages: Three Contrarian Ways to Improve Them
    Until the Perfect Landing Page is created—an imaginary creature, no doubt—we will continue tweaking and testing and arguing the merits and faults of every landing page element. But these three unexpected tips will improve your landing page.
  • How to Market to Millennials Without Pandering
    People like to be catered to, but not pandered to. Doubly so when they're at the receiving end of a marketing campaign. And especially so if they're Millennials. So here's advice from a Millennial on how to actually reach young customers.
  • Brand Admiration: Three Powerful Bottom-Line Benefits of Being Admired
    Just how valuable is brand admiration, and what impact does it have on your brand's bottom line?
  • Disruptive Marketing Lessons From the Trojan Horse
    The story of the Trojan Horse seems a simple tale, but it was a stroke of strategic genius that took concerted effort to pull off. And there are important business and marketing lessons to be learned from it.
  • Slow Marketing: How to Deliver Faster Results by Slowing Down (Yes, You Read That Right)
    In our fast-paced, always-on, agile, want-it-yesterday, mile-a-minute world... there is a critical need to slow down. Why? Because doing so allows you to achieve real results—faster.
  • Sales and Marketing Collateral: A Guide to Printing Materials
    Print collateral is still an important sales and marketing medium. To produce strongly branded, high-impact print media, you need to know what materials work best together. So here are must-know basics about printers, ink, paper, and collateral types.
  • How to Dress Up Your Product With Naked Marketing
    Your product is naked in front of all of your prospects, and they're highlighting not just its obvious beauty and strengths but also its small blemishes, stained teeth, and bad haircut. That's not a nightmare. That is the reality in our age of technology.
  • Four Tips for Effectively Training Your Marketing Team
    Most marketers strive to communicate as effectively as possible—except, unfortunately, when they're training fellow marketers. Because that's when, for some reason, PowerPoint takes center stage.
  • Want to Build a Strong Brand? Get Messaging Right. Here's How...
    Developing strong messaging and activating it across your organization ensure that everyone can communicate clearly and consistently about your company's value. And that vastly increases your chances of attracting customers you want to attract.
  • Journalists' Advice on How to Write Press Releases They'll Actually Read
    Use these tips—straight from the mouths of journalists—to help your press release stand out from the ineffective and soon-to-be-deleted competition in your target journalist's inbox.
  • The Three Rs That E-Commerce Marketers Should Master
    We're all familiar with the 3 Rs from elementary school. These days, though, every marketer—especially those working in e-commerce—should have a firm grip on three other essential Rs: retention, retargeting, and re-engagement.
  • How to Market Your Business With Instagram Stories
    Photo-sharing social network Instagram recently launched its most significant and talked-about feature to date, Instagram Stories. Here are five ways you can use Stories as a creative marketing tool.
  • Brand Admiration and the Value of Respect: How to Build a Revered Brand
    Respect for a brand—for its identity, purpose, and achievements—increases brand credibility and influence, results in forgiveness of mistakes, and creates access to better partnerships and talent. How can you go about gaining such respect?
  • Growing Pains and Marketing at Scale: Five Key Lessons From B2B Marketing Leaders
    B2B marketing leaders who have experience with rapid growth give advice on the role of Marketing in such growth, what it means to think like a growth marketer, what challenges arise with scale, and how to approach those challenges.
  • The (Marketing) Maven
    "At work upon a client query, while I pondered, bleak and bleary, / Over many a bloated and drab volume of marketing lore, / While I nodded, nearly blotto, over another limp marketing motto, / Came to my cell a tweet so branded, deftly done, not underhanded..."
  • Top 7 Reasons Creative Directors Need Digital Asset Management
    From time savings and increased productivity to usage rights, asset protection, and more, DAM's day as an essential tool for creative directors has arrived. The rewards are plentiful, and the risks of not investing in it are too great to ignore.
  • YouTube Film School for Marketers: The Scrappy Upstart's Cheat Sheet for High-Quality Video Marketing
    If you don't have video experience, video marketing can be intimidating. But it doesn't have to be. Here's a cheat sheet to get you started making great videos for YouTube.
  • Monitoring Customer Experience: A Holistic Approach for Business Success
    Customers of businesses that don't focus on good customer experience are leaving in droves. Here's how to monitor customer experience and why a more holistic approach to doing so will benefit both your business and your customers.
  • Strapped for Time and Money? Content Curation Is Your Content Marketing Secret Sauce
    Content curation builds trust and credibility for your brand because it keeps customers informed. You can communicate industry news, trends, how-to tips, or whatever your business goals dictate. Here's how to get started.
  • Five Simple but Often Overlooked Ways to Boost Your Email Marketing
    Is your email marketing growing stale? If you're up for trying something different, possibly even a little scary, try these somewhat unconventional ways to give your email marketing that much-needed boost.
  • Mobile Web vs. Apps vs. Native SMS: Tips for Mobile Engagement Success
    Businesses need a strong mobile engagement strategy, but people use the mobile Web, apps, and SMS in different ways. How can you use each mobile medium for real-time communication with consumers?
  • Six Essentials for Good Storytelling—and Great Content Marketing
    Content now spreads in nanoseconds, so there's more risk in marketing than ever before. Brand reputation is at stake. Thus the importance of good storytelling. Because bad stories live forever online as a black scar on your brand's reputation.
  • Six Ways to Destroy Your Public Speaking Heebie-Jeebies
    The fear of public speaking is as old as humanity itself. Snakes in the stomach. Sweaty palms. The urge to run away... If you can relate, maybe it's time for a new approach.
  • Is Your Brand Trusted? Here's What Happens When It Is—and Isn't
    If you cultivate and foster brand trust correctly, your company won't need to constantly throw piles of money at rebuilding and repairing trust with customers.
  • Marketing Mix Modeling vs. Attribution: Which One Is Right for Your Business?
    MMM and attribution measure the value and performance of your marketing activities. Both are sophisticated models for measuring cross-channel marketing activities, but they work in different ways, for different reasons.
  • Four Things to Look for in a Call-Tracking Provider
    Navigating call-tracking offerings can be difficult, especially if you're not sure of what to look for in a provider. Keep these four things in mind as a checklist of criteria when shopping for call-analytics software.
  • Call Attribution 101 for Digital Marketers: How to Optimize Calls Just Like Clicks
    Calls from search, social, and display ads are often the most lucrative type of conversion, but also the most difficult for marketers to measure and optimize. Here's a basic lesson in how call attribution works and how it can benefit you.
  • How to Create Content About Things You Know Nothing About (Yet)
    As any good journalist will tell you, you don't have to have a degree in a topic to write about it well—and confidently. Even so, creating content for a company is often a different beast.
  • Data and Analytics: Three Key Steps to Successful Business Decisions
    Without a doubt, data and analytics have become central to every organization's business strategy. Find out how to enable your marketing organization to successfully use data and analytics to drive business decisions.
  • Does Your Page Load Time Affect Search Results? What You Need to Know—and Do!
    Maybe? A little? Probably? Yeah... a fast-loading website contributes both to better results via search and to better user experience. And it need not be difficult or expensive to speed up your site.
  • Nine Content Tools to Improve Your Online Presence Through Curation
    The more relevant, interesting, and even entertaining the content that you share or publish, the more your audience will view you as a trustworthy source of information, and not just a provider of a product or service. Content curation can help.
  • Six Email Habits That Are Alienating Your Customers
    Businesses depend on email as the glue that pulls marketing tactics together, yet many otherwise savvy marketers misuse email in a way that ultimately alienates customers. Here are six common blunders.
  • The New Reality of B2B Marketing: The Imperative of Online Visibility (Article 4 of 4)
    The final article in this series explores how to respond to altered behavior in the buying cycle, deliver content to where it is most needed, and focus on the proven sales-generating power of SEO.
  • Seven Segmentation Mistakes That Will Cost Your Business Money
    Are you getting the most out of segmentation, or are you leaving money on the table? Here are seven common mistakes to avoid.
  • Brand Admiration and the Power of Love: Build a Brand That People Adore
    Inspiring and evoking feelings of brand love aren't accidental occurrences. Cultivating and fostering it require a purposeful, methodical, and strategic process that builds meaningful relationships over time.
  • Marketing Influencers: Four Ways to Elevate Your Content Strategy and Amplify Your Outreach
    Marketers can learn a lot from established voices who are driving decisions in marketing, and this analysis of 21 influencers' content sharing offers ways you can improve your own content strategy.
  • Mobile Messaging: How to Message Your Way to a More Meaningful Connection
    We've all heard the misconception that communicating over text via mobile decreases the personal touch. But, quite to the contrary, it's actually an effective, engaging way to connect when you're in the palm of someone's hand.
  • Four Ways to Woo New Customers With Sweet-Talking Web Copy
    Ready to learn how to woo new customers? Use the following four ways to sweep them off their feet with some sweet-talking Web copy.
  • The Five Factors of Value That Drive B2B Sales and Protect Margins (Article 3 of 4)
    Here's straightforward guidance on how to identify what your customers value, understand how value motivates B2B buying, break through the price barrier, and use value (i.e., create it) to justify your pricing.
  • How to Measure and Improve B2B Customer Loyalty
    By ensuring that your marketing encourages repeat business, brand loyalty, and customer referrals, you give your business the kind of boost that can't come from any other source. But how do you go about doing that?
  • 10 Tips for Making Popups Go the Extra Mile for Your Business
    Popups were once the bane of the Web; today, they are an excellent way to capture visitors' attention and improve conversion rates. But if not done properly, they still ruin the customer experience.
  • Five Ways CPG Marketing Can Keep Pace With Millennials
    Millennials are more aligned with brands than with retailers, and in the next 10 years will spend $65 billion on CPG products. Here are five ways CPG brands can maintain and grow that alignment over the next decade.
  • How to Capitalize on Customer Feedback: Three Loyalty-Boosting Steps
    By not making it a priority to ask for, listen to, and implement customer feedback, companies are missing a huge opportunity to earn customer loyalty and improve their product or service.
  • Content and the Buying Decision Cycle: Guarantee Your Content Creates Sales (Article 2 of 4)
    In B2B marketing, to convince customers to buy from you, they must know who you are, what you do, and why you matter to them. Here's how to move their buying decision forward—from "we're interested" to "where do we sign?"
  • How to Expand Your Core Keyword List: Four Tools You've Never Used but Should
    Keyword research has changed a lot over the past few years—from merely searching for long-tail opportunities with lower competition... to in-depth niche research. These four tools will help you adapt to the ongoing evolution of search engine optimization.
  • Eight Ridiculously Silly Ways to Sabotage Your Email Marketing Efforts
    Clearly, as a business owner or marketer, you understand the importance of email marketing. But are you doing it right? Here are eight ways you may be sabotaging your email marketing efforts—and what you should be doing instead.
  • Three Tips for Building Internal Support for Influencer Marketing
    No longer are marketers asking, "What's influencer marketing?" Today, many are asking, "Should we develop an influencer marketing channel?" or, "How much effort and budget should we put behind it this year?"
  • A Beginner's Guide to Creating Video Content
    Creating professional-quality videos is not an easy task. You are not going to immediately create masterpieces... You might never even get close. But that does not mean you cannot create video content that is successful online. Here's what you need.
  • How to Engage B2B Decision-Makers Who Generate Your Sales and Margins: Market Focus (Article 1 of 4)
    The purpose of B2B marketing is to attract and retain profitable customers. The first step toward that goal is to learn who influences buying decisions—and then win their trust in a way that will result in a sale.
  • Five Outbound-Email FAQs That Stump Even Experienced Marketers
    What's the best day and time to send outbound marketing emails? How many outreach attempts is "enough"? How long should emails be? Those and other email-related questions can be tough to answer.
  • Dying Sales Funnel? Bring Dead Leads to Life Through Lead Nurture
    Rather than just pass leads off to Sales, marketers now shape and guide prospects through the sales funnel until purchase intent is clear. Thanks to lead nurturing, doing so is easier and more effective than ever before.
  • How to Get Past the Dreaded SEO Plateau
    Your SEO efforts have been paying off with steady website traffic... until the inevitable happens: Organic traffic stops growing. But getting past the "SEO plateau," one of the greatest challenges for online businesses, is possible.
  • How You Can Conquer These Three Negative Content Trends
    Increasing content noise and competition, greater reliance on pay-to-play content promotion models, and over-promotion and channel saturation that sabotage your marketing efforts... You can conquer those negative trends.
  • Brand Admiration: Why Some Brands Are Loved Unconditionally (and What You Can Learn From Them)
    When companies have high levels of brand admiration, they experience explosive revenue growth and improved cost efficiencies, and far greater access to the best talent and partnerships.
  • A Crash Course: Start an Online Business in Three Steps
    Starting an online business can be daunting, but focusing on the important components common to every company and organizing them into manageable chunks can help. Here's a crash course in entrepreneurship.
  • TV Ads Are Better Than Online Video Ads (and How to Build a Great One)
    Is there a difference between TV ads and online video ads? If you ask consumers, the answer is a resounding yes. Even if the online video and TV commercial are identical, customers react more positively to the televised ad.
  • The Selfie Strategy: Build Brand Loyalty Like a Kardashian
    By collecting, curating and featuring user generated content (UGC)—such as selfies—brands can build authentic relationships with audiences and inspire genuine customer advocacy.
  • Five To-Do's for a Rebrand That Rocks
    No matter the reason for a rebrand, there's no denying it's a major decision—and an expensive undertaking. Among all that needs to be done, these five things are a must for rebranding success.
  • Five Local SEO Tips for Small Business Owners
    Local SEO is every small business's key to better search engine rankings and higher conversion rates. SEO is a complicated industry, but these five tips will help you win customers and improve your SERP placement.
  • 17 Handy Tools for Entrepreneurs, Startups, and Marketers
    Building a business is not easy, but thanks to ever-developing technology you have access to useful and effective tools that can simplify your work. Make yourself and your business more productive with these 17 handy tools.
  • Six B2B Takeaways From Six Great Facebook Ads
    Facebook is a powerful social media outlet, even for B2B marketers. But how can you make use of Facebook when organic reach for B2B seems to be declining? The answer, in part, is "pay to play": Facebook advertising.
  • How to Craft Outreach Emails That Convert
    Competition is fierce. You need to get as much return as humanly possible from any outreach and influencer marketing activity you undertake. Knowing how to write effective, engaging emails is vital to ensuring those campaigns convert well.
  • 10 Ways to Bridge the CMO-CIO Gap to Drive Business Growth
    Marketing is now data-driven, and if you're not informing marketing campaigns with data-derived insights, you will fall behind your competitors. Which is why CMOs and marketing teams need to collaborate with IT teams to drive business growth.
  • Beginner's Guide to Creating Fleshed-Out Buyer Personas for B2B Inbound Marketing
    Marketing to the wrong people doesn't help you. Knowing what motivates purchase decisions is essential to building a successful inbound program. So how do you figure out what motivates purchase and how to reach those motivated people? By creating buyer personas.
  • Three Essential Principles for Talent Sourcing in 2016
    Competition for top-tier talent is always fierce. If you don't know where to look, or if you focus too heavily on traditional methods, you could be losing to the competition. Success will require some trial and error, but you'll be on your way to finding quality talent if you follow these principles.
  • B2B vs. B2C Content Marketing: Stuff You Need to Know
    Content marketing is one of the most effective strategies for today's marketers. But the mindset, objectives, and intentions of B2B audiences are different from those of B2C audiences. Content for those different audiences must also differ.
  • How Is Reaching the Email Inbox Like Getting on Kanye's VIP List?
    Imagine trying to get added to Kanye's VIP list for the hottest club in LA. You're standing in line, hoping he'll let you in. That's just about the same as trying to get your emails into recipients' inboxes... because the principles behind email deliverability are based on human-behavior patterns.
  • How to Reduce Costly Chargebacks at Your Business
    Credit card users sometimes dispute charges on their accounts and demand reimbursement. Dealing with those chargebacks can take valuable time away from employees, and it can be costly. Here are four tips on decreasing the number of chargebacks you handle.
  • How to Elicit and Use Employee Stories in Your Content Marketing
    There's no shortage of content about the power of stories and storytelling in digital marketing. But how do you tell stories beyond your "brand story," especially if you work for a dreaded "boring" company? One source that never runs dry is employee stories.
  • How to Plan Your Campaigns Using Google's Shopping Insights Tool
    Google's Shopping Insights tool helps retailers understand where their customers are looking for what products, and what devices (desktop, mobile) those customers are using in those areas. You can then use those insights to plan your marketing campaigns and promotions.
  • Avoid Cliche Office-Scene Photos: Five Tips for Picking Images
    You're tasked with creating a Web page that shows people working collaboratively in an office setting. You dive into stock photos and find a familiar scene... boring, forced, inauthentic. To find more dynamic and realistic office-setting photos, follow these five tips.
  • Your Duplicate-Data Problem Has an Evil Twin That Is Much Worse: Duplicate Fields
    Marketers know the duplicate-record problem well, but even more insidious are duplicate data fields. Here's how to minimize the problem and perform data unification, along with tools and resources for doing the job right.
  • How to Win a Spot on the PPC Podium in the Olympics of Search
    Because of significant changes to the layout of Google's search results pages, digital marketers engaged in PPC and CTR campaigns are competing for fewer available spots on each page. To compensate, use these four techniques and win the top spots.
  • How to Prepare Your Organization for Marketing Automation
    Marketing automation tools too often don't meet marketers' demand generation goals. Why? Many marketers assume marketing automation is a "set it and forget it" process; actually, it requires a lot of effort and preparation to do well.
  • Prompting Users to Review an App: Four Do's and Three Dont's
    For veteran app users and newbies alike, app ratings matter. They really matter. Especially as social proof that the app has value and is worth installing. Ask users for a review the wrong way, and you might well sink your app's future.
  • Four Tips for Turning Your Presentations Into Marketing Gold
    Turn any common presentation, such as a sales deck or company overview, into an asset that provides valuable information, turns prospects into buyers, and drives the bottom line.
  • How to Discover Engaging Content to Share on Social Media
    Finding engaging content to share via social media can be time-consuming and tough—and a hindrance to all the other work you have to do. So use these four simple ways to discover and share content that can improve your social media marketing.
  • How to Measure the Value of Your Content: Three Sets of Metrics
    More than ever, we B2B marketers are held accountable for driving revenue—and proving that we are. If you're struggling with measuring your content's value, here are three sets of metrics to track—and tips on how you can track them.
  • How a Simple Story Can Help You Win Your Prospect's Trust
    When someone first visits your website, it's unlikely she's going to buy from you, no matter how good your product or service is. She needs to come to trust you first. So how can we marketers build such credibility?
  • Three Types of Video That Marketers Need to Have on Their Company Website
    You spend time and money getting people to your website so you can educate them on your offering and make a sale. And yet, your website is probably filled with lots and lots of text, even though video is the most effective way to tell your story.
  • Five Effective Ways to Build a Strong Online Reputation
    Online reviews can pop up when you least expect them, leaving a lasting effect on how potential and current customers perceive your business. Improving your online reputation is no walk in the park, but it can be done.
  • Social Media vs. Content: Where Should You Invest?
    Deciding where to put your investment—of money, time, and effort—isn't easy. And the ROI of both social and content is notoriously difficult to measure. So how do you decide where to put your efforts? And once you decide, how do you go about it?
  • Marketers' 10 Most Common Copyright Questions... Answered!
    Attorney Kerry O'Shea Gorgone answers marketers' legal questions about copyright law, content curation, and more.
  • Five Modes of Persuasion You Need in Your Marketing Campaigns
    If marketing is essentially about persuasion, then the use of highly effective persuasive techniques can take a campaign goal to the next level—whether that's attracting more traffic, earning more conversions, or sparking more customer engagement.
  • How Real-Time Marketing Changes the Game
    Brands today have an opportunity to enhance personalization and reach, addressing always-changing customer expectations. With real-time marketing, you can increase loyalty, even upsell, and help retain customers.
  • Brand Personification: The Ultimate Way to Get to Know Your Brand
    Use this compelling and intuitive method for taking a step back and gaining clarity on who your brand is and what kind of impression you're making on the world.
  • Five Questions You Need to Ask Before Purchasing New Technology
    Marketers are inundated with offerings of state-of-the-art applications that can greatly improve every aspect of B2B marketing. These five questions will help you evaluate technology vendors and applications quickly to find the ones right for you.
  • Five Ways Marketers Can Rev the Consumer Engagement Engine
    Consumer engagement today looks more like an engine with interlocking gears than like the familiar funnel that marketers have relied on for more than a century. Here's how you can use the new framework to enhance the value of your marketing.
  • Eight Ways Planning Will Make You a Better Content Marketer
    Yeah, you could totally wing it blog post by blog post, tweet by tweet. But if you truly want to build brand awareness and create meaningful relationships with your readers, followers, and customers, planning is a must.
  • Seven Technical SEO Mistakes Ruining Your Search Rankings
    Technical SEO mistakes are the silent killer of campaigns. They not only disrupt user experience but also make Google hate your website. Fix these seven mistakes to help you achieve your goal of ranking high on search results pages.
  • Six Top SEO Factors in 2016
    It's no secret that SEO has been changing—fast. Once, it was all about title tags, keywords, and backlinks. Today, SEO needs to take into consideration so much more.
  • Kill These 12 Content Marketing Software Bugs (It's Not What You Think)
    These tips are for debugging content marketing software of a different sort—the words, phrases, and sentences that constitute your marketing content. So avoid misusing these 12 words or phrases.
  • A Content Strategy Leader's Road Map for Success in 2016 (and Beyond)
    Content marketing is a high priority for many organizations, but most are struggling with the strategies, processes, and technologies that can help them succeed.
  • 10 Questions to Ask Before Launching Mobile App Surveys
    Anyone doing serious mobile app marketing knows surveys can be useful for understanding app satisfaction, getting feedback on new functionality, understanding why a feature isn't being used, or collecting general feedback quickly.
  • Five Ways Marketers (CMOs, Too) Can Master Data
    Marketers have been under pressure for years to turn their art into more of a science, and "Big Data" is now more than a buzzword for CMOs: Understanding or using data is becoming integral to all marketers' jobs.
  • Four Steps for a Successful Multilingual Marketing Campaign
    To better relate your product or service to consumers, present them in a way that identifies with those of a particular culture. Multilingual marketing is a way to do that.
  • Win With Social Intelligence: Vital Tips for CMOs in 2016 and Beyond
    A crucial element of marketing that all CMOs—and marketers as a whole—need to be addressing right now is social listening and analytics. Because social intelligence can be vital to business success.
  • Four Scrappy Content Marketing Hacks
    These four content creation hacks belong in every marketer's toolbox. These tips and tricks epitomize the scrappy mindset we need to do more with less, and help us bring that mindset to life in our content marketing.
  • Content Marketing Production: Creative Solutions Few B2B Marketers Know How to Deploy
    B2B marketers are overwhelmed by content marketing, with their top challenges relating to production. No wonder: a marketing department isn't the same thing as a content production team.
  • Email Deliverability Rates Dragging You Down? Try These 10 Do's and 7 Don'ts
    Though most email marketers focus on optimizing click-through rates and open rates—and for good reason—those popular metrics won't add up to success if your emails don't land in your contacts' inboxes in the first place.
  • A Primer for Getting Ahead With Long-Tail Keywords
    Long-tail keywords can help even smaller and newer websites "steal" traffic from big, established players. Here's the lowdown on the what, why, and how of long-tail keywords.
  • How to Make Public Relations Drive SEO
    PR and SEO aren't standalone marketing disciplines; for best results, they must work together. Here's how.
  • Get Organized: Four Simple Ways to Keep Creative Projects on Track
    Creative teams thrive on flexibility, doing some of their best work when given the freedom to explore and experiment. But too much of a good thing can be, well, too much. You need some structure to maintain sanity and to be truly effective.
  • The Six Pillars of B2B Customer Experience Excellence
    Poor customer experience drives brand switching—a key reason for three quarters of lost customers. And customers who suffer a bad customer experience spread negative word-of-mouth.
  • Seven Tips for Improving Your Content Marketing With Scannable Web Content
    Bad news: People don't read your online content marketing these days; they merely scan most Web content. But with these tips you can write scannable, easy-to-understand text that will boost engagement.
  • Eight Tips for Running a Customer-Friendly Business
    Your product or service cannot survive on its own. It needs backup in the form of strong customer support. The way you interact with your audience will determine how far your business goes in our competitive world.
  • Rage Against the Mega-Corp.: How Your Small Business Can Dominate Search
    Nearly every business in the world has a website today, and that means small businesses have to overcome nearly insurmountable search marketing odds to claim one of the few spots on the first pages of search engine results.
  • Four Tools for Endless Content Ideas
    A major pain point for marketers: generating quality content on a consistent basis. If you can't maintain velocity with your content creation, you can kiss goodbye to goals such as "owning" valuable search terms on Google.
  • Three PPC Landing Page Tips Hardly Anyone Takes Advantage Of
    In PPC advertising, landing pages are crucial to performance. But not just any landing page will work for your industry or company. You can apply all the advice and best-practices experts tout, but sometimes those practices do the opposite of what you want: They hurt your PPC conversion rates.
  • Anatomy of a Rebrand (Part 3 of 3): Six Tips for Successfully Launching Your New Brand
    Now that you've done all the work of creating your new brand, it's time to unveil it for the world to see. These six best-practices are essential to achieving a successful launch, both internally and externally.
  • A 16-Item Checklist to SEO-Optimize Your Videos
    Video is fast becoming the content medium of choice for US consumers, especially younger ones. And even though you might already be producing videos, you may not be getting the maximum ROI if you're not optimizing them for search on both Google and YouTube.
  • Four Ways to Measure Your Experiential Marketing Campaign
    Marketers have tended to shy away from integrating experiential campaigns into their marketing strategies because, until recently, demonstrating impact was difficult or next to impossible. But no longer!
  • The Secret to More Effective Ads on Facebook: The Science of Testing
    If Facebook were a country, it would be the biggest one... which is why it's so important for marketers to understand how to advertise effectively on Facebook. Your successful ad can make a huge impact on a potentially huge audience.
  • Seven Disastrous Data Don'ts for Marketing and Sales
    The big challenge Marketing Operations faced in 2015 was Big Data: where it comes from, what it means, who takes care of it—and what to actually do with it. But what's just as important is what not to do with it.
  • Storytelling: Out of the Campfire and Into Your Marketing Campaign
    Storytelling is at the core of what drives great marketing today. You can amp up your marketing campaigns by following these five easy tips that create powerful stories.
  • Anatomy of a Rebrand (Part 2 of 3): So You Need a New Identity... Now What?
    Once you've decided that you need a companywide makeover, use these nine tips to achieve the results you want on a reasonable timeline.
  • How to Optimize Your Email Campaigns With Interest-Based List Segmentation
    Most email campaigns do a lousy job of turning warm leads into customers. But with interest-based segmentation, you'll not just dramatically increase your results... you'll do so without annoying prospects.
  • How to Create a Marketing Measurement Playbook to Select and Measure the Right Metrics
    With the convergence of online and offline marketing, choosing the right measures is far more important than the quantity of data measured. Measuring the right data, and acting on the results, is essential to operating Marketing as a center of excellence.
  • Best-Practices for Increasing Your Online Form's Conversion Rate
    Left unsupervised, your online forms can cause a lot of trouble for your conversions. However, optimize your forms for performance and they'll become your website's greatest money-making asset. The choice is yours.
  • Five Content Writing Tips That Will Automatically Make You a Better Blogger
    Blogging is an important part of digital marketing. Yet, many choose not to blog because they think they don't have the necessary writing skills. These tips will go a long way toward helping you write engaging content.
  • How to Nurture the Five Stages of Customer Advocacy
    Customer advocacy programs are hot right now. And why shouldn't they be? Customers have the ability to be hyper-connected to the brands they love, and they are gaining more influence over the buying process every day. But advocacy is a fragile thing.
  • Anatomy of a Rebrand (Part 1 of 3): Should You Dump Your Brand Equity?
    It's hard to imagine a world where we lace up our Blue Ribbon Sports running shoes (instead of our Nikes), stop for lunch at Pete's Super Submarines (instead of Subway), and then enjoy a refreshing Brad's Drink (instead of a Pepsi) later that afternoon.
  • Market Research Is the Answer to 'Uberization' and the Customer Challenges of the 21st Century
    Customer behaviors are changing. Fast. Not keeping up is all too risky. The companies that really "get" their customers, like Apple and Amazon, are setting the standards—and the bar is set high.
  • Seven Ways to Find Investors for Your Startup
    Unless you're one of the iron-walleted few, gaining startup capital for your business venture will require the help of investors. Navigating those waters can be a lesson in humility; it also requires a certain amount of know-how.
  • How to Make Your Mobile App Stand Out in the Crowded App Store
    Making your app stand out in today's hypercompetitive app market is tough. But don't lose hope. It doesn't have to be as hard as you may think it is.
  • Three Steps to Maximizing ROI in a New Era of Content
    Most CMOs view content as the future of marketing. But the job doesn't end with simply producing content... Making sure it performs is critical to driving engagement and reaching target audiences.
  • How to Write and Respond to RFPs: Some Best-Practices
    Painful as they may seem, requests for proposals are a B2B fact of life. They help you establish successful partnerships in an age of tight budgets and fierce competition for service contracts. Ensure your company gets the most out of the RFP process.
  • How to Build a Targeted Email List of Subscribers Willing to Buy From You
    If you want a highly engaged community of customers, build an email list of people who are ready to listen to your messages and willing to buy from you. Here are four ways to build such a list.
  • Facebook Video Marketing Success: Tips for Promotion and Sharing
    Facebook's scale and evolving video publishing platform make it a compelling video marketing option. To succeed in a digital age, marketers need to keep up with the platform's video advertising options.
  • Sales and Marketing in an 'As a Service' Economy
    How can a vendor—an outsider—drive adoption for its solutions inside a client organization? Sales and marketing professionals are now the owners of accounts before, during, and after implementation.
  • Five Tips for Finding the Right Editor for Your Business Book
    A book is the ultimate business card... but only if you do it right. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs (and others) don't, especially because they don't account for editing.
  • Five Twitter Hacks to Skyrocket Your Engagement
    Implement these five hacks, and in a couple of weeks you'll be connecting with people every hour.
  • Nine Ways to Cut the Fat From Your Performance Marketing Programs
    Performance marketing demands objective ways to evaluate what's working (vendors, channels, media, creative...) and how your strategies and tactics are affecting the bottom line, margins, and cost efficiency. These nine optimization techniques can help.
  • Today's Digital Marketing Funnel (and How to Optimize Your Conversions)
    Build a funnel specific to your business rather than adapting to a generic approach, and you'll maximize your marketing efforts and optimize conversions.
  • How to Create the Right Presentation for Your Business
    We've all been there, sitting in front of a boring long presentation filled with charts and small text you can't even read. Now that it's your turn to present, don't make the same mistakes you see all too often.
  • 10 Essential Tools for Marketing on Instagram
    Have you been using Instagram in your social media marketing campaigns? If not, would you like to? Either way, you could probably do with a little less work and a little more simplification. These tools will help.
  • Blurred Lines: When Marketing, PR, and Content Overlap
    Here's how marketing, PR, and content can work together across four main areas—the PESO model—as well as where they diverge, and how to assign responsibilities where they make the most sense.
  • Marketing Project Musts: Stay Organized With These Five Tips
    Multiple clients with multiple projects, all with multiple deadlines... Whether you are approaching a new product launch, a website redesign, or any other project, here are a few ways to effectively juggle multiple project tasks.
  • How to Get Marketing Help When You Need It
    Does your small business have marketing and branding needs but not enough money to hire an agency or a consultant? Don't fret, you have many options to ensure you get the help you need to start or grow your business.
  • The Problem With Marketing Dashboards: Pure Data Visualization Is Rarely Successful
    The success or failure of a dashboard is closely linked to data visualization. But focus purely on the visualization, and you'll fail. So consider these three questions and then take the prescribed actions.
  • How to Maximize Your Content's Reach on Social Media
    It's not tough to publish on social media: With a few clicks you have a post on Facebook, a tweet on Twitter, or a video on YouTube. The tough part, as you know, is getting found, viewed, read, liked, and shared—and doing it without annoying people.
  • What an Online Hater Really Wants From You
    The near-universal adoption of smartphones and social media has fundamentally altered the science of handling customer complaints. The critics ("haters") are not your problem, however... Ignoring them is.
  • Four Critical Components of Your Customer Journey Map
    A customer journey map is a visual representation of the various interactions a buyer has with a business. Building that map from the outside-in—from the customer's perspective—requires a thorough understanding of the customer's needs, wants, and desires.
  • Extend Your Marketing Video's Shelf Life: How and When to Iterate
    Video can be an amazing marketing tool, yet it has a short shelf life. Luckily, it's also a dynamic asset that can be edited, tweaked, and optimized over time. Here are four ways to keep your video content current and engaging.
  • Seven Ways to Increase Your Webinar Registrations
    With the right strategy in place, webinars can generate high-quality leads and drastically increase revenue. But they—and you—can't do any of that if you can't get people to register and attend.
  • Five Customer Insight Mistakes You Must Avoid
    Customer insights are essential to growth and success, yet they remain the elusive holy grail of many a business—a seeming exercise in futility. But you can avoid others' mistakes and develop actionable customer insights.
  • Three Ways Niche Players Can Connect With the C-Suite
    We all have dream clients—company logos we'd love to place on our homepage. The only way to get there, in most cases, is by engaging with senior decision-makers over time—starting right now.
  • Email Marketing in a Mobile-First Era: How to Get It Right
    With social media, podcasting, videos, push notifications, and other mobile channels taking up our lives, you may think that the good-old email is losing its dominance in the mobile age. Well, think again.
  • Avoid a Zero-Based Budget by Driving Growth as a Marketing Center of Excellence
    Marketing budgets are already on the chopping block, even though CFOs say better top- and bottom-line growth requires sales and marketing. We need to prove our value by turning Marketing into a center of excellence. These five steps will help.
  • Five Surprising Ways to Write Addictive Business Blog Posts
    So frustrating: You work hard. You know your industry inside and out. You offer something nobody else does. And you take precious time to write about it in your business blog. Yet... nobody is reading.
  • How to Set Up a Local AdWords PPC Campaign That Kills the Competition (Part 2 of 2)
    Are the leads you're getting from Google in too short supply for your taste? That no longer has to be the case, because you now have the definitive guide to dominating Google AdWords for your local area.
  • How to Set Up a Local AdWords PPC Campaign That Kills the Competition (Part 1 of 2)
    Are the leads you're getting from Google in too short supply for your taste? That no longer has to be the case, because you now have the definitive guide to dominating Google AdWords for your local area.
  • Three Steps for Using Your Competitors' Media Coverage to Boost Your Own Visibility
    Does it frustrate you when your TV screen fills with your competitor's face as he relates pertinent industry insights studded with self-deprecating chuckles? Don't get mad, get even.
  • How to Benchmark Your Marketing Performance Against Your Competition's
    Competitive intelligence often takes a back seat to performance indicators that marketers are daily concerned with (open rates, social metrics, conversions...). But that solely inward focus can lead you astray.
  • How to Text Your Sales Prospects to Increase Conversions
    Unlike texting while driving, texting while selling is not dangerous; in fact, it can be invaluable in helping sales teams meet their numbers. But before you fire off texts to all your leads, keep these tips and tricks in mind.
  • How to Find the Perfect Content Curation Topics for Your Content Strategy
    Identifying the ideal topics to curate—those most likely to engage your audience and support your content marketing strategy—is a key component of content curation.
  • Five Steps to Build E-Commerce Sales: How to Link Engagement to Revenue
    Getting customers to engage is harder than ever. Yet, there's a direct relationship between engagement and revenue. The longer consumers spend time on your site, the more likely they are to buy from you.
  • Five Tips for Improving Sales Force Productivity
    You as a marketer can take these five steps to address today's sales-force performance and productivity challenges and get the most out of your sales team right away.
  • Four Ways to Stop Your Infographic From Being a Total Flop
    Next time your team is drafting a new piece of visual content, ask the following four questions before you pour hours and dollars into the project.
  • 10 Tools, Tactics, and Tips to Create Facebook Video Ads That Drive Business
    Before jumping in and spending precious dollars on Facebook video ads, use these tools and tactics to create a powerful paid video campaign.
  • Three UX Principles That Help Your Website Do Its Job Right
    The primary goal of user-experience (UX) design is to ensure your business remains aligned with the needs of your users. That's why UX should be a dedicated part of your website development process.
  • How to Craft Blog Posts and Articles That Exceed Performance Expectations in Any Industry
    Inbound marketers must convert readers into customers. However, producing compelling content three or four times a week can be challenging. These four steps to creating better blog posts and articles can help.
  • Geotargeting: Proven Practices of Location-Tailored SEO
    You can optimize your website to rank better in local search engine results pages and avoid the informational noise and overload that often irritates your potential customers.
  • Ignoring Mobile? Then Say Goodbye to Your Marketing Plan
    When you ignore mobile, you miss a huge opportunity to engage with your current and potential customers, capture their interest, and generate leads. Here's how you can successfully integrate mobile into your marketing plan.
  • Five Twitter Mantras: How Not to Be Unenlightened on Social Media
    Companies have hired armies of smart, hip, Web-savvy people to usher their brands into a new era of connectedness that allows them to reach customers in new and interesting ways. So why do brand tweets as if they're clueless?
  • How to Gain Credibility Among Millennials: Three Quick Show-and-Tell Tips
    Millennial consumers have particularly high expectations. Having grown up with the Web and smartphones, they're also highly visual. You need to show them that your brand is worthy of their attention.
  • How to Get More Organic Traffic to Your Content
    You can spend hours writing a comprehensive post, or spend thousands on creating interactive or video content, but if you don't have a strategy for getting it in front of eyeballs, nobody's going to see it.
  • How to Create Blockbuster YouTube Channel Success in Any Niche--No Matter How 'Boring'
    How can you develop a YouTube channel that stands out? It so happens that successful business channels have qualities in common that anyone can replicate. Do so, and you'll be rocking the No. 2 search engine in the world.
  • A Four-Step Process for Creating Compelling Content for Your Audience
    Marketers, bloggers, and small business owners have struggled with the same problem for years: how to create compelling content. Why? Because they're using the wrong process—or, worse, no process at all.
  • How to Get More Product Reviews
    Businesses tend to focus on what to do about one or two negative reviews, but the most effective way to combat bad feedback is to increase the amount of positive reviews for your product or service.
  • Nine Things Every Successful Content Strategist Understands
    If you aspire to be a successful content strategist or marketer, here are nine things you should plan on learning—the sooner, the better!
  • How to Crowdsource Your Content Creation Ideas
    You don't have to come up with all the ideas for content creation. You can crowdsource from those who are likely even more qualified to determine what would be valuable to your audience.
  • How to Increase Conversion Rate With Up-Selling, Cross-Selling, and Down-Selling Methods
    Being able to effectively increase your online conversion rate is among the major factors affecting the future success or failure of your business.
  • Four Ways People Think and How to Convince Them to Buy
    What motivates your buyers? Four key personality types, as defined by the DISC model, will give you the clues you need to understand buyers. Here is how each type of personality thinks, along with some approaches for selling to them.
  • Four Practical Segmentation Tips for B2B Marketers
    Here are four ways segmentation can improve demand generation—and four practical tips on what and how to segment.
  • Four Examples of Businesses and Technologies Taking Mobile Marketing to the Next Level
    Mobile marketing is by no means new, but it has been so refined in recent years that its toolsets and techniques are growing increasingly effective—and, more important, increasingly seamless.
  • Endorsements, Reviews, and Astroturfing: New FTC Guidance for Marketers
    In 2015, the FTC updated its Endorsement Guides, covering issues such as disclosures in close proximity to affiliate links, purchases of Likes, incentives in return for tweets, and disclosures in consumer reviews.
  • Top 5 Ways Consumer-Generated Content Is Amazing for SEO
    The people writing consumer/user-generated content are the same ones performing search queries. If you can harness their sentences, paragraphs, and ideas, you can crowdsource search optimization.
  • Four Common Mistakes That Will Kill Your Next Experiential Marketing Campaign
    Established brands can likely withstand experiential marketing flops because customers can fall back on previous positive brand experiences. Not so for new brands or product lines: A negative customer experience would likely be enough to sink them.
  • Seven Common Mistakes Marketers Make
    If you decide to fix even one of the following mistakes, you will see better results for you and your business.
  • Seven Tips for Generating Social Content Through Influencers
    Influencer marketing—the "it" tactic of 2015—will only gain momentum in 2016. If you're planning to work with high-level influencers for complex social media campaigns, here are key steps to take.
  • A Legal FAQ for Online Retailers and Marketers
    Online retailing is a booming business—as are concomitant scams. So let's review a few frequently asked questions about the legalities of e-tailing and online marketing.
  • Go DIY or Call in an Expert: How to Choose
    As a marketer, you need to know when to buckle up and tackle an initiative internally or when to secure an outside expert, ideally before a situation becomes critical or spirals out of control.
  • How to Seize the Untapped Mobile Opportunity in 2016
    Mobile marketing has come a long way, but there's still progress to be made in technology, analytics, and strategy. Most notably, it's time for a paradigm shift: to think of mobile as the home for omnichannel marketing.
  • Four Email Optimizations That Will Increase Your Click-Through Rates
    Here's how you can begin optimizing your newsletters and lead nurturing, event, and other marketing emails for more clicks.
  • Five Ways to Make Your Brand More Powerful
    Even when brand communications hit all the marks—they're clear, meaningful, and on message—they're often dull. That's an opportunity, though, for companies willing to show off their human side and maybe even stick their necks out a little.
  • Nine Copywriter Woes: Mistakes to Avoid With Your Copywriter
    Without even knowing it, you may be hindering project success and timelines. Knowing what makes your copywriter tick versus what ticks them off can mean all the difference between a healthy work environment and a dysfunctional one.
  • Five Tips for Creating and Using a Great Event Hashtag
    When creating a hashtag to represent your brand, community, or event, you might think of it as dating: you want excitement, you want intrigue, but you also want something that will last, at least a little while.
  • Three Marketing and Customer-Experience Trends You're Bound to See in 2016
    With the start of the year comes the opportunity to re-evaluate your marketing and customer-experience strategies—to plan how you can up your game in the year ahead. Here's what three trends have in store for you this year.
  • The Four Critical Steps You Need to Master Content Science
    The success of your marketing strategies hinges largely on your content's quality and its ability to engage your audience. Follow these steps to not only better understand your customers but also identify where your sellers are more likely to win.
  • Reaching Audiences Is Easy, Engaging Them Takes Relevance: 10 Tips
    Targeting and buying online audiences has never been easier or more affordable. But even the right audiences can be hard to engage once you reach them. The key to making your audience care is relevance.
  • How to Create a Blog Persona to Make Your Content Consistently Relevant
    To make sure your company blog consistently engages your audience, apply persona research to the content you produce. Here are five steps for creating and using your blog persona.
  • 10 Rapid-Fire Tips for Writing 2,500 Words per Hour
    Writing 2,500 words per hour is possible. It's not even that hard. I do it regularly. You can, too.
  • What Marketers Need to Know About Yahoo Mail's Birthday Makeover
    Yahoo Mail's 18th birthday makeover will affect how marketers reach consumers in the future. In fact, updates such as search filters, avatars, and embedded brand logos actually have the potential to make marketers' email efforts more productive.
  • Trust Me... I'm a Salesperson: Four Steps to Win Trust in the Least-Trusted Role on the Planet
    Ask most people to describe a salesperson, and "trustworthy" probably won't be their first choice of adjective. Yet, to stand any chance of making a sale, you must establish credibility with your buyers. Trust is a core element of every successful sale.
  • Is Commoditization an Issue for You? Here's What You Can Do About It
    Marketplace competitors can easily make your products or services a commodity so that everything comes down to price. How do you know whether you're being commoditized? And how can you avoid that undesirable fate?
  • The Three Most Important B2B Marketing Questions for 2016
    What are the guidelines for making choices and setting priorities in your marketing organization? To achieve success in 2016, these are the most important questions for marketers to ask.
  • Five Forms of Interactive Content to Boost Engagement
    The latest trend to enter the marketing world is interactive content, and it's gaining popularity for very good reasons.
  • Top 10 How-To Articles of 2015 on MarketingProfs
    These are the how-to articles—those that dispense practical, tactical advice and tips—that you and your fellow marketers found most worthy of your time and attention in 2015.
  • Understanding Your Content Marketing Goals Before Setting Metrics
    It's much easier to start a journey if you know where you're going—and much more likely you'll actually get to somewhere you want to be.
  • Six Ways to Include Video in Your Marketing Strategy
    Video content is easy to consume and engaging, and it helps you connect with the people who matter most—your audience. But how do you make sure you're getting the full benefits of video marketing?
  • 10 Essential Steps to Revenue Growth in 2016 for Brands With an Indirect Sales Model
    There's a growth-stifling disconnect between brand marketers that have indirect sales models and the local channel partners that sell the brands' products or services.
  • Ranking GOP Presidential Candidates According to Digital Strategy
    The GOP campaign is generating heat, and that's good news for marketers. Let's take a look at top GOP candidates, the tools they're using, and the lessons their wins (or epic fails) can teach your business.
  • Get the Most Out of Your Content Investment: Strategize for a 700-Day Blog Post Shelf Life
    The lifetime value of a blog post is 700 days, according to new research. But is it worth it for brands to adjust their content marketing strategy, and how exactly can they do that?
  • Marketers, You're Doing Mobile Wrong: Six Steps for Doing It Right
    Yes, responsive websites are important, but the real money is in connecting with—and converting—high-value customers... those who have already considered your product or service and are now calling you on their mobile device.
  • Before You Worry About Ad-Blocking Apps, Consider These Four Tips
    Thinking your own mobile marketing campaigns are now in danger because of ad-blocking? First, take a deep breath. Then, read these four tips.
  • Seven Building Blocks of a Customer-Centric Marketing Strategy
    A campaign that focuses on your customers' values takes commitment and research. Building an accurate picture of those values and priorities, then acting on it, is hard but rewarding work.
  • The Year in Video Marketing and What to Expect in 2016
    In 2016, the video skills marketers have learned in 2015 will allow them to create better content and tell stories that have greater impact, and they'll get serious about measuring ROI and using that data to optimize results.
  • How to Gain Focus and Define Your Strategy: A Template
    A well-defined strategy is vital for a team to understand what needs to be done and which areas need investment. It also helps you identify what to stop doing, where to save money, and what is not worth the team's time.
  • Four Mistakes That Can Kill Your Brand Campaigns
    We need to understand where and how customers interact with our brands, where and how they make their purchase decisions, and what kinds of engagement strategies translate into better sales numbers down the road.
  • Five Steps for Getting Interviews With Influencers
    Your audience loves interviews, particularly with thought leaders. Bonus: interviewing influencers can help position your brand as an expert by association. So how do you secure an interview for your blog, podcast, or other owned media?
  • How to Build Relationships With Customers You See Only Once a Year
    Holiday sales are traditionally viewed as mere transactions with customers buying gifts once a year rather than as important interactions with potentially long-term, loyal customers. That's a lost opportunity.
  • Three Key Differences Between A/B-Testing and Multivariate-Testing
    Most businesses are interested in testing their sites, but they're hesitant because they don't know the differences between A/B tests and multivariate tests. Using examples, let's go over three ways the two differ.
  • Five Buzzworthy SEO Trends You Must Know About for 2016
    Get ready for a new year of changes to Google's algorithms—and your SEO strategy. Here are five of the biggest search trends on tap for 2016. They're sure to be buzzed about next year.
  • Three Future-Proof Tactics for Mobile App Marketers
    Here's practical advice on how to increase your app's exposure on mobile search, make app content more easily discoverable, and avoid app resubmission to and approval from app stores for certain marketing-related changes.
  • Five CRM Systems Your Salespeople Will Actually Use (Article 2 of 2)
    These five CRM systems offer an optimal combination of the features and functions salespeople want most in CRM software.
  • How to Convince Your CEO That Skimping on Marketing Talent Is No Bargain
    One-click Cyber Monday-like shopping to achieve market leadership—and get a huge discount on marketing talent to boot? Oddly, some CEOs think it's possible. Here's how to disabuse them of the notion.
  • Book Marketing Basics: Advice for Authors
    Want to get your next book not merely published and reviewed but actually sold? Marketing plays a key role in that goal. But, you don't have to be a marketing expert. You just need to apply marketing basics.
  • Learn From Casinos: Multicultural Marketing to Tap America's Growth Markets
    Casinos have tapped into ethnic markets, but they aren't the only businesses that can benefit from doing so. Here are four things you should consider when driving growth through multicultural marketing.
  • Content Marketing and Reluctant Executives: How to Get Buy-In... and Participation!
    Whether big fuzzy teddy bears or utter dictators, executives operate under the same prime directive: Make money for the company. Once you can see the world from their eyes, you can get them on your side.
  • Five CRM Systems Your Salespeople Will Actually Use (Article 1 of 2)
    Most salespeople don't like using CRM systems. They'd much rather be talking with prospects than learning difficult software and entering volumes of data. In article 1, we discuss what salespeople specifically like and dislike about CRMs.
  • How to Create and Document a Content Marketing Strategy in Eight Steps
    Having a documented content strategy is critical for effectiveness—now more than ever. Why? Because digital and social marketing have amplified the need: More Channels = More Content = More Complexity.
  • The Three Most Common Mistakes New App Developers Make (and How to Avoid Them)
    Millions of mobile apps out there make getting your app noticed extremely difficult—and rare. Gaining visibility is not as simple as coming up with a great concept, building the app, and submitting it to app stores.
  • How to Use Heuristics to Your Marketing Advantage
    Marketers and advertisers who understand the importance of customer behavior and psychology consider heuristics (mental shortcuts that people use to form judgments and make decisions) to target their markets.
  • How to Be a Better Marketer in the Era of Ad-Blocking Technology
    The solution to ad-blocking software is simple: If users block ads they don't want, marketers have to offer them ads they do want—with content that digital shoppers truly enjoy.
  • Six Nifty Content-Suggestion Tools for Social Media Marketing
    Sharing great content, particularly via social media, as part of your content marketing can seem like an uphill task. Use these six tools to keep your social media pages buzzing with great content.
  • How to Create a Post-Lead Content Marketing Strategy
    To help Sales, marketers should embrace lead handoffs as the beginning of a new phase that requires its own content strategy for maximizing post-handoff lead conversion.
  • Seven Dramatic Ways E-Commerce Reviews Have Transformed Consumer Shopping Habits
    E-commerce reviews have transformed shopping behavior—from how consumers approach a purchase to their confidence in the buying process... and much more.
  • Three Tips for Successful User-Generated Content Campaigns
    For you to successfully reach customers through social media, you need to rely on consumers to deliver your brand messages to other consumers. Enter user-generated content campaigns.
  • Three Ways to Maximize Your Marketing Technology Investment
    Avoid painful implementation, limited effectiveness, and poor ROI. Instead, maximize your marketing technology investment and achieve the results that you and your customers expect—by doing these three things.
  • How to Use 'Story-Selling' and Modular Content to Drive Sales
    Some marketers would say salespeople are like babies who need structure and boundaries... and can't be trusted with storytelling. But as a marketer and former sales rep, I know the two sides can play well together—with great results.
  • How to Optimize Your Content Repository to Align Sales and Marketing
    Organizing and keeping all of your sales support content up-to-date can be challenging. And ensuring your content repository is easily accessible and searchable can be even more of a challenge.
  • 10 Common Myths About Content Curation
    Why is there so much mystery surrounding content curation? And why are marketers still struggling to understand it—and put it into practice? Maybe in part because myths about it still abound.
  • How to Sidestep the Spam Folder in Your Email Marketing
    From phishing messages to malicious attachments and links to viruses, spam affects billions of email users each year. If your marketing emails are mistakenly considered spam, you'll lose both money and conversions.
  • Tradeshow Hero: How to Use Email and Marketing Automation for Live-Event Success
    It's critical that the time and resources you're investing to participate in tradeshows generate great leads and real ROI. Here's how to use email and marketing automation to ensure you do exactly that.
  • 35 Ways to Grow Your Brand
    Marketers, looking for ways to take your brand to the next level? Here are 35 ideas and examples of brands that are doing it right.
  • Landing Page Design: Seven Tested Ways to Improve Conversion
    There are hundreds of tried-and-true conversion optimization methods for improving landing pages. Here are seven of the most basic—and powerful—ones.
  • How to Use Email Marketing to Create a Surge in E-Commerce Sales
    How can e-commerce marketers get a serious leg up on the competition? By using their emails and marketing automation systems to "frame" their customers for the perfect sale.
  • Five Reasons Your Global Marketing Is Failing (and How to Fix It)
    You've expanded internationally, but for some reason your marketing isn't making the impact you thought it would. Here are some common pitfalls of global marketing and practical strategies to overcome them.
  • Six Ways Sales and Marketing Can Align With Customers and Grow Revenue
    In B2B organizations, aligning sales and marketing goals with your current customers in mind can make the difference between meeting your quarterly goals and hoping next quarter will be better.
  • Do's and Don'ts of Top-of-Funnel Marketing
    Top-of-funnel marketing is all about engaging prospects with thought leadership and content marketing—not beating them over the head with hard-sell tactics. So how do you get the word out about your product?
  • Three Things Retailers Can Learn From Amazon Prime
    Amazon is the online king, trying to impose its will on retailers big and small in its quest to become "The Everything Store." What can you do to combat the threat? A look at Amazon Prime offers you three ways you can fight back.
  • Unlock Mobile Advertising by Measuring the Real World
    Like it or not, mobile has become the primary mode of communication between companies and consumers, and mobile devices are changing how people are purchasing products and services in the real world.
  • How to Apply the 'Golden Circle' to Your Marketing and Performance Measurement
    Marketers are likely in the thick of marketing planning, so now is a good time to revisit how to apply both the Golden Circle and the best-practices of alignment and accountability to ensure Marketing makes a difference for the business in 2016.
  • Seven Tips to Ignite Your Mobile Marketing This Holiday Season
    The holiday season is approaching quickly, so now is the perfect time to get your mobile marketing strategy in place. These tips will help you maximize mobile sales during the upcoming holidays.
  • Five Tips for Brands That Want Success on Facebook
    Facebook is continually changing how it displays content to fans. Still, brands can consistently create content that stands out and leads to more engagement—despite Facebook's shenanigans.
  • Five E-Commerce Upsell and Cross-Sell Tactics
    Upselling and cross-selling are popular ways to increase average order size and total revenue. Customers, too, are amenable to such tactics because they discover products they need.
  • Three Steps to Creating an Offer That Gets Leads and Sales
    Your offer—or, more specifically, how compelling it is—will determine whether or not your target audience will gobble up what you are selling.
  • How to Stand Tall in a Sea of Social Images
    It's no longer a secret that visual social posts receive more user attention than blocks of text do. Here's how to cut through the increasing visual clutter and get noticed in a sea of social images.
  • Seven Steps to Successful Marketing Technology Adoption
    Marketers today must stay current on trends, organize digital assets, monitor online conversations, measure ROI, and more. To handle those tasks, you need marketing technology. These steps will help ensure a smooth technology adoption process.
  • A Tempting Selection of Content Marketing Tools: How to Pick the Right Ones
    As the practice of content marketing matures, so too do the tools that make us more efficient, help us scale faster, and enhance our ability to measure. But making sense of all the available options can make your head spin.
  • How to Master Your Online Presence, Yoda Style
    The old Jedi Master would have made a terrific CMO. Here are some words of wisdom he might have imparted to Padawan marketers to ensure a strong online presence that can withstand the forces of the Dark Side.
  • 20 Email Marketing Tips to Boost Engagement and Readership
    Especially if you're targeting the twenty- and thirty-somethings who make up the core of the Millennial demographic, here's a handful of email marketing tips that will help you to boost engagement.
  • Nine Checkout Optimization Tips to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment
    After all the effort you put into optimizing your e-commerce pages, it is truly disheartening to see two-thirds of your potential customers abandon their online shopping carts. But you can take these concrete steps to fix that problem.
  • Five Steps to a Close-to-Perfect Website Launch
    Launching a website? Get ready for a busy few months. So much time, talent, and money goes into building a new site—yet roadblocks can easily push back your launch date. Here are some tips on how to keep your project rolling forward and on track.
  • Seven Ways to Ensure Fans Don't Miss Your Facebook Page Updates
    Are you tired of reaching less than 5% of your fans with your Facebook page posts? If so, then you need to find new ways to get your updates in your audiences' News Feeds.
  • Content Moderation: Who Needs It and How You Can Use UGC Successfully
    Putting your brand in the hands of the public can be dangerous, but the power of user-generated content (UGC) is real. If done correctly, with precautions in place, it can be highly beneficial for your brand.
  • Three Ways to Make Your Email Stand Out
    Salespeople and marketers need to make sure their emails cut through the noise of a busy inbox. These tips will help you craft emails that encourage opens, generate interest, and garner response.
  • How to Use Video Emails, and Why You Should
    We receive thousands of marketing messages each day, so we don't trust marketers' emails or TV commercials or Internet ads. But people trust people who take the time to share stories and prove they're authentic.
  • How to Enable Sales With Content Marketing
    Creating content in linear progression won't work for Sales: During the decision-making process, prospects have varying challenges and objections that Sales needs to overcome to convince prospects to take the next step.
  • How to Use an Exit-Popup Strategy to Grow Your Email List (Without Annoying Your Readers)
    There's no denying that popups, especially exit popups, work. But there's also no denying that they annoy website visitors. So how can you make exit popups bearable (or even enjoyable!) for your audience?
  • Five Tips for Maintaining Branded Mobile App Engagement
    The mobile app saturation point for consumers is 26-27 apps, so becoming one of their top 25 apps is a tall order. To help increase your odds, here are a handful tips for helping to maintain engagement for your branded app.
  • Six Ways to Spice Up Your Marketing Collateral to Quickly Engage Audiences
    You now have to capture your readers' attention at the earliest stage of their journey with your company. If you don't, you may never connect. So how can your marketing collateral grab their attention?
  • How to Get Better Branded Content for Your Campaigns: Give Away More Creative Control
    Find creative partners you trust, get on the same page about the project, then let them do their thing. But before you hand over the keys to the kingdom, here are four tips to make sure your project goes smoothly.
  • How to Calculate Your Company's Investment in Blogging
    How valuable is your blog in the array of marketing efforts you're investing money in? How can you determine whether it's money well spent or a waste of marketing dollars? How can you take steps to make it cost-effective?
  • How to Synchronize Your Marketing With the Customer Journey
    Brand loyalty isn't what it used to be. Consumers can now google your product or service and immediately see whether a competitor's pricing or location works better for them. Here's how you can still win them over.
  • Four Practical Tips for Resolving the CMO-CIO Disconnect
    If CMOs and CIOs had to make their relationship status public, most would have to check "It's complicated." But if they can't cooperate, they can't create consistent, relevant customer experiences.
  • Five Best-Practices for Real-Time Contextual Marketing
    Marketing to people based on their real-time context is all the rage. But marketers need to be careful, because it may not be a fit for their organization.
  • How to Build a B2B Case Study Program to Promote Your Company
    Developing B2B case studies is not without its challenges, but those who do it well can reap serious rewards—including reduced sales cycles, market share growth, and increased visibility among key stakeholders.
  • Five Simple Ways to Get Your First Account-Based Marketing Campaign Up and Running
    How can you engage buyers wherever they are in the selling process while reaching all of the important decision-makers—without being intrusive? Account-based marketing (ABM) to the rescue.
  • How to Find the Best B2B Copywriters: A 10-Point Guide
    The demand for B2B content has dramatically increased. It's also flooded copywriter ranks with raw recruits who can waste your time and money. But you can avoid copywriting disasters.
  • Six Simple yet Effective Ways to Make the Most out of Twitter
    Instead of bringing in new leads, Twitter can become a huge time-suck. So how can you make sense of Twitter, gain more followers, and tick off your marketing goals? Here are six simple yet effective ways to do exactly that.
  • How to Create and Define Social Rewards That Map to Your Marketing Objectives
    So you want to fold social into your loyalty program? Good! Because that's a sound strategic move.
  • Six Hard and Six Soft Skills to Look for When Hiring Your Next Marketing Employee
    What should companies screen for when identifying marketing talent? The best candidates have strong hard and soft skills that will allow them to succeed and add value to the organization from day one.
  • Five Essential Tips for Getting Your Dream Job in Marketing
    With increased competition in the workforce, it is essential that you put in the extra effort to push your career forward. But what does "extra effort" mean?
  • Five Ways to Get Your Message Through to an Overloaded Audience
    With so many messages flooding your audience, to get its attention and make your message stand out requires more skill than ever. But you can cut through the clutter of the modern mobile era.
  • How to Increase Website Traffic Without Focusing on Text Content Creation
    Some businesses bring in immense amounts of traffic to their websites without much text content at all. Here are a couple of examples of such sites—and four tips on how to do the same for your site.
  • Five Top Tips for Successfully Profiling Your Competitors
    Fundamentally, business is about beating the competition. You cannot make judgments around strategies for doing so without first understanding the strengths and weaknesses of competitors.
  • Three Ways It Pays for Marketers to Be More Data-Driven
    Data plays a key role in B2B marketing. Here is an outline of three ways marketers can reap the rewards of being more data-driven.
  • What Marketing Can Learn From User Experience
    Marketing vs. User Experience. It doesn't have to be a hostile relationship. By using the principles and experiences of one field, you can improve the quality of the other. To improve your marketing, think like a UX designer.
  • How to Turn Bloggers (and Other Influencers) Into Your Brand Champions
    Influencer marketing is one of the most effective ways to drive sales and grow your brand online. But you'll need to take a structured approach to building a long-term relationship.
  • Six Simple Steps for Aligning Sales and Marketing to Boost Conversions and Fill Your Pipeline
    Sales and Marketing misalignment not only saps marketing ROI but also slows pipeline growth, drags down conversion rates, and contributes to slow growth—or even loss—in revenue. But you can fix it.
  • Build Your Brand by Separating It From Product
    Often, the hardest thing for a marketer to do—conceptually—is to separate brand from product. "Our brand and product are inseparable," I've heard it said—by some very successful people. But that's all an illusion.
  • Five Skills You Need to Curate Standout Content
    At a time when marketers are challenged to furnish steady streams of engaging content, curating other people's content is an effective tactic. Still, it merely shifts the challenge to "How do I identify and curate valuable content?"
  • Harness the Power of Personas for Social Media Marketing
    Personas are not new. What is new is taking personas and applying them to social media. This article provides four approaches to creating personas to increase the relevancy of your social media content.
  • Four Tips for Marketing Live Events in the Era of SMAC
    Four technologies are driving live-event marketering: social, mobile, analytics, and the Cloud (SMAC), providing new ways to know your fans, reach them at the right time via the right channel, and measure results to ensure you spend precious marketing dollars wisely.
  • 10 Ways to Convert More Customers Using Location
    How can businesses use location to increase conversions and sales?
  • Six Effective Ways to Clear 'Content Block' [Infographic]
    Often, great ideas come to us when we least expect them, but it's annoying when we can't generate content on deadline. Still, don't worry, this is the 21st century... We have technology and experience on our side.
  • Five Tips for Increasing Email Engagement and Improve Inboxing
    To increase engagement and overall effectiveness of email campaigns, marketers need to focus on inboxing. Why? Because higher inboxing rates translate into higher open, click, and conversion rates, all of which ultimately affect program revenue.
  • Safeguard Marketing's Value: Build a Marketing Technology Ecosystem
    The vast number of available marketing technology options is proof that marketing is evolving into a technology-powered discipline. To ensure your tech investments truly help your organization thrive, make sure they constitute an effective, efficient, and sustainable "technology ecosystem."
  • Top Three Ways to Market to Millennials
    Generations are shaped to some extent by the times in which they come of age, so it makes sense for marketers who wish to reach millennials to understand the forces and behaviors that drive this diverse group.
  • Are You Losing Sales Because of Boring Copy? A Widely Applicable Example of Apps
    You pour weeks into preparing for launch. You finally release the product and eagerly wait for sales to pour in. Yet, they don't. You blame the product: Should we add features? Are the colors wrong? But maybe, your copy is what's falling short.
  • Three Tools to Help You Generate Killer Content Ideas
    For most marketers, coming up with content ideas is easy at first. We have them when we are at the gym, driving to work, or sitting at our favorite coffee house. But after a while, the well starts to run dry.
  • Seven Tips for Delivering Great Presentations
    Delivering a great presentation is not only hard but also critically important to your business. If done correctly, a presentation often means the difference between getting that new customer or wondering what went wrong.
  • Your Marketing Strategy Hinges on Both Brand and Client Research: Here's the Why--and the How
    If you don't continually re-examine your clients and your brand in order to communicate your company's unique selling proposition, you could be muddling your value or—worse—speaking to the entirely wrong audience.
  • Four Powerful Tips for a Highly Effective B2B Social Media Strategy
    Most B2B companies are bad at social media marketing. They're too boring, or too product-focused, to engage social media users and develop a following, which leads management to conclude social media is for B2C. Which is wrong, of course.
  • How to Mine Social Media for Authentic Market Intelligence
    Companies that mine the otherwise hidden person-to-person chatter of social media gain invaluable market intelligence into what consumers really think of their brands and competitors.
  • Top Six Ways to Grow Your Email Subscription List
    Creating lasting connections with email has never been more challenging. These tips will help you cut through the clutter while adhering to ever-changing regulations and convincing subscribers to stay loyal.
  • A Seven-Step Surefire Formula for a Sales-Generating Commercial (Article 2 of 2)
    Grab your customers' attention and get them to respond to your television and radio ads by following these seven tips based on 25 years' experience crafting direct response commercials.
  • Your Website's URL: An Expensive .com Domain Name... or These Creative Alternatives?
    One of the hardest financial decisions when naming or renaming a company or product is whether you should splurge for the exact .com domain name—and, if not, how you should adapt the URL.
  • Five Tactics to Make Your Emails More Interesting
    What if you could make your emails more interesting? And, what if, by making them more interesting, you could increase opens, click-throughs, and conversions?
  • Seven Tips to Optimally Organize Your Pricing Page for Conversions
    You'll learn how to optimally display products or services on your pricing page, get your customers to choose the product you suggest, and use incentives and bonuses to increase conversion.
  • Three Simple Ways to Create a High-Converting Email Subscribe Form
    When people fill out your email subscribe form, they're showing a strong indication of purchase intent. Forms are also a first step toward gathering vital data for targeting customers with relevant information.
  • How Marketing Can Contribute to Revenue Generation [Infographic]
    These days, many business buyers have already made a decision about what they're going to buy even before talking to a vendor. Sales needs to adapt to be on an equal footing with buyers. Luckily, Marketing can help Sales do just that.
  • Five Steps You Need to Take Before You Spend a Dime on Advertising (Article 1 of 2)
    Usually, advertising doesn't come cheap, but it can be cost-effective—if you do your homework ahead of time and follow some best-practices.
  • How to Effectively Market to the Growing US Hispanic Market
    Just as you would when targeting any niche market, you need to follow some basic rules to effectively market to Spanish-speaking customers.
  • Case Studies Have Real Value: Seven Tips for Writing a Success Story That Succeeds
    Success stories (case studies) are a crucial part of the marketing process, especially when complex business issues and solutions are involved. These tips will help you write successful success stories.
  • How Successful Companies Engage Customers During the New-Product Development Process
    Today's brands engage customers daily through social and digital channels. We recently researched how successful companies use those ongoing conversations to shape their new-product development process.
  • Seven Tools for Creating Infographics Without Using Photoshop
    This article will compare various tools for creating infographics to help you find the right tool for your own infographic marketing needs.
  • Three Common Mistakes Mobile App Marketers Make, and How to Fix Them
    How mobile app makers and marketers learn from their peers' mistakes is what empowers them to create an app that engages users. So let's take a look at three common mistakes—and how to avoid them.
  • Three Easy Tips for Hyper-Personal Push Notifications
    For marketers considering push notifications in their mobile marketing strategy, these tips for triggering hyper-personalized notifications will help build brand loyalty, as opposed to pushing users away.
  • The Biggest Hurdle to Reaching Hispanics Isn't Language, It's Mobile
    Here's how you can reach Hispanic consumers, who are far less likely to access the Internet from a desktop computer, but more likely to own and use a smartphone, than non-Hispanics.
  • How to Use Analytics to Prove the Impact of YouTube Marketing
    Are people watching your videos? If so, who is watching? And what are they doing after they watch? Here's how to use YouTube Analytics and Google Analytics to understand the impact your videos are having on your business.
  • The Three Keys to Mastering Marketing in Today's Noisy Marketplace
    Today's marketing environment is noisy and crowded. We have so many new techniques to promote our products and services that the chaos and clutter are getting worse. How do you get heard above all the noise?
  • Five Things You Should Be Doing With Your Site Search (but Probably Aren't)
    When customers use your e-commerce site's search function, they're very likely looking to buy. If your site search isn't running optimally, you're losing sales.
  • The Apple Watch: A Guide for Marketers
    The Apple Watch has been making a splash with consumers since its launch. For brands, it offers a key moment to make a very personal connection with customers.
  • Modify Your Language to Gain Credibility, Influence, and Relevance With the C-Suite
    Would you like to be perceived by the C-Suite as someone with business acumen? As influential, credible, and relevant to business? Of course you do! Who wouldn't? Yet, only 1 in 5 marketers is perceived that way.
  • The Seven Phases of Effective Presentations: How Not to Bore Your Audience
    Preparing for presentations is tough, tedious, and time-consuming, and the cardinal rule once you're in the room is to engage those in your audience—not put them to sleep. These seven tips should help.
  • The Business Case for Rebranding: Nine Essential Elements
    Gaining leadership support and financial investment for a rebrand requires careful preparation of a rebranding business case that clearly outlines the need, the opportunity, the risks, and the cost of not rebranding.
  • Three SEO Pitfalls That Will Wreck Your Website
    Many factors go into on-site optimization, but three items stand out as not only crucial but also frequently shortchanged or completely overlooked. Here's how you can give each its due and dramatically boost your SEO performance.
  • Five Signs Your Marketing Work Needs Organizing (and What You Can Do About It)
    How organized your marketing team is—how information is passed along, how tasks are carried out, how effective the team's communication strategy is—can determine its success or failure.
  • From Engagement to Leads: The Psychology Behind Converting Social Media Fans
    Converting social media fans requires more than constant sharing; it requires understanding the ways they interact and build relationships.
  • Invite Your Friends! Three Best-Practices for a Successful Referral Program
    Brands looking to launch referral programs or fine-tune their current efforts must embrace best-practices that help guide audiences through three distinct phases of engagement.
  • Engaging on LinkedIn: Five Strategies for Sales and Marketing Leaders
    A LinkedIn marketing or selling strategy is the difference between a B2B sales or marketing team that drives consistent revenue opportunities and one that just has lots of connections it does not engage with.
  • How to Manage Email Deliverability: Six Simple Best-Practices
    Managing deliverability can challenge even the most well-respected brand. Government regulations, inconsistent Internet service provider (ISP) policies, emerging technologies, and changes in subscriber behavior all add to the complexity.
  • Five Ways to Prove Marketing's Value by Saving Sales Costs
    Eager to prove its worth, Marketing is moving down the sales funnel, and some marketers are assuming sales enablement roles. Now's the time to become a cost-saver rather than remaining a cost center.

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