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  • These Six Stupid Marketing Metrics Need to Die
    It's amazing what some marketers are still measuring. Maybe they don't know any better, or maybe they're just married to legacy metrics that once made sense. But they're probably doing their campaigns more harm than good.
  • 10 Ways to Improve Shopping Cart Conversions
    After your website visitors arrive at your online shopping cart, it's simply a shame if your cart then fails you by not helping you achieve the conversion.
  • Is Your On-Hold Audio Irritating Customers? Three Don'ts and Five Do's
    Being on hold on the phone is probably one of the most attention-focused customer touchpoints there is. It can have a huge impact on how your customers feel about your brand.
  • SEO Checklist: 15 Steps to Optimize Your Website
    Today, you can easily create a website, and even gather a team around it to grow the site through content. But that's not enough to get your site on the first page of SERPs.
  • How Copywriting Can Build Your Brand Authority
    When you're recognized as a brand authority, you become the go-to business in your industry, you can be more selective with clients, and you can charge higher rates that reflect your expertise.
  • Top Six Email Marketing Trends You Need to Keep Pace With
    Email marketing is likely a vital part of you marketing strategy. You'll need to keep up with these email trends if you want your marketing to remain relevant.
  • Four Steps to Creating an Agile Marketing Culture
    Achieving agility starts with your company's culture—which is where the rubber really hits the road. These four steps will guide your transition from traditional to agile marketing.
  • Three Ways to Make Your Phone Presence a Key Driver in Your Marketing Mix
    The voice channel is not going away any time soon, so spend time considering your options and planning, and be strategic about the branding and marketing opportunities your phone presence affords.
  • Every Brand Needs a Distinct Tone of Voice. Here's Why—and How to Create It
    Brand tone of voice is vital to expressing your brand identity. The correct tone can help a company distinguish itself from competitors, reinforce the brand's personality, and underpin the brand's promise to its customers.
  • Planning Your Marketing? Don't Forget These Fundamentals
    Your marketing plan (and accompanying budget) defines the body of work you carry with you for at least 12 months—everything you do on the job. And, if you do it right, it's your golden ticket to successful marketing.
  • Seven Tips for Creating a Company Name That Tells a Compelling Story
    A good company name doesn't have to tell customers exactly what you do. Names that hinge on a compelling narrative are often far more powerful.
  • Top 5 Keys to Customer Retention
    Maximizing the lifetime value of your customers is central to maximizing the value of your business. Companies sink or swim based on their ability to retain customers.
  • 20 Must-Have Tools for Clever Marketers
    As a marketer, you're often wearing many hats and simultaneously managing a variety of responsibilities and tasks—from social media to content creation. Luckily, there's an app or service for almost every marketing activity out there.
  • How to Choose the Right Tradeshow Booth Location: 10 Things You Need to Consider
    Your booth's location at a tradeshow can be either beneficial or harmful. Here's how to make sure you're prepared to select the best location possible for your company's both.
  • Best-Practices for Developing a B2B Online Review Program
    Online reviews appear in search results when people are evaluating your product or service, and professionals regularly frequent review sites when searching for solutions.
  • How Online Publishers Can Take Advantage of Automation in Email
    Automated email campaigns can help publishers—whether traditional, new, media and entertainment, gaming, or apps publishers—reach the right audience at well-timed moments to drive more website traffic.
  • A Guide to Implementing a Digital Asset Management System (It's a Lot Like Running a Bake Sale)
    This handy little guide will steer you through the best-practices of setting up your digital asset management system—and show you that it's as easy as running a bake sale (but maybe not as tasty!).
  • Are You Too Busy Chopping (Marketing) Wood to Sharpen Your (Marketing Operations) Ax?
    Your to-do list never seems to dwindle, no matter how often you hack at it. But chipping away at your marketing tasks would be so much easier if your figurative ax were sharper. These tips can make it razor sharp.
  • Public Relations: Four 'Wow' Ways to Use It for Sales
    A perceived lack of credibility is one of the silent killers of great sales opportunities, since big potential clients are famously risk-averse. If you don't have great coverage—and therefore credibility—those potential clients won't ink deals with you.
  • Listen Up, B2B Marketers: 12 Steps to More Sales From Inbound Calls
    As a B2B marketer, you're responsible for driving leads. But what happens when you overlook a valuable channel, such as inbound phone calls—which are excellent for generating leads? Nothing good...
  • How to Choose the Right Sales Reps for Your Next Tradeshow
    "Old-fashioned" tactics such as tradeshows are often the most effective for achieving B2B companies' top marketing goal: getting more customers. But far too many spend far too little time on choosing the right sales reps for tradeshows or networking events.
  • How CMOs Can Prove Their ROI in the C-Suite
    Even after a CMO is accepted into the C-suite, a lot of confusion remains about what he or she should be delivering. The answer starts and ends with demonstrating a significant, positive marketing ROI. But how can a CMO do that?
  • Mobile PPC: A Simple Guide to Mobile Search Marketing for Zeroing In on Customers
    Mobile marketing is practically made for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Let's talk about how you can get mighty with mobile, and zero in on your audience with pay-per-click mobile campaigns.
  • Stop Isolating Customer Insights: Five Ways to Design the Customer Into Your Company
    In the emerging sharing economy—modeled on collaborative creation and consumption—you can't effectively "create customers" without a deep, empathetic, and evolving understanding of their aspirations, challenges, and needs.
  • B2B and UGC and Three Success Stories
    UGC-enabled marketing is no longer a fad; it's become a core part of modern marketers' toolkit. A closer look into UGC benefits, applicability to B2B, and a few key examples from major brands should put to rest any doubts.
  • How to Create an Event That Drives ROI
    Events—if done properly—can be a successful technique for marketing and engagement. Here are five tactics you can use to ensure your attendees thoroughly enjoy your events and, in turn, improve ROI.
  • Six Crucial Attributes of a Successful Business Blog
    Investing in owned media, such as a corporate blog, is crucial to a company's success in content marketing. But what does it take to launch and sustain a successful business blog? These six best-practices and tactics.
  • A Content Marketer's Guide to Not Getting Overwhelmed
    Managing content marketing can be stressful. This brief guide will show you how to use time and technology to maximize success without raising your stress levels.
  • Seven Email Innovations to Bring Context to Your Campaigns
    Innovations are helping email to continue leading the way to more contextual and cross-channel experiences for consumers. Here are seven ways to tap into the contextual power of email.
  • Dramatically Increase Conversions Using the Scarcity Principle
    The impulse to acquire what is scarce is wired deep into the oldest part of our brain, alongside our other survival instincts. Here are four ideas for how to implement the scarcity principle in your favor.
  • Why Your Blog Is Not Adding Business Value, and What You Can Do About It
    Although blogging is an effective marketing, branding, and sales channel, businesses don't make effective and efficient use of it. In fact, most corporate blogs add little real business value.
  • The Evolution of SEO? Customer Experiences as Content
    Your customers' experiences with your brand have the potential to turn them into your advocates who take the message of your company and products and deliver it for you—online and offline.
  • Humanize Your Brand Messages With Mindset Segmentation
    When you understand your customers' personal aspirations and fears, you can craft emotionally relevant brand messages that humanize your brand and help you communicate more authentically.
  • Five Key Metrics You Need to Create a Customer-Centric Company
    To ensure a customer-centric vision takes root in your marketing organization, you need to establish clear metrics that are linked to the company's strategic, operational, and financial goals.
  • Presto, Extendo: If Only Brand Extensions Were That Easy!
    So, you've got a great brand and a dynamite product or service that you offer to the universe. What's next for you? A brand extension, of course. Ah, if only it were that easy.
  • Six Content Marketing Myths—Busted
    B2B content marketers consistently cite creating content that engages as a top challenge. Making the task harder still are marketers' preconceptions. Here are reality-based strategies that counter those myths.
  • A Marketer's View: An 11-Step Plan for Launching Your Startup
    Launch day is the end of a long road and the beginning of another. To make sure your startup can thrive during the journey, you'll need to walk through these 11 steps first.
  • The Perfect Pinterest Formula for Growing Your Following
    Just a bit of know-how and practice can generate the kind of pins that engage other Pinterest users and drive traffic to your website. Millions of pins go up every day, but you can still make yours stand out.
  • Eight Tips to Help Woman Marketers Better Market Themselves
    Clearly, women are attracted to marketing—and, very often, they're good at it. So why are there so few women at senior marketing levels? These tips from top woman marketers can help all of us market ourselves.
  • These Five Essential Habits of Curators Will Make You a Smarter Marketer
    These five habits are the most helpful, descriptive, easy-to-learn, and effective for becoming a master of adding meaning to marketing noise—once you learn to put them into action.
  • Four Ways to Attract New Email Subscribers and Grow a Better List
    You're on a constant quest to connect with prospects, customers, and subscribers. Cultivating a high-performing email list should be a priority. These four steps will help build your list—and boost your marketing.
  • How to Use 'Alternative' Social Networks in Your Marketing Strategy
    Many businesses concentrate their social media marketing on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. But why miss the opportunities afforded by the likes of Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, Google +, and Ello?
  • How to Spy on Your Competition
    Marketers want to know what their competition is up to. Setting up Google Alerts and following your competitor's Twitter feed can get you only so far. So what's the best way to gather competitive intelligence?
  • Five Actions Marketers Can Take to Deliver Real Engagement in 2015
    When your customers are using more devices than ever before, across more channels than we could even fathom 10 years ago, you need to ask, How can we better engage our customers?
  • Five Resolutions Every Marketer (including CMOs) Should Stick to in 2015
    The modern marketer can feel overwhelmed by progress: You can feel as though you're drowning in new opportunities, obligations, and demands. To stay ahead of the curve, keep these resolutions in 2015.
  • Experience Marketing: How to Build a Customer-Centric Marketing Machine
    To create more connected brand experiences for our customers, we need to go from inside-out digital marketing to outside-in, cross-channel experience marketing—which focuses on the customer's needs and intent.
  • Innovation Is Vital for Your Organization's Survival: 10 Must-Learn Lessons From Sir Ken Robinson
    Innovation is critical to both the success and the survival of organizations, and imagination is the spark that fuels it, Sir Ken argued. That sounds both vague and high-minded, doesn't it? But holy wow... his talk so wasn't!
  • Three Steps to Writing a Stellar LinkedIn Profile Summary
    If you had to choose one digital branding profile to work on, focus on your LinkedIn profile. Why? Because, in business, it's often the first place people go when they want to check you out.
  • B2B Brands and the Super Bowl: How B2B Marketers Can Capitalize on Consumer Events
    B2C marketers readily capitalize on the benefits of all the conversations and hoopla related to what are considered major consumer events, but the truth is... B2B companies can, too, and they should.
  • How to Connect With Email-Fatigued Prospects in Three Simple Steps
    Many email recipients feel compelled to purge their inboxes and subscriptions at the start of each year. How can marketers deal with this detox mode—and make sure their messages (and customers) aren't lost for good?
  • Three Threats Lurking in Your Marketing Cloud—and How to Bust Them
    A whole new marketing phenomenon has blossomed, enriching the user experience like never before: cloud technology. It's innovative... and it's threatening to turn into its own unique nightmare for companies.
  • Increase Your (Mobile!) Email Open Rates: How to Optimize the Only Three Lines That Matter
    To dramatically increase your mobile email open rates, let's take a look at exactly how to optimize the only three lines that matter.
  • LinkedIn Lessons From Game of Thrones: Seven Ways to Develop Connections (Part 2)
    In Part 2, you'll discover more lessons from Westeros's favorite characters and clans about how marketers can develop connections on LinkedIn.
  • Five Ways to Counteract Facebook's News Feed Post Crackdown
    What can you do to counteract the ill effects of Facebook's recent changes to its News Feed algorithm... and continue to get the most out of the social network?
  • Five Ways to Get Board Backing for Your Marketing Campaign
    Securing buy-in—and budget—from board-level stakeholders is one of the biggest challenges marketers face. Particularly in B2B firms, Sales often has more influence than Marketing. So what can you do?
  • Seven Conversion Rate Tactics That Increased Sales by $21 Million
    Website conversion rate increases alone don't mean much. Revenue growth is what really matters. This article gives you seven examples (which you can use) that helped the author increase online sales by $21 million.
  • LinkedIn Lessons From Game of Thrones: Seven Ways to Develop Connections (Part 1)
    We might be in a Game of Thrones dry spell these days, but that's no reason not to glean some real-world lessons from Westeros's favorite characters and clans about how to develop connections on LinkedIn.
  • Becoming a 'Visible Expert': Seven Traits Shared by Industry All Stars
    Firms with well-known industry experts and thought leaders are more likely to attract leads, command premium fees, and possess strong, recognized brands. Those "Visible Experts" have these seven traits in common.
  • Five Tips for Writing Case Studies That Aren't Boring as Hell
    Case studies are often dry, generic, or pretty much just a high school pep rally (minus the cool letterman jackets) cheering on the company. But they don't have to be.
  • 26 Universal Questions for Positioning Your Brand (and Creating Your Brand Story)
    How do you position your brand for success? What is the most compelling story you can tell about your business? Those are two of the most substantial questions marketers and entrepreneurs have to answer.
  • Sell vs. Tell: Five Ways to Engage Your Audience During a Presentation
    PowerPoint's best attributes often turn it into to a sales or marketing presentation's worst enemy and often resulting in a mind-numbing drill of slide-after-slide-after-slide. So how can you build/host an engaging presentation?
  • Seven Tips for the Care and Nurturing of Great Marketing Teams
    Marketing teams need to be innovative, quick-thinking, service-oriented, and committed to the company brand. That's a tall order. How do you keep the company's most creative team performing at their best?
  • 10 Do's and Don'ts of A/B-Testing Your Email Marketing Campaigns
    There is no better way to determine the impact of a design, copy, or scheduling change on your email campaigns. But A/B testing can seem overwhelming to take on. These do's and don'ts will steer you in the right direction.
  • Selfies for SMBs' Marketing Strategies (Not Just for Teens and Celebrities)
    With the right planning and strategy, a selfie business campaign can be a great way to engage and connect both current and potential users and customers with your brand and products.
  • The No. 1 Social Media Mistake You're Making (and Four Ways to Fix It)
    Most marketers say they cannot measure the ROI of their social media efforts. It's time to start thinking of social as a revenue-building medium—and adopt a results-driven approach toward it. Here's how to start.
  • Four Steps to Getting Started With Social Selling
    Most businesses now look to social media as a tool mainly for creating brand awareness. To do so, though, is to ignore the real power of social media—as a driver of leads and revenue. Here's how you can get started.
  • Five Rookie Website Mistakes You Can Fix Today
    The planning, design, writing, programming, and testing... a website can take hundreds of hours to build. The result of all that effort depends on a lot of little things—some of which, when done wrong, can hurt you. Big time.
  • Add These Five Word 'Magnets' to Your Marketing and Sales Vocabulary
    Words. They can be powerful, passionate, and—if used correctly in marketing and sales communications and presentations—extremely profitable.
  • The Holiday Longtail: Five Ways to Extend Your Holiday Marketing Into 2015 for Greater Results
    To create long-term customer loyalty and profits, marketing professionals need to find a way to extend the yearend holidays' sales momentum into the New Year.
  • Four Tips for Cooking Up and Serving Consumable Content
    As a marketer, you know that for your content to provide value, it must be (like food) consumed and digested. Straight from the marketer's cookbook, here are four tips for making your content readily consumable.
  • 2015 Will Be the Year of Video Marketing
    Facts tell, but stories sell. And there is no better medium than video for storytelling. Here's what to expect from video marketing in 2015.
  • Flip Your Media Plan: From Old-School Marketing to Digital in Three Steps
    Changes are coming, actually more quickly than they have in decades. Even for old-school industries, it's time to make important shifts in strategy—to rethink marketing and flip our media plans on their heads.
  • The Evolving Sales Funnel
    There is a lot of talk about the death of the sales funnel, but I disagree. The sales funnel is very much alive; it has, however, evolved.
  • How to Use Internet Memes to Market Your Content, Your Products, and Your Brand
    Internet memes—images overlaid with text—are a popular way for brands to reach audiences. As followers and fans share the images, your products, logo, and brand spread to people you wouldn't reach otherwise.
  • Three Surprising Ways You Can Use PPC to Enhance Your Content Marketing
    Though pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and content marketing appear to be marketing islands unto themselves, many smart marketers use PPC to enhance their content marketing efforts.
  • Making Lead Gen More Actionable: Eight B2C Customer Acquisition Tips
    We all know that a steady stream of leads is essential to keeping a business afloat. But coming up with original and effective ways to attract and convert qualified leads is easier said than done.
  • 29 Must-Read Content Marketing Articles of 2014
    As you prepare your content marketing strategy for the coming year (and you are preparing one, right?), keep these awesome expert tips and nuggets of valuable advice in mind.
  • Three Ways to Customize Content Across Social Channels for Greater Response
    Consistency is important in integrated marketing, but that doesn't mean pushing the same content to every social media channel. Here are three examples of how to adjust content for multiple social channels.
  • Content Marketing: The Leftover Trick
    It struck me this Thanksgiving that marketers could take a lesson from turkey gumbo—what I call the "leftover trick" for content marketing. Here are five simple ideas to get you started.
  • Win the Email Marketing 'Hunger Games': Five Tips to Survive the Unsubscribe List
    This holiday season, email marketers and online retailers are in a Hunger Games of their own: Keeping their emails alive—and out of the spam folder—will determine their ability to survive this season.
  • So You're Thinking About Implementing Marketing Automation
    Marketing automation software can add to your workload, alienate important prospects, and cause you to add hundreds of dollars to the swear jar—or... it can deliver real, positive ROI. Here's what can make the difference.
  • Nine Ways to Sharpen Your Customer Research (Part 2 of 2)
    In part 2 of this article, you'll discover six more practical ways to derive valuable insights about your customers.
  • Mixing Video With Email Marketing: Four Inspiring Examples and Three Quick Tips
    Using video in email should be a no-brainer, because emails with video are the ones that subscribers find most memorable. But the email-video combo is still a rare pairing. Here's how to use it to your benefit.
  • How to Master the Balancing Act Between Web Design and Functionality
    From a website's conception to official go-live date, the design and development teams need to have shifted out of their silos and onto the same workbench.
  • Five Ways to Turn New Holiday Customers Into Loyal, Year-Round Patrons
    There's no off-season in retail marketing, especially online—where, if you're not moving forward, you're automatically falling behind.
  • Nine Ways to Sharpen Your Online Customer Research (Part 1 of 2)
    At the core of any marketing campaign are the customers—those who sign up to your email list and purchase your products or services. You need to know more about what they want and how they behave online.
  • Seven Tips for Creating Credibility for a Marketable Website
    Whether you're a small business marketing to local shoppers, an enterprise with clients to scout out, or a fashion startup with a line of jackets to promote, building a website that draws in leads is no picnic.
  • How to Answer the Age-Old Question, 'What Has Marketing Done for Us Lately?'
    When resources are scarce or when growth slows, it's not uncommon to look at Marketing and question the investment. That is, unless Marketing has communicated its goals, metrics, and actions—and it delivers.
  • How to Repurpose Your Content Into an Ideal SlideShare Deck
    SlideShare is one of the world's most powerful B2B sites, and business executives use it much more often than they use other social networks. Your content needs to be there for them to see. But no need to start from scratch.
  • A Handy Guide to Using Quizzes in Your Content Marketing
    After helping 2,000 brands create online quizzes, I crunched the numbers to determine which quizzes generate great response and traffic. Here are my insider secrets for creating quizzes that get results.
  • 12 Tips to Help You Conquer Your Direct Marketing Campaign Challenges
    The core driver of campaign success is the customer data that fuels it. So here's a 12-item checklist of questions; answering them will likely save you time, effort, and money when planning your next campaign.
  • Five Tips for Giving the Right Feedback on Web Design
    Giving design feedback should be painless. Going full-on Don Draper and tearing apart your designer's work won't lead to better designs. But providing unclear or insufficient feedback might prove even less effective.
  • Five Ways to Boost Revenue Without Increasing Customer Count
    In search of additional revenue, businesses often go off into the unknown, chasing new customers and forgetting about their existing customer or client base and its vast untapped potential.
  • Why Your Data Scientists Need to Be Storytellers, and How to Get Them There
    Unless your data can be effectively collected, analyzed, and transformed into meaningful and actionable insights—and then used to tell a compelling, actionable story—it is essentially useless.
  • Top Five Questions Marketers Should Always Be Asking Themselves
    With so many projects, deadlines, channels, and metrics to consider, marketers can easily forget the basics. To keep your eye on the prize—your audience—you should always be asking yourself these five questions.
  • 10 Tactics to Increase Newsletter Subscriptions
    Collecting contact details from website visitors is crucial for any business. When your visitors give you their contact details, it's the first yes on a "yes ladder" to eventually becoming your paying customers.
  • Five Key Email Automation Takeaways for Marketers
    Some marketers are reluctant to embrace email automation. Most holdouts think adoption and integration would be too complicated, too costly, or too much of a time commitment. But it needn't be any of those things.
  • 12 Tools to Help You Avoid PR and Marketing Workload Stressors
    Public relations and marketing professionals know how hard it is to keep on top of a never-ending workload. But we are living in the Digital Age, and we have access to tools for dealing with workload problems.
  • How Presentations Could Save Your Social Media Strategy
    Social media posts with visuals outperform text-only posts, and visual aids make presentations much more persuasive. So harness this power of images in social media by using presentations you've already created.
  • Five Tips for Effective 'Emotional Branding'
    As a marketer, you're selling a way to improve people's lives; to do that effectively, you have to make them feel—not just think—that you're the answer to their problem. Feeling is what emotional branding is about.
  • Six Mobile Marketing Predictions for 2015
    The US has finally caught up with global trends, and the mobile screen has become the primary screen. That fact will define not just the mobile landscape but also all digital media strategy in 2015.
  • Four Metrics to Track During Your Next Virtual Event
    Attendance alone does not determine an event's success, especially an online event's. Here are four types of metrics to help you measure overall effectiveness and success before, during, and after your next virtual event.
  • Four Ways Service Companies Can Convert More Customers via Email
    Service marketers—and others—can drive conversions using email with unique calls to action that grab attention in different ways and help turn an opt-in into an appointment.
  • Taking Your E-Commerce Business Global: Seven Localization Techniques With Commercial Impact
    At launch, few e-commerce sites intend to become a global business, but they soon start to receive inquiries and sales from abroad. With a bit of preparation, you can become a multinational retailer.
  • Product Placement as Effective Marketing Tool: 10 Tips for Successful Placement in TV or Film
    Until you've scored a great placement, you can't know the crazy and myriad ways it can help your brand.
  • Three Vital Steps for Effective Email Marketing
    Today, each email competes with thousands of digital, mobile, and social messages. It can seem nearly impossible for your email to stand out and get noticed. But you can cut through the clutter.
  • The Top 10 Keys to Writing Attention-Capturing Subject Lines
    All the great email content in the world isn't going to do your brand a bit of good if no one opens your emails. Which is why you need attention-grabbing headlines.
  • 10 Steps to a Successful Naming Workshop
    Naming agencies exist for a reason: Naming is an art. But if you approach it the way an agency would, you can have success doing it yourself. And the best way to start is to hold a naming workshop.
  • How to Make a Negative Review a Positive Experience
    Your first instinct on seeing a negative online review may be to immediately and vigorously defend your business. But don't overreact. You may well be able to turn the situation in your favor.
  • How to Align Your Company's Sales and Marketing Efforts in Eight Steps
    By nurturing appreciation for and creating expectations of each function's role, an organization can evolve into an aligned sales and marketing model.
  • How to Build an Instagram Influencer Campaign in Six Steps
    Discover how to identify, contact, and work with influential Instagram users for your own marketing campaigns.
  • Four Ways to Help Guest Writers Contribute Great Content for Your Company Blog
    A company's blog is no longer the voice of one person. It's the voice of many telling the story of your brand. How can you keep your blog current and on message using guest contributors? Start with these four fundamentals.
  • Marketing Accountability Is the Horse, Automation Is the Cart. Put Accountability First
    It's easy to get excited by all the sexy new marketing tools. But it is a mistake not to have addressed accountability before you address technology, including automation. So first follow these four steps.
  • Presentations Gone Wrong: Five Rules for Avoiding a Really Bad Presentation
    We've all heard presenters who apparently forgot that a tool such as PowerPoint is just a medium for re-enforcing what they have to say. Instead, text-laden slides take center stage—a classic (and costly) mistake.
  • Six Ways to Uncover What's Confusing Your Website Visitors and Dragging Conversions Down
    If you're responsible for generating sales and leads from your company's website, you know that one of the biggest culprits hurting conversion rates is visitor confusion. six ways you can uncover visitor confusion and improve your website performance.
  • What You Need to Do to Become a Thought Leader
    Let's take a look at three content delivery approaches you can use to launch a thought leadership campaign for yourself or the executives you advise.
  • How to Get the Most Out of Best-Practices in Audio Branding
    US marketers haven't tended to their audio brands—their distinct music-based identity—but their European competitors have been doing so for years.
  • How to Innovate Your Email Marketing: Unlock the Fourth Type of Campaign
    Innovation in email marketing is tied to the customer conversation. If marketers don't keep their end of the conversation up between purchase cycles, they risk becoming irrelevant or forgotten.
  • Five Email Mistakes Even the Experts Make
    Even the most experienced email marketers make mistakes—sometimes time and again. This article discusses five such mistakes and offers tips so you don't sacrifice your emails to the junk folder.
  • Five Steps to Creating a Video Marketing Strategy
    Whether you're new to using video to support your marketing program or you've been doing it for years, you won't find the success you seek unless you set a strategy to guide your activity.
  • Four Tips to Help You Avoid the Review and Approval Traffic Jam
    Never-ending rounds of review, revision, and approval push marketers' projects past deadlines, endangering campaign launch dates. Here's how marketing teams can get back in the fast lane.
  • Twitter Remarketing: What It Is and How to Use It to Target Audiences
    When Twitter remarketing is used alongside Twitter's already familiar Twitter Ads and Cards, Twitter marketers gain a powerful new ally.
  • How to Personalize Event Experiences by Using Data
    Event marketers can use data to plan more personalized events that appeal to attendees, boosting attendee satisfaction and retention, customer relationships, and return on event investment.
  • Always-On Marketing to the Always Connected: Five Ways to Tap Into Your Customers' Thinking
    Smartphones and tablets are changing our lives. We've never been more connected... and never has it been easier for us to share our thoughts, feelings, and opinions—or for marketers to collect them.
  • It's Now Possible to Call From Your Wrist. Marketers, Are You Keeping Up?
    Inbound phone calls convert at up to 10-15 times the rate of traditional Web clicks. Meanwhile, Apple, Google, Twitter, and Amazon recently released products or features that merge calls with multiscreen experiences. Here are five steps to help you deal with what's coming.
  • A Three-Step Guide to Mobile Messaging
    Consumers have made a dramatic shift toward mobile, and it's time that marketers finally do the same. These three steps will help you integrate mobile messaging into your marketing campaigns.
  • How to Construct a Content Machine (Even If You're Not a Natural-Born Writer)
    Here's a six-step process to dramatically increase the number and quality of your content pieces—in half the time it would otherwise take.
  • Localization Should Be a Forethought: Five Tips for Success
    Most global marketers have no strategy for multilingual content marketing. That's a dangerous oversight, because the economic potential of non-English-speaking markets is staggering. Here's how to plan for success.
  • Five Deadly Email Platform Migration Mistakes to Avoid
    Congrats, you're sending more email than ever, so it's time to consider a new email service provider. But migrating to a new platform can be tricky, and because email is a major driver of revenue, mistakes can be costly.
  • Digital Video Vital Signs: How Healthy Is Your Online Video Investment?
    As more video content moves online, marketers and brand managers grapple with this question: How do we monetize this investment? The answer lies in regularly checking these four vital signs and taking action accordingly.
  • Seven Content Marketing Tips for Media Pickup and Massive Exposure
    Unless you're a Fortune 500 company, mainstream and even industry media probably won't cover your acquisition, new hire, or other news. But you can use content marketing to break into popular news stories.
  • Outsourcing Your Content Creation: Agencies vs. Freelancers
    As marketers grapple with consistently producing high-quality content, many are turning to outsourcing to freelancers and agencies. But which is faster and more agile—and makes more sense for your budget?
  • How to Build an Influencer Marketing Strategy
    By encouraging influential people—bloggers, customers, thought leaders, journalists, consultants, experts—to talk about your products and to recommend them, you quickly score a unique advantage over your competitors.
  • Five Tips and Examples for Digital Marketing Success
    With every passing day, getting noticed by your audience is becoming more and more difficult. Being in the right place, at the right time, in front of the right people is about implementing the right tactics and ideas, including the following five.
  • Six Tactics for Successfully Marketing to Millennials
    Developing a Millennials-focused marketing strategy is a must: They are, after all, the largest generation by number and they already have enormous purchasing power. They also have unique generational characteristics that require a shift in tactics and strategy.
  • Why and When to Re-Evaluate Your B2B Brand Strategy
    Building and maintaining a strong brand require constant monitoring and nurturing. And, on occasion, brand strategy needs to be refined, rejuvenated, or entirely reset. In any event, standing still is not an option.
  • The Five Must-Have Traits of an Optimized Business Blog
    Content marketing's honeymoon is over. You can't just create good blog content and call it a day. You now have to consider the entire content experience you're giving your audiences, and for that you need an optimized blog.
  • Three Good Reasons Why Google Authorship Still Matters
    Google has decided to stop showing Authorship in search results, and so the interest in Authorship has dropped. No picture? No byline? What's the point? But there are still good reasons to use Authorship.
  • Five Ways to Take Advantage of the Extended Back-to-School Season
    Don't take down those back-to-school signs just yet, there's still work to be done. By scoping out styles before buying, Generation Z has stretched the back-to-school season weeks past its traditional stopping point.
  • How to Overcome the 'No Time to Create Content' Challenge
    How can you maximize content output in the minimum amount of time? The answer, it turns out, isn't particularly complex: Spend time only on content that works. The trick, of course, is figuring out what content will perform.
  • This Writing GPS Helps You Create Ridiculously Good Content
    To get the quality of your content to where you need it to be, you need a road map—or, better yet, a writing GPS of sorts that gets you from discombobulated thoughts to coherent, useful content that engages audiences.
  • How to Budget for Tradeshows and Events
    This handy guide breaks down the costs associated with exhibiting, from basic (stands and booths) to the cost of travel, day-of expenses, and entertainment of prospective clients and customers.
  • Five Ways to Maintain Credibility in Your Content Marketing
    Most people tend to trust non-salesy content that businesses post on their corporate, social, and other sites to educate prospects and customers. People may start out believing what you have to say, but that trust is both fragile and fleeting.
  • How to Apply a Startup Mentality to Significantly Improve Your Online Marketing
    Without huge marketing budgets or teams of people to help, startups had to be creative and efficient because capital has been hard to come by recently. Businesses large or small can benefit from their approach.
  • Five Branding Characteristics That Connect With Women (Without Losing the Men)
    The branding and design of packaging, seasonal retail themes, product attributes, and so on don't merely have to engage women—they need to do it without losing the men.
  • Do Your New Products Have Real Competitive Advantages?
    How can you make sure your new product programs have the right kinds of competitive advantage? You need to think big—and "outside the box." So follow these steps for a greater probability of success.
  • Seven Tips to Increase Your Email Deliverability
    Being able to efficiently create, send, and track email campaigns that work takes trial and error and lots of practice. These tips will help you get the most out of your email marketing efforts.
  • Three Ways to Have Fun With Your Marketing (Even If You Have a 'Boring' Brand)
    Marketers should be having fun, and their audiences should be having fun, too. Because fun is good for business.
  • 11 Steps to Build an Internal Marketing Academy
    Colleges rarely teach analytics, automation, content, email, mobile, social, and other critical skills in depth. What is your organization doing to build a modern marketing team—and differentiate through talent?
  • How to Close the Gap Between Sales and Marketing
    Most sales and marketing teams continue to operate out of alignment. They questions each other's skills and commitment to the job. They fight over the quality of the leads. But it doesn't have to be that way.
  • Marketing Ops Is Now a Must-Have: The Six A's of Marketing Performance Management
    With the proliferation of marketing automation tools and increased pressure from the C-Suite to prove the value of Marketing, marketing ops management is gaining traction; for all but the smallest organizations, it is now a "must have."
  • Top Website Best-Practices to Boost Your SEO
    Implementing these best-practices (and periodically revisiting them to ensure that everything is running smoothly) can make a serious impact on search impressions, traffic, and rankings.
  • What You Need to Know About Optimizing Video for Mobile
    Your top-of-funnel videos are designed for broad reach, but if the content doesn't load quickly, or if it isn't optimized for mobile, you don't get a chance to impress your audience. You're skipped over. End of story.
  • Mobile SEM: Vital for Mobile Marketing and Your Online Success
    Young and old alike have their eyes glued to their mobile phones. Some companies haven't caught on yet that this new behavior is an important marketing opportunity. Here's how you can take advantage of it.
  • Shopping for an Email Service Provider? Six Tips for Optimizing the RFP Process
    Considering switching email service providers? It's possible to get to the short list faster—or skipping the RFP altogether—saving you time and money. How? By optimizing your RFP process with these six tips.
  • How to Develop Rapport With Influencers via Social Media
    The influencers in your niche are probably receiving hundreds of friendly requests a day. The trick behind successful outreach is to stand out and catch the intended party's attention—and maintain it.
  • What the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Can Teach Us About Content Marketing
    The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has turned into a viral phenomenon—and a case study for marketers looking to capture audiences' attention. Here's what it can teach us (or remind us) about content marketing.
  • Nine Ways to Improve Your Email Deliverability
    Email marketing is like driving a car, right? You don't need to know how it all works, you just use it. Except when it breaks down... and then you wish you knew more! So let's take a look under the hood of email delivery.
  • How SMB B2B Marketers Can Improve Lead Turnover by Using Big Company Tactics
    These tips provide a framework for scaling lead generation strategies as overall business objectives evolve. They also constitute a coordinated, measurable effort that can result in a dramatic pipeline uplift.
  • Five Ways Marketers Can Benefit From Online Reviews
    Online reviews and other feedback mechanisms can be used to improve nearly all parts of a business, from the quantitative (like higher ROI) to the qualitative (like building trust). Here are five ways to start making reviews work for you.
  • In the Content Marketing Kingdom, Third-Party Experts Rule
    The implied endorsement of third-party experts holds much more weight than anything a company can say about itself. Learn where to find those experts, how to woo them, and how to make the most of their reviews.
  • Small YouTube Special Features You've Wrongfully Ignored
    These might not be the most popular video features or the most talked-about options, but they can give your video that extra something it needs to stand out from among the rest and increase engagement and CTR.
  • Using Video in Your Email Marketing
    A clear call to action (CTA) in email is as vital to ensuring click-throughs as the subject line is to ensuring opens, and video is the king of CTAs.
  • The Best Path to the Inbox: From Decision to Delivery
    Marketers must have a full grasp of not only which message to send to whom and at what point but also how to get their messages into the recipients' inbox in the first place.
  • How to Influence Customer Behavior by Making Your Ideas Stick
    Change is tough. That's why most people resist it at all costs. So, how do you get people to change an ingrained behavior, such as switching from a competitor's product to yours?
  • How to Build a Blogging Content Studio
    We've constructed an efficient and repeatable process for producing and promoting remarkable blog content. These hard-won tips are derived from a lot of trial and error: We've stumbled in the dark so you don't have to.
  • To Meet Tomorrow's Marketing Challenges, You Need These People on Your Team Today
    How marketing and creative content is consumed is changing on a daily basis. To succeed, the marketing teams of the future will have to keep up with trends shaping how businesses market to their audiences.
  • How I Raised My Klout Score From Less Than 18 to More Than 43 in Less Than 90 Days
    If you have ever wanted to be considered an influencer—and in the process get a better understanding of your audiences on social media—a good way of doing so would be to create and grow your Klout profile.
  • Why Your Web Copy Is Missing the Mark (and How You Can Fix It)
    Writing for a website is different from other kinds of writing. If you are new to writing online copy, you have to learn what works and what doesn't, and you have to learn fast. This article can help.
  • How to Get Your Creative Team's Credibility Back
    Creative teams are under intense pressure to consistently deliver high-quality work on time. Even one missed deadline can erode trust. Here's how to make sure that doesn't happen.
  • Community Trolls: Types, Motivations, and Solutions
    Understanding causation—including the underlying motivation of various troll types—and the impact trolls seek and have on other people, is essential to understanding how best to handle them.
  • The New Anti-Spam Law in Canada: A Primer for Email Marketers
    If you're a marketer in North America, you likely send email to recipients in Canada. New commercial email regulations are being introduced there, and to avoid trouble... you'd best understand the new law.
  • When Being Banned Becomes a Big Win: Four Lessons From Beats by Dre
    Turning a negative into a brand goldmine is something every company would want. The 2014 World Cup ban on Beats by Dre headphones—and the brand's victory despite the setback—holds some important lessons.
  • Has Google Penalized Your Website? SEO Can Help
    Being the recipient of Google's algorithmic wrath can result in a penalty that makes your site virtually invisible to searchers, undermining your ability to reach your audience and effectively eliminating your potential to establish a digital presence.
  • 10 Marketing Lessons From the World Cup
    There are lessons for all marketers in these 10 marketing plays that helped the 2014 World Cup become the most watched in history.
  • Eight Ways to Rock Your Media Marketing
    Accessibility to media, and how technology has changed what that looks like, is something many marketing organizations are not taking into account. Here are ways to take advantage of the new realities of media.
  • Guest Blogging: From Overused Loophole to Untapped Opportunity
    SEO hearts fell when Google's Matt Cutts published his "The decay and fall of guest blogging for SEO." But Cutts was doing everyone a favor—and guest posting remains a cost-effective way to generate inbound leads.
  • Five Quick Tips for Marketing Automation Success
    Having just completed a 60-day marketing automation implementation process, I want to share some lessons learned.
  • From Demand Generation to Revenue Generation: How to Become a Revenue-Driven Marketer
    The writing is on the wall: Either demonstrate how Marketing will contribute to the company's top-line revenue growth... or be prepared to change careers.
  • How to Build New Revenue in Your Account Base
    Marketers often miss revenue opportunities hiding in plain sight in their customer base. Here's how to take advantage of them.
  • It's a New Brand World: 14 Things You Need to Know About Marketing Communications Today
    What does it take to work successfully as a marketing communications professional in today's world?
  • The Sound of Silence: Why Your Content Gets Ignored
    What you might consider relevant and witty content sometimes simply doesn't get traction. It could be the most insightful blog post you've ever written, but it does not get a response. What went wrong?
  • Four Ways to Give Your Website That Local Flavor All Over the World
    Your website is your storefront to the world. If you want to reach targeted locales around the globe, you need to localize your site to meet your audiences' unique needs—and there's more to it than translation.
  • Three Ways to Visually Present Information (Without Spending a Fortune)
    Why can we watch three movies in a day but we're barely able to manage three books in a week—or a month? Humans are wired for visualization. We can more easily make sense of visual info than text.
  • 'Be the Best Answer': Four Steps to Developing Winning Content
    If you can constantly create content that adds value to the lives of your audience, then prospects and customers alike will see you as their first—and best—resource.
  • 10 Ways to Challenge Amazon's Dominance
    Here are five things Amazon is doing that your business isn't—and five things you can do that Amazon doesn't.
  • Three Simple Tactics to Increase Customer Loyalty
    A rock-solid reputation, a remarkable product, and a price the market believes is fair will get you only halfway toward loyal, repeat buyers. Here's what else you need...
  • Surprise, Delight... Then What? Five Tips to Keep the Customer Experience Momentum Going
    Here's how you can engage your customers, provide them with proactive service, personalize their experience, and go the extra mile for them.
  • Automation: How Marketing Can Sync With Sales
    Here's how marketing automation (along with an old-school method) can sync Marketing and Sales to drive revenues.
  • Four Tips to Accelerate Sales Through the B2B Content Funnel
    Does your content do most of the selling for your company? It should. But if it doesn't, your problem may be rooted in not having a content strategy that mirrors an effective sales funnel.
  • Is Facebook Still Cool? And for Marketers, Does It Matter?
    For brands, the question remains: If Facebook is no longer "cool"—but young people are still using it—what should marketers be doing with the channel?
  • 10 Ways to Boost Your Google AdWords Search Ads Right Now
    Implementing these 10 tips to boost AdWords search network ads can make a significant difference in your click-through rate, Quality Score, and campaign ROI.
  • How to Engage With Facebook Fans to Build a Successful Nonprofit
    You can find scores of articles about how to grow a Facebook following... But what if you've already achieved that? How do you engage with tens of thousands of social media fans to build a more successful organization?
  • How to Be the Worst Email Marketer in 10 Easy Steps
    First of all, good news, being the worst email marketer is a lot easier than being the best, but it still involves some work on your part. So here you go: 10 email marketing worst-practices you can emulate—or avoid. It's up to you.
  • Four AdWords Mistakes That Drag Your CTR Down
    Marketers make these four common mistakes that drag down their AdWords clickthrough rate. But you can write ads that get two, even three times the average CTR. Here's how.
  • Four Surefire Ways to Fail at Tradeshow Marketing
    To avoid having your tradeshow exhibit become a tradeshow apocalypse, don't make these this four fatal tradeshow exhibiting mistakes.
  • Eight Ways to Find Out Whether Your Analytics Team Is Effective
    Whatever type of data puzzle you’re trying to solve, you need an analytics team—whether internal or external—to make sense of the trends and patterns in your data. But how do you know your team is effective?
  • Seven Small Online-Conversion Details That Make a Big Difference
    Often, people think the more grandiose the idea for improving their website, the better their conversion rates will be. The truth is that most conversion increases come from changes to small, overlooked details.
  • The Skinny on PR and How to Make It Work for You
    To help you navigate the world of PR in today's world, here’s a road map to understanding its contours and features—along with tips on how to get some of that PR yourself.
  • The High Cost of 'Free': Four Types of Free Offers and How to Calculate Their Cost to Marketers
    "Free" for customers is never free for marketers. There are always expenses to be paid for free offers or giveaways. And those costs are often higher than marketers anticipate.
  • Five Video Conference Horror Stories and How to Avoid Them Yourself
    A video conference is an excellent way to communicate information to clients and colleagues—as quickly and efficiently as possible. But people sometimes forget they’re professional events... leading to embarrassing and unprofessional gaffes.
  • Three Questions Nonprofits Should Not Ignore
    One of the keys to having a successful nonprofit is to ask pointed questions about your organization and to respond with truthful answers. It's better to see problems and fix them than to bury your head in the sand and risk permanent failure.
  • How to Manage Your Virtual Workforce
    Deploying a team of remote employees can help companies increase productivity, boost morale, and achieve substantial cost savings. However, managing those workers can be extremely challenging.
  • A Brief Guide to Exhibiting at Tradeshows
    Merely hoping your exhibition goes well is much different from planning everything down to the last detail. So here's a "Quick, Easy-to-Remember Exhibition-Planning Checklist" to make sure your effort pays off.
  • How to Share Content Responsibly and Avoid Putting Your Organization at Risk
    You love sharing content—from articles and videos to posts and photos—across the Web and with colleagues. Chances are, though, you're spreading copyright-protected material—and increasing your risk of infringement.
  • Hyper-Personalization? Forget the 'Hyper' and Just Be Personal
    Hyper-personalization is the latest buzzword—as if it's no longer enough to be personal... you have to add some hyperbole to it. What you really need to do is engage in conversation with leads and customers.
  • How Brands Can Reach New, Younger Audiences With Social Media Branding
    Older brands that have been deeply entrenched in conventional marketing plans for years, sometimes decades, often have difficulty wrapping their heads around how to begin crafting a powerful online strategy.
  • The Right Video Content for Your Brand
    To draw attention to your brand, video footage must visually engage viewers and provide them with meaningful information. Here's how to get the most out of stock video.
  • What Every Marketer Should Know About Print Design
    Print marketing works best when designers and marketers can easily work together. So both need to know at least the basics of each other's craft. Here are print design essentials that all marketers should keep in mind.
  • Twerk Your Content: Drive Viral Distribution of Your B2B Content Using Advocates and Influencers
    Conventional wisdom has it that B2B content is workman-like: stolid, dependable, and certainly not as sexy as its B2C counterpart. So is it nevertheless possible to make B2B content twerk, not just work?
  • How to Develop a Mutually Beneficial Relationship With Sales
    Marketing and sales teams function best when in sync, but too often the two are opposed. If that's how it is at your company, here are six ways to change the unhealthy paradigm.
  • Multichannel Marketing in E-Commerce: Critical Today
    No longer is SEO the main tactic for e-commerce marketing. Online merchants now have numerous ways for connecting with and selling to customers. The future of e-commerce is multichannel marketing.
  • Five Components of Measuring Return on Customer Engagement
    Before embarking on a return on customer engagement strategy, you must implement these five key components to ensure relevant, timely, and accurate measurement—ultimately, of future business performance.
  • Are You Wasting Your Time on Twitter? Four Ways to Make It Count
    You've sent your tweet out into the giant black hole that's the Twitter stream. Now what? Is the time you devote to marketing via Twitter paying off? If so, how? Here's how to make sure you get more out of Twitter.
  • Improve Success by Adopting These Three KPI Categories
    Outdoor sports are in full swing, and even athletes who aren't planning to compete are honing their workouts. Which made me realize that three key metrics categories we apply in sports also apply to marketing.
  • Four Steps to AdWords Call Tracking
    How can you make sure that search engine marketing is driving business to you? The next evolution in SEM—call tracking—will improve your paid search conversion rate and maximize efficiency.
  • Requiem for a Lead: How to Focus on the Most Important KPI
    As marketers have been under more pressure to prove ROI on their efforts, leads have been an easy KPI to measure. Unfortunately, leads don't always lead to revenue, which is of course the most important KPI for any business.
  • Is Your Website Dead or Just Sleeping? A Vital Six-Point Checklist for Your Site
    You've asked for a yearend report on your website, and you don't like what you see. Turn things around by giving your creative and digital teams productive goals. Here are six simple fixes to wake up your site.
  • Four Email Marketing Tips to Help You Get the Most Out of Gmail
    Gmail has been making lots of waves lately: priority inboxes, promotions tabs... Every new release seems intended to make life harder for email marketers. But if we'd stop complaining for a minute, we'd see a host of hidden opportunities.
  • LeBron James's Five Keys to Marketing Success
    LeBron James is one of the greatest basketball players ever. Even when his natural ability reaches its limit, he continues to improve by using simple principles that can be directly applied to your marketing efforts.
  • Four Ways to Make Sure Structure Unleashes Your Creativity
    Creative marketers worry that organization, structure, and process take away from time that could be spent creating. But without structure and processes in place, you lose more time than you gain.
  • How All the Cool Kids Are Using Social Media to Achieve Business Goals
    Remember the cool kids in school who stayed ahead of trends? Back then, catching up seemed impossible. Today, your cool peers are using social media in cool ways, but the good news is that you can, too!
  • Four Ways CMOs (and All Marketers) Can Get Closer to the Customer Voice
    Asking for customer input isn't enough to ensure candid feedback in the post-Snowden era. So how can you make your customers comfortable enough to be honest with you?
  • How You Can Generate More Qualified Leads With Google AdWords and Call Tracking
    Google AdWords is undoubtedly a viable medium for attracting qualified leads. But to fully take advantage of the opportunity, you need to track and monitor for both online and offline conversions.
  • Eight Ways to Capture Your Readers' Attention (and Keep Them Coming Back!)
    Businesses should create content for what really matters—the person who could convert and pay for a product or service offered by the content creator. These tips will help you create a solid content marketing strategy.
  • Bricks and Mortar and Mobile: How to Take Advantage of an Unrealized Opportunity
    Most customers enter your store with a secret weapon in their pocket—a smartphone—and plenty of them use that smartphone while shopping. How can you capitalize on consumers' in-store mobile use?
  • A Quick (but Thorough) Guide to YouTube Optimization
    Want to drive more traffic to your YouTube videos? Here are seven steps for getting your videos seen on the third most-visited website in the world.
  • 10 Effective Social Media Posts in 10 Minutes or Less
    Some workdays, you have so much to juggle that you just need a quick, easy way to post to your social networks. These 10 ideas can keep your social channels full of relevant, timely, and useful content—fast!
  • How Buyers Buy... and Four Ways You Can Help Them Choose You
    Buyers are busier, they have more choices, and they are better informed than ever. So, what are companies that are bringing in new customers and growing their accounts doing different from the rest?
  • Five Ways to Take Advantage of Mobile Advertising During the World Cup
    Sports audiences are particularly receptive to marketing. Here's how to reach the audience of the world's most popular sporting event, the FIFA World Cup, which is right around the corner.
  • A Seven-Item Checklist for Measurable Marketing in the Digital Age
    Here's a little secret: Almost all digital communication is actually measurable (direct) marketing. And, if done correctly, it will fatten the bottom line. Here's how to do it correctly.
  • How CMOs and CIOs Can Collaborate to Win: Lessons From the Fox and the Hedgehog
    Increasingly, IT must turn Marketing's data into something more valuable and measurable for the enterprise. At the same time, in this age of the customer, Marketing is directing more technology.
  • Eight Ways to Qualify Leads via Webinar Content and Registrant Behavior
    Webinars give marketers a unique opportunity both to interact with prospective clients and to qualify leads based on real-time behavior. Here's how you can tap into the power of webinars.
  • If A/B Testing Can Help Win Elections, What Can It Do for Your Business?
    The director of analytics on the 2008 Obama campaign offers actionable insights to help retailers optimize their sales by running website experiments that help them deliver a better experience to visitors
  • Six Newbie Tips for Running a Successful Facebook Timeline Promotion
    If you're a newcomer to Facebook marketing, the good news is that a successful promotion can land you hundreds of fans—and plenty of leads. Here's how to run an effective, popular promotion on Facebook.
  • Make Hidden Persuaders Work for You: Aroma, Music, Color, Font
    Hidden persuaders influence what products are bought and how customers rate the shopping experience. Here's how those persuaders work—and how you can make them work for you.
  • Localize Marketing Campaigns to Get ROI on Global Events
    Marketing during global-scale sporting events, when target markets encompass a wide spectrum of cultures and languages, marketers need to make sure their campaigns take into account the nuances created by a multinational audience.
  • Your Social Marketing: Five Tips to Avoid Becoming Like an Episode of 'The Walking Dead'
    If you want to survive in the new world of social media sales and marketing, here are five handy tips to make sure your social efforts don't look like the walking dead.
  • How the Information Age Killed Public Relations... and What You Can Do About It
    The original flavor of PR is dying, and we're in the process of watching a whole new era of marketing rise from the ashes.
  • Why You Need a CRO Culture in Your Business... and How to Build It
    Conversion rate optimization is having a moment in the sun because it uses a resource you already have—website traffic—to drive additional growth at little additional cost.
  • Five Steps to Effective and Affordable Small Business Content Marketing
    If you approach content marketing thoughtfully and strategically, you can find ways to get more for less.
  • Five SEO Tips for Global Marketers
    If you want to boost your website traffic overseas, you need a localized strategy for each market. Here are five SEO tips to keep in mind during that localization process.
  • Find the Right Imagery for Social Media Branding
    Selecting the right images for social media requires some serious thought. Brands that skimp on the quality of their images risk lowering their brand's appeal.
  • Three Ways to Use Videos to Maximize Your LinkedIn Marketing and Lead Generation
    If video is good for business (and it is), and if LinkedIn is good for business (and it is), then combining the two makes perfect sense. Here are three ways to make that combo work for your B2B organization.
  • Three Ways to Use Feedback Surveys to Maximize Business Effectiveness
    See how you can use a feedback survey to maximize effectiveness in relation to employees, customers, and events. Also, read two brief case studies of businesses that simplified their work with feedback surveys.
  • How to Use Mobile Technology to Improve Sales and Marketing Alignment
    The strongest-performing companies bring Marketing and Sales together. But, in today's fast-paced environment, keeping the sales team up to date and aligned with marketing is tougher than ever. But there's hope.
  • Three Email Marketing Improvement Challenges for 2014
    With the first quarter of the year behind us, what will you do to maximize email marketing's contribution to your bottom line from here on out? I encourage you to try these program-level objectives.
  • Big Data: The Secret to Revenue Creation [Infographic]
    No reason for Marketing to fear Big Data. Just determine what information is most beneficial for marketing activities and which is most helpful to Sales. Then play nice together. Here are some ideas on how...
  • Scheduling Success: Why Your Meetings Are Interfering With Productivity
    Meetings can waste irreplaceable time. To be more productive, consider these invaluable tips to keep the length as well as number of meetings to a minimum.
  • Why the Future of Digital Marketing Is Pure PR
    Savvy digital marketers who use the methodologies of public relations in a sustained and strategic manner across the board can reap a potential world of benefits.
  • Social Video Marketing: Create Conversations and Build Customer Loyalty
    Social video marketing can encourage prospects and customers to help get your message out and reach a wider audience. Here are some easy ways to get started.
  • Top 10 Tips for Using a Celebrity Spokesperson
    We live in a celebrity-obsessed world. No wonder spokespersons are used to promote events, increase product sales, and generate publicity for marketing programs. As you plan your next marketing effort, keep in mind these top 10 tips for using a spokesperson.
  • So You've Got Thousands of Social Media Followers. Big Deal.
    Measuring your social media communities purely by the numbers doesn't really count for much. What does count is how engaged your connections are with you, your ideas, and your discussions.
  • Six Lessons From an Ambitious Content Marketing Project
    Content marketing is going to become an increasingly important component of virtually every company's overall marketing program.
  • Build Customer Loyalty With Rewards and Other Tactics That Motivate
    The digital age has changed how buyers research and buy products. An online rewards program can be a powerful way to reach buyers over and over, helping build a new kind of loyalty toward brands old and new.
  • How to Turn Negative Social Media Into a Positive
    How can companies appropriately respond to negative social media comments? That is what this article explores, also providing you with a few examples of how some companies have actually turned negative social media into positive PR.
  • Your Five-Point Mobile Marketing Checklist
    With so many options available to mobile marketers, where do you start? Is SMS still relevant? How about mobile search? Or banner ads and video? Focus on these five key smartphone choices for the rest of 2014.
  • Eight Secrets of Success With LinkedIn PPC Ads
    If implemented correctly, LinkedIn pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can be a high-volume lead source at a low cost per lead. It is similar to Google AdWords paid search, but it can be more targeted and it is more specific to B2B.
  • For True Brand Loyalty, Build Contextual Marketing Strategy Into Your Brand: Part 2
    Part 2 covers customer-experience-driven comparative advantages and targeted deployment—the tactical execution of communicating a brand's value proposition and unlocking competitive advantages.
  • Marketing Lessons From March Madness: Go Deep Young Team!
    Marketing and basketball teams have traits in common. Though individual superstars account for some wins single-handedly, the teams that go deep in the NCAA Tournament year after year are those that play as a cohesive unit.
  • Develop Your Brand Voice: Three Keys to Killer Messaging
    Here are three tips to consider when crafting messaging so you can pique interest, create a relationship, and stand out from your competition.
  • Five Important Lessons: How Social Media Is Like a Garden
    To cultivate a flourishing social media presence, here are five things you need to do.
  • Content Management Essentials: Strategy and Reuse
    Content development has many facets. Two that are often ignored are content strategy and the reuse of content.
  • Three Ways I've Had to Change as a Marketing Manager
    Through the years I've watched marketing adapt to technology, the Internet, and two-second attention spans. I've also spent much time thinking about how to adapt to effectively manage my teams.
  • How to Craft the Perfect Email Subject Line
    Scientific studies can tell you which words appear with the most frequency in successful email campaigns... but to create a compelling subject line, a simple strategy sometimes works best.
  • Eight Secrets of Agile Marketing
    What on Earth can marketers learn from programmers? At first glance, the answer might seem to be "nothing," but my experience tells me otherwise.
  • Four Tips for Conducting Your Own Restaurant Marketing
    In today's competitive restaurant market, having great food and service is no longer enough: You also need great marketing. Here are four tips to make sure the time you spend doing your own restaurant marketing really pays off.
  • For True Brand Loyalty, Build Contextual Marketing Strategy Into Your Brand: Part 1
    No question about it, brand loyalty is down since the recession. To fight that trend, marketers have been using short-term tactics—with diminishing results. Something different is needed.
  • Seven Dead Ends on Your Website--and How to Fix Them Today
    Is your site sending traffic down one-way or dead-end streets? Are there places where your user flow completely stops? Sadly, most websites are filled with dead ends—and huge missed opportunities...
  • Growth-Hack Your Business With $0
    Budgets are marketing's biggest myth. If you're running your marketing programs right, your budget shouldn't even matter. It should be uncapped. Get started immediately with the following four critical tips.
  • 10-Step B2B Customer Satisfaction Survey Pre-Survey Checklist
    The better you plan your B2B customer satisfaction survey, the more you'll get out of it. Done properly, the survey should be a significant source of additional revenue rather than a chore.
  • How to Get to the Heart of Customer Experience
    If customer retention is a top priority for you, and you haven't embarked on a customer experience mapping initiative, you need to get on it! Here are five key steps you need to take to create your customer experience map.
  • Seven Traits of an Effective Marketing Leader
    Developing a productive environment where marketing team members can do their best work even under stressful deadlines is a true leadership skill. But how does one create an environment where creativity can grow and productivity is king?
  • Six Tips to Get Your Customers Talking About Your Brand at the Dinner Table
    Competitive advantage these days demands customer-centricity. The more customers your organizations can engage meaningfully—especially those who care enough to tell you how to do things better—the better off you'll be.
  • Stop Focusing on Automation and Take a Look at Content: Seven Steps to Get You Started
    To reap the proclaimed benefits of marketing automation, marketers have to shift their focus from technology to the creation of personalized, segmented, and customized content matched to customers' needs.
  • Little Data vs. Big Data: Nine Types of Data and How They Should Be Used
    The solution to marketing and business problems—and the identification of strategic opportunities—often lies in the realm of Little Data, not Big Data.
  • Six Tips for Mobile-Optimized Email Marketing
    Consumers are demanding mobile-optimized emails, and businesses need to adjust their content and tactics accordingly. Those that don't adapt to meet this new customer demand are fated to fall behind.
  • 16 Podcast Hosting Tips I Learned From Marketing Smarts
    These are the podcasting lessons I've learned after hosting 40 episodes of the Marketing Smarts podcast.
  • You Need to Add Video to Your Personal Branding Strategy
    Video is the future of personal branding. It's your best opportunity to stand out from the pack and increase your influence.
  • Avoid the Museum of Dead Content: What to Do When Web Content Expires
    Nothing sends potential customers away faster than dead content. But how do you find it—then remove it—without disrupting the flow of marketing work and causing the SEO manager's blood pressure to spike?
  • Six Must-Have Traits of a Social Media Manager
    You're at the point of social media burnout, so you've decided it's about time your business had a dedicated social media manager. Good move. But what skills, traits, and experience should an effective social media manager have?
  • Guide the New Buyer's Journey With Marketing Automation
    Marketing automation serves many purposes, but its biggest advantage is in enabling marketers to tailor their activities to the customer's buying process—which has changed dramatically in the past few years.
  • Everything I Learned About Marketing Came From Comedy, Part 2: Improv
    Part 2 of this two-part article series outlines more ways that comedy—in this case, improvisation—can help us become better marketers and connect more easily with our audiences.
  • International Marketing: Three Steps to Muy Bueno
    Expanding into new markets abroad is never as easy as "translation." Instead, the key is "localization"—adapting a product or service and your marketing to conform to the language, culture, and legal and technical requirements of a country.
  • Five Traits of Guest Content That Audiences (and Editors) Can Actually Use
    Guest article or post submissions can be a great asset to a publication, but they can also be an excuse for bad content to slip through the cracks. Here's what makes for the best guest content.
  • Nine Easy Ideas on How to Perform Behavioral Segmentation
    Today's key to subscriber engagement is personalized and relevant email content. Behavioral segmentation is one of the best ways of reaching your target audience and sending exactly what they want.
  • Five Must-Have Insights for Better PPC Campaign Performance
    In data-driven marketing channels, such as paid search, having the most relevant and recent data possible is vital, because you're competing in real time (usually with real budget constraints) for clicks.
  • Social Media: Your External SEO 'Plugin'
    In the entire scheme of search engine optimization, social media has a useful role to play, one that compliments the internal and external factors of a search friendly website.
  • Understand How Buyers Buy: Marketing With the 'Buying Center' Concept [Infographic]
    Market segmentation and customer insights are only part of what you need to enter the competitive market. You need to take your marketing to the next level.
  • Five SEO Steps to Take Before Redesigning Your Site
    Many companies attempt website redesigns to boost their search engine optimization. In reality, though, redesigns can have a negative impact on prior SEO achievements. Luckily, you can take steps to negate losses.
  • New Internet Domain Extensions: Don't Get Blinded by the Sunrise or Run Over by the Landrush
    The oldest, most basic form of online navigation (think .com, .org, .net, etc.) is getting overhauled. New generic top-level domains—.app, .sports, .club, .healthcare, and many more—have already begun to launch.
  • Know Thy Customer: Strategies for Using Big Data to Enhance the Customer Experience
    Marketers have long collected and analyzed data to enhance customer experience and boost sales. But Big Data poses new challenges. Here are some ways of capitalizing on it to improve customer experience.
  • How to Hire the Best Marketers for Your Marketing Team
    Every great marketer doesn't need to have every single skill or trait. Rather, it's the mix of each marketer's skills, experience, and traits blended with those of others on your team that produces success. But here are the traits that the best marketers have in common.
  • Five Content Curation Mistakes B2B Marketers Are Making
    Marketers simply can't create enough original, quality content for each channel every day, which is why many rely on content curation. But, all too often, it's not done well. Avoid these five mistakes if you want to provide value to your audience.
  • Proper and Improper Use of QR Codes: 10 Great Examples of Each
    There are proper and improper ways to use QR codes—which, when used correctly, are marketing marvels. Here are 10 of the worst, and best, examples of QR code use.
  • Are You Doing Email Wrong? Just Four Steps to Increase Sales
    Effective follow-up equals more sales, yet most businesses do not follow up enough with prospects. Drip email marketing allows you to easily follow up as much as you want via automated emails.
  • Three Must-Have Internal Metrics for Productive Marketing Teams
    How should productivity be measured? Here are three types of internal marketing metrics you should be tracking to help ensure greater effectiveness, efficiency, and predictability for your marketing team.
  • Spend and Strategize Wisely to Increase Your Organic Reach on Facebook
    Embracing these tactics can extend your reach on Facebook, engage your audience, and drive revenue from your Facebook marketing—despite recent News Feed changes.
  • How and When to Start Marketing Your Product: Four Steps to Follow
    Don't get hung up on where and when to start your marketing program. These four steps are easy to follow. And if you get them right, you will be well on your way to success.
  • Five Approaches for Making Sense of the Data Kaleidoscope
    Marketers have access to more data than ever before, so the ability to identify data patterns and use that information to make strategic decisions is vital for success.
  • Five Tips for Creating Videos That Build Brand and Drive Sales
    Regardless of form or viewing device, video is an ideal medium to engage, inform, and entertain prospective buyers and clients. Here's what you need to know to get in on the action.
  • Avoid an Online Crisis: Four Key Tips to Prevent Social Media Mistakes
    Although some people believe there's no such thing as bad publicity, most businesses would prefer to stay out of the spotlight of a social media mistake.
  • Determining Subscriber Value: What's an Email List Member Worth?
    Here are some approaches to assigning subscriber value even if you can't clearly attribute revenue by channel. You'll learn how to determine what each email subscriber is worth to your business.
  • 10 Commandments for Getting the Most Out of Your Naming Firm
    You bit the bullet and decided to hire a naming firm for your next branding initiative. You researched and you vetted, and you picked a firm that feels like a good match. A lot is riding on this. So now what?
  • How Klout Can Guide Your Online Marketing Strategy
    If you are a services professional of any kind, or you market for a services firm, here are five steps to take to improve you influence and the ROI of your online and social media efforts.
  • Three Ways to Increase Your Nonprofit's Social Media Engagement
    No matter how big or small, your nonprofit can improve its social media results by doing these three things.
  • The Most Important Element for Increasing Leads and Sales
    The "consumerization" of B2B marketing is about reducing friction at all customer touchpoints. B2B vendors need to learn from friction-reducing techniques of consumer goods firms and retailers.
  • Sweep Up More Fans With These Three Tactics
    Using well-executed sweepstakes promotions, drawings, and contests to reach fans can increase the likelihood that members of your audience will share with their friends—AKA, your future audience.
  • How Content Marketing Took the World to the Moon, and What It Teaches Us Today
    The greatest story never told (until now) about content as a marketing tool is that it helped to deliver humans to the moon in the late 1960s and early 1970s.
  • How a Local Business Can Do Better Online in Five Easy Steps
    Learn how to set up a Google+ Local account, where besides Google you can find local customers, what offline marketing tactics to use to spur online activity, and why every local biz needs a social marketing plan.
  • Rethink Your Branding to Create Crazy Love From Customers
    Emotions are powerful, and your customers cannot make buying decisions without them. To take your brand from good to ridiculously amazing, focus your marketing on building emotional connections with customers.
  • Six Work Lessons Marketing Pros Can Learn From Social Media Best-Practices
    We can learn plenty by observing how people use social media—and those lessons can apply to how we function as marketers at our places of work.
  • LinkedIn Showcase Pages: Target Your Content
    In contrast to LinkedIn's Company Pages, its Showcase Pages are focused on one aspect of your business. The idea is to create a dedicated space for your prominent brands, products, and other initiatives, allowing people to follow the page for related content.
  • Social Media Contests: Five Do's and Five Don'ts
    Social media contests are a great way to promote your company, and they can create customers for life. But not all companies have successful experiences with contests. For best results, follow these do's and don'ts.
  • Five Native Advertising Tips From a Case Study
    Based on a recent successful campaign, here are five ways to make sure you get good results from your native advertising efforts.
  • Seven Ways to Awe Your Audience With the Element of Surprise
    An unexpected twist in your marketing can gain you the spotlight and your audience's attention. But how do you add the element of surprise to your marketing without going too far and tarnishing your image?
  • Hey, Social Media! Everything I Learned About Marketing Came From Comedy
    Comedy can teach marketers a lot about marketing. From finding your tribe to being more human, all comedy is great marketing in action! This article summarizes some of the most important lessons.
  • Six Public Speaking Tips That Help Your Marketing, Too
    Using some of the concepts that have the power to make or break your public address, you can dramatically transform the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. The best part? You never have to give a speech to do it.
  • Take Advantage of the Biggest Mobile Trends in 2014 to Engage Your Audience
    Make the most of the evolving mobile marketing and advertising landscape to foster better brand awareness and growth, engage customers, and create loyal fans.
  • Five Tips to Enhance Your Call to Action
    A good call to action is a lot more than just a link. Rarely will you get someone to follow your CTA simply by asking them. So use these lessons learned from the world of direct mail to enhance your calls to action and get people to respond.
  • Five Content Marketing Takeaways From Ron Burgundy
    "Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues" has earned high praise for breaking new ground in marketing. It owes much of its success to great content—and great content strategy. Here are five lessons to take away.
  • The Five Data Management Practices B2B Marketers Are Overlooking
    Marketers know that good data management is critical to the success of their lead generation programs. Still, many fail to ensure that their contact databases are as accurate, complete, and up to date as possible.
  • Results-Driven Marketing Creative in Four Steps, Part 4: Matching the Lead Gen Process
    Creative needs to go through one last stage (after briefing, concepting, and the selecting of the right medium) before it can deliver measurable results: It has to match the step-by-step lead generation process.
  • Destroy Your Website in 13 Easy Steps
    Here are easy ways to choke off traffic to your website, kill leads, and push your stats into the basement. They're listed in general order from bad to worse, from serious flaws to utterly devastating ones.
  • Six Tips for Executing a Successful Augmented Reality Campaign
    Executing an innovative and successful augmented reality (AR) marketing campaign doesn't have to be complicated. For retail marketers considering experimenting with AR, here are a few simple tips to keep in mind.
  • Lessons for 2014: What Was Missing in Your 2013 Holiday Marketing Strategy?
    Did you get a piece of this holiday pie, or were you left out in the cold with just a piece of coal to show for your troubles? Now that the holiday season is behind us, here are lessons about what marketing teams can do to make the holidays in 2014 even merrier.
  • Six Tips for Creating an Effective Online Customer Survey
    When using a free or subscription-based online tool to create a survey, you must be certain that the survey is carefully designed to yield the most valuable data.
  • Personal Branding Trends for 2014 (Part 2)
    Understanding these trends will help you to strategize ways of harnessing them to enhance your brand and expand your career success.
  • Start 2014 Off Right: Five Marketing Trends You Need to Know
    2014 promises to be just as transformative as 2013 was. Here are five trends that will be affecting marketing; keep them top of mind.
  • Results-Driven Marketing Creative in Four Steps, Part 3: The Right Medium
    Our fast-changing media environment is unpredictable. So we have to pay attention to how our medium affects our audience, and we must consider how to use what we learn to our (or our clients') advantage.
  • The Art and Science of Growing Your Email List: Determining Subscriber Acquisition Cost
    So how can you go about determining the value of new subscribers—as well as the limits of what you’d be willing to pay to get one?
  • Eight Steps for Making 2014 Your Video Marketing Year
    Here's a to-do list to jump-start your video marketing and make 2014 the year you excel in video—and impress prospects, demonstrate commitment to a medium customers crave, and remain relevant and competitive.
  • Four Marketing Performance Management Resolutions for 2014
    If you've made your marketing New Year's resolutions, we hope you devoted at least one to marketing performance management. As inspiration, here are four to choose from, along with a few tips for bringing them to fruition.
  • Four Marketing Data Predictions for 2014
    2014 will be the year when the idealism and hype of big data and analytics will die down as retailers start to focus on how and where to take action.
  • How to Get Executive Stakeholder Buy-in for Your Website Testing Program
    The first step to a successful website testing and optimization program is ensuring that you have buy-in from your executives. However, buy-in is also crucial for ensuring long-term success.
  • Six Key Digital Marketing Resolutions for 2014: Unified Marketing, Data Activism, More...
    The digital landscape continues to change at light speed. Here are six key resolutions that digital marketers should follow to make sure they are delivering better than expected results in 2014—and beyond.
  • Results-Driven Marketing Creative in Four Steps, Part 2: Building a Creative Concept
    The creative concept helps define the very core of your marketing message. It underpins your campaign content, and encapsulates the major themes to be communicated to your target audience.
  • Personal Branding Trends for 2014 (Part 1)
    Throughout the year, I monitor the world of personal branding. At year's end, I analyze the data to predict future trends. My take on 2014? It will be a year of personal branding evolution—not revolution.
  • How Marketing and IT Can Work Together
    As digital marketing grows ascendant, the relationship between marketing and IT departments will become more dependent. Here's how to ensure both departments are working toward the same goal of delivering the most business impact.
  • Search Retargeting: A Quick How-To Guide
    Most online marketers are familiar with retargeting—or they should be. Search retargeting, a more recent incarnation, is uniquely powerful, and on the rise... These six steps will help you launch a search retargeting campaign.
  • Engage Your Audience: From Profile to Preference
    We aim, as marketers, to gain the trust of customers and prospects. To accomplish this we must engage with the individual, building trust and understanding by asking for appropriate information, at the right time, and treating that information with care and respect.
  • Print's Not Dead: Print Marketing Will Thrive in 2014 and Beyond
    Even as technology evolves and online marketing grows, print is (and will remain) an effective tool for delivering your marketing messages to your audience.
  • Five Big Social Media Trends for 2014
    Social marketers should keep in mind these five insights to help their brands and organizations prepare for and succeed in 2014 by connecting with customers.
  • Results-Driven Marketing Creative in Four Steps, Part 1: Efficient Creative Briefing
    Together with placement and execution, creative can make or break your marketing campaigns. This series explores the four steps you or your creative agency should take to achieve better results from your marketing creative.
  • Is Your Content Marketing a Failure? These Five Metrics Can Tell You
    What metrics can marketers track to make sure their content strategy is headed in the right direction?
  • Writing and Readability Scores: It Matters
    The key to authoring good written content is to use language that doesn't detract from your message. That's where readability scores can help.
  • Eight Steps to Setting Up a Successful Email Marketing Welcome Series
    Remarketing emails aren't a new thing, and marketers have been doing it for years. But many companies still don't have a proper welcome series set up to welcome new subscribers and turn them into new customers.
  • From Marketer to Dragon Slayer: Slay Work Chaos in Four Simple Steps
    Dealing with simultaneous projects is simply the nature of the marketing beast. As the pressure builds, projects end up over budget and behind schedule, which leads to higher overall costs, lower ROI, and missed opportunities. There has to be a better way.
  • Twitter vs. Facebook Ad Showdown: Which Offers the Best Social Media Ad Platform?
    In social advertising, where is your money better spent—on Twitter, or on Facebook? Here are the key findings of a study across four measurement categories.
  • How to Add Social Selling to Your Marketing Mix
    With the right strategy and a smart approach, companies of any size can harness the power of social selling to boost sales results, without adding to their already long To Do list, and without adding staff.
  • Customer Retention Is King: Four Steps to Secure the Throne
    You may be doing a stellar job of bringing in new customers, but if you're not doing enough to keep those customers, you're just wasting resources. The good news: retention is easier and less costly than you think.
  • A Five-Item To-Do List to Get Started on Your Google Plus Page
    Google is integrating Google+ directly into its ecosystem, which means marketers are eventually going to have to pay attention to it. But how do you get started on this extensive social network that has so many features?
  • Marketing Career Advice (and How Great CMOs Are Destined to Be the Next CEOs)
    What makes CMOs great at their job would make them really good CEOs, too. Follow the marketing career advice outlined here, and who knows how far up the ladder you might climb...
  • Eight Qualities Employers Will Look for in Digital Marketers in 2014
    Aside from the hands-on, nuts-and-bolts skills that are required for success in e-commerce, SEM, mobile marketing, Web analytics, social media, and email, expect employers in 2014 to put increasing emphasis on these eight key qualities when sizing up candidates.
  • Marketers Must Learn Martian (AKA, the Language of Business)
    Marketing professionals and their nonmarketing counterparts, particularly those who come from a finance background, might as well be denizens of different planets. But they can communicate. Here's how.
  • Your Email Marketing as Cinderella: Treat It Like a Princess, Not a Servant
    How do you upgrade email out of the servants' quarters and into the manor house without causing companywide upheaval that makes a season of Downton-Abbey seem like a child's fairy tale? Focus on these five objectives.
  • Effective Direct Response Marketing: One-Shot vs. Campaign
    You can go about direct response in two common ways: An extremely targeted one-shot approach that goes for the sale right away, or a campaign approach that has a distinct, planned follow-up component.
  • Managing B2B Customer Data: Who Is a Customer, Anyway?
    Accurately tracking customers is critical to Sales and Marketing. But the simple "who is our customer?" has a complicated answer. Here's a proven approach that will enable you to answer in a way that's useful across the company.
  • Six Not-so-Obvious Tips to Attract Big Brand Advertisers
    Every publisher wants to attract big brand advertisers. It's not an easy task, but if you're willing to get your hands a little dirty, here are the six things you'll need to do to attract those brand advertisers.
  • How to Start Building a Customer Base With Your Newsletter Subscription List
    Despite competition from a plethora of e-newsletters, you shouldn't conclude that newsletter marketing is inevitably losing effectiveness. Rather, you need to be more resourceful, creative, and goal-oriented.
  • Create Holiday (and Other) Landing Pages for Your Small Business Using DIY Website Tools
    With the right tools, a little know-how, and some scrappy can-do spirit, anyone can make a holiday promotion landing page to be proud of.
  • From Smartphones to Smart Everything: The 'Smart' Revolution (Part 2: a Presentation)
    Tailored to marketers, this presentation covers what the Smart Revolution is and why you need to begin focusing on these emerging technologies. It also lays out a five-point framework of best-practices, with examples.
  • 10 Steps to Ethical Content Curation
    Compared with the creation of original content, curation can be a faster and easier way to generate content. But bad curation can damage your brand's credibility and potentially lead to legal issues. Here's how to do content curation right.
  • Content Marketing Strategies: Tear Down Geographic Barriers to Sales
    In professional services, relationships and referrals are the anchor of business development. In the past, those referrals were driven by geographic proximity. Today, conducting business from afar is the new norm, so how can professional services reach far-away prospects? Enter content marketing.
  • Four Tradeshow Marketing Takeaways From an #MPB2B Bright Bulb Award Winner
    The winner of the "Best B2B Marketing Project" Bright Bulb Award during the MarketingProfs B2B Marketing Forum offers takeaways based on common themes between her tradeshow campaign and the Forum's main messages.
  • Five Ways to Ensure Customer Participation With Mobile Storybuilding
    Whether in the form of a book, a movie, or a marketing campaign, great storytelling will always resonate with audiences. As consumers become increasingly mobile and social, however, they want to interact with the story, not just be exposed to it.
  • Customer Reviews as Marketing Channel: How to Create a 'Review Funnel'
    Here are some specific tactics for getting more happy customers to share the good word about your business, product, or service.
  • Tips for Making Your Website Responsive
    Responsive Web design has become the gold standard for website redesign projects due to its fluid nature and ability to adapt to the size of device screens.
  • From Smartphones to Smart Everything: Welcome to the 'Smart' Revolution (Part 1 of 2)
    We are about to move from an age of smartphones... to an era of smart everything. And in this era, technology will not only change how we market our brands but also transform the core brands themselves.
  • Six Trends for 2014 in Mobile Marketing and Advertising
    Envisioning the future of the mobile marketing industry is certainly challenging. Nevertheless, to guide marketers through the 2014 mobile planning process, outlined here are some important trends and innovations.
  • Instagram's Ad-Supported Model: How Can Instagram Succeed?
    Instagram launched its ad-supported model with an ad for a Michael Kors watch that showed up in the feeds of Instagram's users on Nov. 1. Three experts weigh in on how Instagram can become a successful platform for marketers and advertisers.
  • Animated GIFs in Email: Three Great Examples and Five Quick Tips
    Thoughtful, eye-catching animation in email has the ability to compliment a marketing message rather than distract from it. Here are three ways Emma customers have used animated GIFs to make their email campaigns pop.
  • 11 Quick-Hit Tips for Getting Started With Google+ Hangouts on Air
    If you're interested in getting your brand in front of a larger audience, one way to do so is to create high-quality, engaging, and informative video content for your target market. Google's Hangouts on Air can help you do exactly that.
  • Three Marketing Tactics to Tap Into the Emerging Apple Demographic
    Apple customers are emerging as an important new demographic, accounting for a massive 89% of mobile commerce sales. It's time to apply that knowledge.
  • Seven Ways to Go Beyond Black Friday If You're a Small Business
    Small businesses can't go toe to toe against large retailers on Black Friday. It's just not a fair fight... But small businesses can still capitalize on Black Friday in ways the Big Box stores can't or don't.
  • How to Use LinkedIn to Promote Your Professional Services (Article 3 of 3)
    In this, the third of three articles focusing on how the professions—lawyers, consultants, accountants, etc.—can effectively market using new/digital media, I focus on LinkedIn.
  • Small Business Saturday: Think Mobile to Inform, Attract, and Show You Care
    Your plate is full... every day: payroll, inventory, scheduling, employee issues... the list goes on and on. Now, Small Business Saturday is around the corner, and some of you are asking, "Is it worth adding to my plate?"
  • Get Rid of Your Lousy 'About' Page Once and for All
    Your "About" page is one of the most popular destinations on your website. Leaving your "About" page in sub-par condition is costing you more than you think. So why have we been ignoring the quality of this valuable space?
  • Three Ways to Create Trust-Building Content
    There is plenty of proof out there that trust is not just good for one-on-one relationships, it's also good for business. Building trust can reap higher response rates, loyalty, and revenue.
  • How to Make Your Content Show Up in Google's 'In-Depth Articles' Search Results
    Google has introduced a search results section dubbed "in-depth articles," which present some great new opportunities to content marketers. Here's the nitty-gritty on how to take advantage of those opportunities.
  • Four Steps to Building Your Content Marketing Dream Team
    Whether you are new to content marketing or you are looking to re-evaluate your current resources, keeping these four steps in mind will help you assemble your dream team.
  • How to Get an Extra 1,500+ Web Visitors a Day
    Even in utterly banal optimization methods, you can find something new—something that will differentiate you from competitors and will increase visitor numbers and sales.
  • Marketing the Professions 'Hors d'Oeuvre' Style (Article 2 of 3)
    Two characteristics are a mark of successful digital marketing: keeping your outreach in bite-size portions, and marketing with a personal touch.
  • Bridging Marketing and Finance: Don't Get Lost in Translation
    Whether your goal is to obtain a seat at the table or to prove the value of Marketing—or more easily obtain approval for your budget—you need a viable relationship with Finance.
  • Five Tips for Getting the Most From Your Qualitative Researcher
    Selecting the right qualitative researcher for your marketing project is critical, because a lot of money and your credibility are on the line. So make sure to ask these five questions when selecting a qualitative researcher/moderator.
  • Top 5 Holiday Party Planning Tips
    It is that time of year again, when employees are forced to attend a "morale-building event" that does nothing of the sort. But if you consider these five elements, a holiday party actually can be a fabulous bonding opportunity and an event to look forward to.
  • Email Open Rates: Truth, Lies, and What to Do About Them
    Declining email open rates... Chances are, they bother you as a marketer. Don't fret, here's both a diagnostic checklist as well as suggestions on alternative, more useful ways to measure email marketing performance.
  • Improve Sales: Change Your Marketing Approach, Not Just Your Tools
    New accountability expectations across sales and marketing departments, coupled with increased demand for online content, are changing the playing field for sales teams. How you connect with your prospects can ultimately have an impact on meeting sales goals.
  • Marketing-IT Alignment Is Possible: Why You Need Your IT Department
    As customers change, the channels of engagement morph, and data explodes, ultimately it's going to be the partnership between IT and Marketing that will be the lynchpin to grasping new, emerging opportunities.
  • The New Normal in Professional Services Marketing (Article 1 of 3)
    Professional services marketing is not normally known for early adoption of cutting-edge techniques, likely because its role tends to revolve around reducing risk for clients. But the world has changed, and there's now a new normal.
  • Email Still Really, Really Matters, Especially If You Apply These Four Tips
    Rich media, social media, and native advertising may be making the headlines these days, but let's face it: They don't work for everyone. You know what does? Email marketing. Nothing delivers results like email.
  • Unlock the Potential of Real-Time Marketing
    Real-time marketing isn't necessarily new, but marketers are now scrambling to understand how they can integrate it into their marketing mix. Here are a few tips to get started.
  • Three Easy Ways to Jump-Start Your Cause Marketing: When Marketing and Philanthropy Intersect
    Some of the most progressive brands have discovered quantifiable marketing success in what may seem like an unlikely place: philanthropy. Here's how you can align your marketing with philanthropy using existing marketing assets.
  • How to Enhance Mobile Marketing With Personalization
    Mobile is personal, with every feature, sound, and function customizable. To capture mobile's potential, marketers must personalize the mobile experience for customers. Here are easy-to-implement tactics to do just that.
  • Five Ways to Develop a Cross-Channel Brand Story
    Stories have always been vehicles via which we communicate and perceive truth. So, for growth-minded retailers and consumer brands, omni-channel success hinges on the ability to deliver cross-channel brand stories that are engaging, memorable, and consistent.
  • Outbound Marketing Strategies Are Still Effective
    There's been plenty of speculation about the death of outbound marketing in recent years. In fact, however, outbound marketing still efficiently drives leads and sales.
  • Three 'Light Bulb Moments' to Illuminate Social Marketing Success
    Though social media may feel as if it has been around for a while, it's important to remember that it's just picking up steam and there will be continued growth and disruption in how consumers use social platforms.
  • Adopt a Lean Approach to Mobile Strategy
    Adopting lean principles for your mobile strategy ensures that complexity, rigidity, and friction are replaced with simplicity, adaptability, and speed.
  • Three Rules for Converting Online Leads Into Sales
    It's OK, you can say it: Online leads are a pain in the neck. One problem is that many firms treat online leads like traditional leads, but online leads are live—more like an inbound phone call or a face-to-face customer.
  • Three Steps to Refreshing Your Blog
    It is easy to become so focused on creating content for your blog, and marketing it properly, that you forget to periodically check its health. Here's how to turn a dusty blog around for increased conversions and SEO.
  • Brand Dracula: Four Branding Lessons From the Undead
    Bela Lugosi's portrayal of the creepy count continues to inform all depictions of vampires on screen and in books. Because of that consistency and memorability, Dracula can teach us lessons about branding.
  • Your Mobile Marketing Strategy's Tactical Building Blocks
    A mobile marketing strategy is crucial to an online retailer's success these days, and here's how to get your strategy working for you ASAP.
  • Five Days to a More Focused CRM Strategy
    Time is not just money, it's a factor in the efficiency of your CRM strategy. Here are five ways you can have a more productive day with your CRM—one for each day of the week.
  • How to Harness Big Data for Better Holiday Shopping Experiences
    This holiday season, customer-centric brands have an opportunity to up the ante for their consumer shopping experiences with an ace in the hole: Big Data.
  • Think Social Media Is a Waste of Time? Don't Give Up So Soon
    Especially in social media, if there isn't an immediate and significant response to an initiative, it's deemed a waste of time. But before you rush to judgment, give your effort an honest assessment against these three basic criteria.
  • Seven Ways to Talk Your Financial Execs Out of Jargon and Bad Writing
    Sometimes you struggle to get your firm's executives to recognize the power of good writing. You edit their text, but they put the jargon and longwinded language back in. But you can win over your subject-matter experts.
  • You Are Annoying Your Customers. Do You Know Why?
    From social media to retargeting ads, marketers continue to add new communication channels, and with each one we add the ability to sell but we also increase our ability to annoy.
  • Five Tips for Tackling B2B E-Commerce Without Amazon
    E-commerce is one of the hottest trends in B2B marketing. Inspired by B2C e-commerce sites, buyers and procurers are demanding that their B2B suppliers deliver buying experiences comparable to those of leading online retailers.
  • A More Human Model for Product Storytelling
    The resurgence in storytelling, the original social medium, is an important and welcome evolution for many reasons. Memorable stories scale in a way that facts alone cannot. In a world of noise, the best stories win.
  • Use Social Media to Create a Snowball Effect for Your Holiday Marketing
    How do you make the transition from marketing strategy to actionable tactics in time for the holiday season? Here are three ways you can integrate social—and mobile—engagement into your holiday campaigns.
  • Five Best-Practices to Increase Registration Conversion
    Low conversion rates, users that leave your site without engaging, and blatantly falsified registration data are the obvious symptoms of a broken registration system. Consider the following five best-practices for online registration that have been proven to increase conversion rates for leading B2B brands.
  • The Opt-Out Email List: To Send or Not to Send?
    The Scenario: You want to email a list of people who have not opted in to get email from you (i.e., you have an "opt-out" list).
  • Four Things Marketers Should Know About the New General Solicitation Rules
    Private companies and investment firms are no longer forbidden from advertising that they are seeking investors. But their marketers and PR professionals still need to stay on the right side of the law.
  • Should You Be Worried About Google's Hummingbird Update?
    Over the last few months Google has secretly rolled out an algorithmic update called "Hummingbird." Upon hearing of it, many in the SEO community panicked...
  • What Google Hummingbird Means for Content Marketing
    Google has delivered a one-two punch in the past few weeks, announcing that organic keyword data will no longer be available and that it has released the Hummingbird update.
  • Forget the Funnel, Use the Sales Radar to Find the Invisible Sale
    I once had to call on a prospect 52 times before we were invited to pitch. But the last client I picked up at my current firm took exactly one call and a meeting over beers. Exact same result. Far less effort and expense.
  • The Other C Word: Your Key to Great Content Marketing
    Most content marketing is intelligent and strategic and professional. But it's also a bit... limp. Middle-of-the-road. Safe. It's lacking the "C word." But Ann Handley pointed out it's lacking something else, too.
  • Seven Tools for Finding Great Content to Share
    Not enough time to find the best content to share with your audience? Too many articles to read to keep up with what's going on in your industry? These seven low-cost tools will help you to find and share great content.
  • Can Marketing Automation Work for Your Company?
    I hear a lot of excuses about why marketing automation won't work: My company is too small; my product is too transactional; my leads don't respond; my porridge is too cold...
  • Three Modern SEO Best-Practices Every CEO, CMO, and CIO Should Know
    So what do C-suite executives need to know about SEO? (Hint: it has more to do with enterprisewide collaboration than actual SEO skills like programming or copywriting.)
  • Six Tips for Fitting Social Media Into a Packed Schedule
    Despite your overwhelming work schedule, you can still capitalize on social media for learning and for supporting your career and business objectives. Here's how.
  • Five Tips to Increase Your Email Click-Through Rates
    Email marketing is the perfect tool to grow your website traffic or boost your Web shop's conversion rates. But to do so, recipients first have to click the hyperlinks you included in your email.
  • Einstein Told Me the Secret to Effective Online Marketing
    I got to interview Albert Einstein. It was insane. And he told me the secret to online content! Here's how it all went down.
  • The Top 5 Rules of Gamification for Training
    There may be whispers of it in the workplace, but if learning leaders haven't heard a lot about gamification yet, they will in the near future.
  • Five B2B Marketing Trends to Watch
    Today's B2B marketers find themselves confronting a rapidly shifting landscape. Let's look at how you can tap into five developing trends that can help you steer your way to success.
  • 1-800-MARKETING: Transitioning From Service Provider to Value Generator
    There's a difference between being a service organization to Sales and being a value generator for the company. As marketing professionals, our future depends on being the latter. Let's clarify the difference.
  • Talking Epic Content and the Evolution of an Industry: My Q&A With Joe Pulizzi
    My friend Joe Pulizzi today releases a new book on the evolution of content and marketing. Joe is the founder of the Content Marketing Institute, and his new book is called Epic Content Marketing: How to Tell a Different Story, Break through the Clutter, and Win More Customers by Marketing Less.
  • With Little SEO Value Left in Them, Are Press Releases Still Worthwhile?
    Just as press releases were about to go the way of the horse and buggy, SEO saved that workhorse of public relations. But Google again changed the rules, stripping most SEO value away from press releases. Now what?
  • One Way to Calculate ROI for Your Offline Ads
    Very few businesses run entirely online, which means most are going to have offline advertising campaigns. Make visiting your website one of your offline calls to action, and you can assign attribution. That approach is actually quite common, but it's often poorly executed.
  • How Retailers Can Use Video for E-Commerce
    For most e-commerce providers, the question isn't whether video content should be a part of the brand's e-commerce strategy, but how to harness video content effectively and efficiently, and in a way that generates measurable returns to the brand.
  • A Guide to Using Social Media at Tradeshows
    Tradeshows are where up-to-the-second media such as Twitter come into their own, helping make the physical event virtual, and bringing something very localized to a wider—and potentially global—audience.
  • Five Steps to Highly Effective Social-Mobile Campaigns
    As a marketer, your every encounter with a smartphone-toting consumer should be considered an opportunity: They want to buy. You want to sell. But how do you make the connection happen?
  • IBM's Ed Abrams on SMB Social Strategy and Content Marketing
    Ed Abrams, vice-president of marketing for IBM's small and midsize business unit, offers tips for SMBs on social strategy, content marketing, and running a social business.
  • Your Seven-Point Checklist: Get the Right Landing Page to Show Up in Search Results
    In search results, keyword-to-landing page correlation can be unpredictable; however, you can take certain actions to increase the chances of a better match. Here are seven steps to get the right page to rank for the keyword you target.
  • Use Social Media to Steal Market Share (and More Good Advice for CMOs)
    Social media has proven itself an invaluable venue for businesses promoting their products and specials, but its value doesn't end there. Here are five ways CMOs can start getting more out of social media today.
  • How Video Plays a Crucial Role in the Rise of Content Marketing
    Video appeared on the scene so suddenly that marketers are still learning how to use it effectively. Here's a look at three forces shaping the evolution of content marketing, and the crucial role video plays within each.
  • Five Development Tips to Help Your Mobile App Stand Out From the Crowd
    This year, the number of people browsing the Web from mobile phones is expected to surpass the number using laptops, tablets, and desktop computers combined. App use has similarly exploded. So how can you make your app stand out from the crowd?
  • The Power of the Hashtag in Promoting Music (and Just About Anything Else)
    Hashtags are powerful, useful tools for marketing, communication, and driving engagement. They are an excellent way to break through the noise of the Internet and reach valuable audiences.
  • Three Ways to Improve Your Facebook App Engagement
    How can brands encourage social sharing via Facebook? By deploying social engagement apps to showcase campaigns and content. And the basic best-practices for boosting engagement on Facebook fall into three main categories.
  • Three Ways to Juice Your Marketing Results Using Color
    You might not think much about it, but we experience the world through colors. Every day, in all we do, we respond to the colors around us. That has implications for your marketing.
  • How to Manage Your Digital Content Assets and Increase Their Value
    Rather than just throwing money at content creation, taking a "quality over quantity" approach can reap greater rewards. Here's how a "less is more" approach to content can create the maximum marketing impact.
  • Content Marketing: Four Things to Consider When Promoting Your SEO Content
    So you've created some great content that can be used for natural link-building, but what if you want to give it an extra push? (And if you're an SEO, you're more than likely inclined to want to.)
  • Love, Signals, Noise... and Great Business Writing
    "People who think well, write well," said David Ogilvy. Good writing is the clearest indicator of good thinking. You also need love and commitment.
  • New York Times Outage Reinforces Need for a Social Presence in a Crisis
    All companies should have a social media strategy built into their crisis communications plan that includes multiple modes of delivering a message. When a crisis hits, you can't wait until tomorrow's paper to resolve it.
  • Use Social Video to Spread Your Messages: One Golden Rule and Three Commandments
    With over 72 hours of video content being uploaded every minute, the days of creating a video, posting it on YouTube, and assuming viewers will find it... are a thing of the past. How do you break through the clutter and succeeed in sharing your message?
  • Five Big Trends for Corporate Events
    Event attendees have come to expect more from their time and investment in meetings and events. These five trends are a response to those expectations and will shape event management success in the year ahead.
  • How to Improve Conversion Rates on Your Website: Article 4 of 4
    You are now in a position to execute an informed conversion rate optimization program—one designed to address the most important and promising areas of improvement.
  • Five Tips for Marketing to Win Love From Sales
    "It's complicated" would be the proper way to describe the love/hate relationship between Sales and Marketing. But it doesn't have to be that way. Having been on both sides of the fence, I have a few tips to offer to my fellow marketers. Hopefully, these tips will help make your Sales stakeholders fall in love with you.
  • How to Drive Conversion Rate by Understanding Visitor Intent: Article 3 of 4
    Understanding visitor intent is at the heart of conversion rate optimization. How do you effectively harvest intent-related information from the Internet?
  • Apply Lifetime Value Targeting to Reach Customers Online
    Historically, personalized targeting has been done through direct mail, sending offers to segmented lists, targeted at personas. So how can you achieve the same level of segmentation and targeting in the digital world?
  • Three Ways to Use Pinterest and Instagram to Build Stronger Consumer Relationships
    Social media conversations are shifting from text to pictures, making images the new language of fan engagement. How can you harness this engagement to build stronger relationships with fans? Here are three easy ways.
  • 11 SMS Marketing Best-Practices for Better, Results-Driven Text Messaging Campaigns
    Today's consumers are mobile, on the go, sending and receiving messages of all types. The fundamental practices outlined in this article provide a solid foundation for how to communicate with mobile subscribers appropriately and comfortably using SMS.
  • Twitter Profile Picture Hall of Shame
    Relationships begin with an introduction. In the case of Twitter (and social media in general), your profile picture is a big part of that introduction—your first impression. Don't blow it...
  • Work Smarter, Not Harder, With Marketing Automation
    Whether you're completely new to marketing automation or already approaching pro status, there are several things you can and should be doing. Here are a few ways to integrate and automate your digital marketing, along with a few tips for beginners, intermediate users, and automation experts.
  • Design Emails With a Mobile Mindset: Five Tips
    Most companies have only a basic mobile optimization strategy, if any at all, so here are five tips for taking your email to the small screen.
  • Back-to-School Marketing Attribution 101: Four Lessons
    How can a brand be sure that its investment in TV, Internet, radio, or other media is paying off at the checkout counter? Companies must follow the entire customer path and attribute the sale correctly. Otherwise, marketers can flunk one of the most profitable sale seasons of the year.
  • How to Develop a Winning Tradeshow Booth
    Creating a tradeshow booth can be difficult. Here are some helpful tips to get you started as you plan, design, and create an effective booth that can be used for many years to promote your company.
  • Hyperlocal Advertising Strategies for SMBs
    Most SMBs may not realize that it is possible—and affordable—to target relevant consumers in close proximity to their stores by using an online, neighborhood-level targeting approach.
  • How to Uncover Confusion in Your Conversion Funnel: Article 2 of 4
    Just how do you optimize your funnel, and shuttle visitors quickly along their way to the experience that will turn them not just into a conversion but into engaged users who love your product and spread the word to their friends?
  • Three Deadly Reasons Most Websites Fail
    Although websites were introduced over 20 years ago, the vast majority still function on old-school paradigms. Here's where most websites are getting it wrong—and how you can get it right with your own site.
  • How to Build an Effective Conversion Rate Optimization Plan: Article 1 of 4
    How do you know where to start when jumping into website optimization? As easy as crossing the street, building a testing strategy oriented to the needs or your users all starts with stop, look, and listen.
  • Marketing Operations: Pit Crew or Service Station?
    A good way to think about your marketing operations function is that it could operate either as a pit crew or as a service station. Both maintain and support a car's (or Marketing's) performance, so what's the difference?
  • Five Tips for Painting a Clearer Marketing Ops Picture With Data Visualization
    To portray data effectively, use simple and informed graphs to reveal the story behind the data. This article focuses on how to apply data visualization techniques in marketing operations to make a real impact.
  • Google Is Rewriting the Rules of Email Marketing in Its War With Facebook. What Can Marketers Do?
    In the last two months, Google has trampled on the rulebook with the introduction of its Promotions tab in Gmail and the addition of email-style advertising. Here's what you need to do to prepare.
  • Email Marketers, Start Thanking Google for the New Gmail Interface
    Over the past few weeks, email marketers have been criticizing Gmail for its new interface. Some are saying that it's delivering a "spammy" experience for users, while others are sounding the alert that Gmail open rates have already started to decline.
  • An Email Marketing Conundrum: Permission vs. Forgiveness
    You've probably heard the saying, "It's better to ask for forgiveness than permission." All too often I hear from marketers and business owners who find themselves considering such an unfortunate choice. Here's what to do instead.
  • In Content Marketing, 'People Buy on Emotion and Rationalize With Logic' Is a Mistake (Pt. 2)
    In Part 1, we began the examination of how emotion and logic operate in the buying cycle, and we covered what sort of content to produce for the Awareness stage. This week, the remaining four stages of the buying cycle...
  • Are You Argo-izing Your Content?
    In Argo, which won the Best Picture Oscar, the filmmakers followed what I now call the Argo rule: Lure them in, keep them engaged end-to-end, and keep them talking about you long after it is over. Your corporate storytelling can do the same.
  • Five Tips for Creating Relationships That Drive Sales
    Strong customer relationships drive sales, sustainability, and growth, especially in today's economy. Regardless of your industry, follow these five tips for stronger and healthier customer relationships.
  • Eight Tips for Creating a Great LinkedIn Business Page
    Is your LinkedIn business page up there with the best? It should be... After all, it's a sought-after online destination for business networking, hiring, and even financing.
  • How to Create Your Hourly Rate for Digital Marketing Services
    The good news is that you don't need an MBA and you needn't have taken an accounting class to figure out the basics of your cost structure and an associated billable rate.
  • It's a Shame You Chose That Name: The Six Biggest Naming Mistakes
    Naming your new company or product is a huge opportunity. Get it right, and you could put your brand on the map, generate buzz, and spark interest among customers. Get it wrong, and you might render your brand invisible—or call attention to it for all the wrong reasons.
  • Email Best-Practices for Developing and Maintaining Crucial Customer Relationships
    Here are three sets of email best-practices for turning prospects into actual customers, extracting value from active customers who eagerly make purchases, and retaining customers for the long term.
  • In Content Marketing, 'People Buy on Emotion and Rationalize With Logic' Is a Mistake (Pt. 1)
    The saying "people buy on emotion and rationalize with logic" has been around so long that people rarely question it. But in content marketing, you need to question it. Otherwise, you run the risk of either not providing people the right information or—worse—alienating your audience.
  • 10 Ways to Stretch Your Marketing Budget
    All marketing practitioners are seeking ways to save money and get a bigger bang for their budget buck. How to do that isn't at all obvious. But, sometimes, the answer can be staring you in the face!
  • One Direction's Five Lessons for Building Customer Loyalty
    The passionate emotional enthusiasm (and sizable financial expenditures) that 1D inspires among its massive global fan base is not a fluke: It's the result of a meticulously nurtured loyalty-building strategy.
  • Music and Your Brand: Five Ways to Tune Your Demographic In With the Right Band
    Attention is a scarce resource—and that means it's a costly one. In a world of hundreds of competing voices, art and music have become a powerful way to bring a brand back into the spotlight.
  • Five Ways to Realize Greater Value From Programmatic Advertising
    Today's marketers have a lot of questions about programmatic advertising: Where do I start? If I automate my bids, will I be sacrificing quality for "low rent" inventory? How much control will I have over where my ads appear?
  • How to Build a United Marketing Team in a Decentralized Business
    In our world of branding and marketing, we know how crucial it is to share knowledge and information among colleagues and teams. But what if you have marketers working in different locations and time zones across the world?
  • Brand Love for the Long Haul: Five Tips for Lasting Connections With Customers
    To unlock long-term love for our brands and set the stage for strong lasting connections, one simply has to look at and apply basic human relationship principles. Here are five ways you can keep the spark alive and forge a devoted, lasting connection to consumers.
  • The Best Content Ideas Come From Customers' Nightmares
    Want to get frighteningly good at content marketing? Take a trip with me to the dark side. Off we go... venturing into some scary territory: the human psyche. Who knows what we'll find...
  • Purpose-Driven Marketing: The Missing Ingredient When Growing a Brand
    Purpose-driven marketing is used to grow and sustain a business, but the overall idea is to help a business understand where it's going and then act effectively. Here are a few questions that will help you understand your company's purpose and its ability to change.
  • Try Your Luck: Enter to Win an iPad Mini From MarketingProfs
    Your life is increasingly mobile. And to support your mobile lifestyle, MarketingProfs is giving away an iPad Mini to one lucky MarketingProfs member.
  • Four Agri-Marketing Campaigns Any Marketer Can Learn From
    Innovative marketing campaigns may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the agricultural industry, but these four campaigns have something to share with any marketer—ag-focused or not.
  • Improve Online Events by Tracking Attendee Behavior
    If you ask people about their preferences, their answers aren't always accurate. But by tracking and analyzing behavioral data gathered during webcasts you'll be able to "hear" what your customers and prospects really think.
  • Which Comes First: Content or Marketing Automation Software?
    For most software purchases, you identify a business process that could be accomplished more efficiently with the help of technology. Then you buy it. Then you use it. Then your life becomes easier. For marketers, however, it's not that simple. (Of course not, we're marketers!)
  • Social Media and the Government
    We all knew that one day the government would catch up with this thing called "social media." It was only a matter of time. But it's somewhat surprising that the TTB, FDA, and FTC are starting to consider it a type of advertising.
  • Why You Should Make Follow-Up a Priority: Six Questions and Five Tips
    What is it that regularly blows apart business development efforts and causes marketing to fail? The lack of follow up. Yes, it can be uncomfortable to do for professionals, but it isn't hard; anyone can do it.
  • Five Ways to Minimize Email List Unsubscribes
    A classic email conundrum: How do I prevent or minimize unsubscribes from my email list? First, accept them as a fact of life and don't take them personally. Then, take these five steps to mitigate unsubscribes.
  • Reducing Your Rates: How Low Should You Go?
    You send a great proposal, but now the client says your costs are too high. Should you reduce your rates to win the job, or should you stick to your guns and risk losing the project altogether?
  • Agile: What Marketers Can Learn From Software Developers
    Like agile software development, agile marketing relies on speed, lots of communication, rapid iteration, and highly measurable results. Let's take a closer look at this emerging discipline.
  • Nine Key Things to Look for in an Agency Partner
    Here's what you need to know to make sure you filter out the riffraff and find an agency partner that actually jibes with your company and, most important, helps your bottom line.
  • Six Common Print Marketing Myths Debunked
    Inaccurate myths surround the print industry, leaving many with the wrong impression. That misinformation can lead to missed opportunities and a weaker marketing presence for your brand.
  • How to Use QR Codes in Your Print Marketing
    We certainly are moving toward a digital world, and QR codes are part of that evolution. But QR codes do not replace print; they can, nevertheless, supplement it in new, unique, and interesting ways.
  • Five Tips to Shake Up Your Next Event and Revitalize Your Brand
    Nothing beats face-to-face communication, which is why live events are still vital to your branding mix. At many companies, though, events have grown stale. Here's what's you can do to reinvent your events.
  • The 10-Step Path to Marketing Nirvana
    Marketing nirvana is liberation from a deluded marketing mind—the one that imagines it can persuade people to do things they don't truly believe in or desire. Enlightened marketers, on the other hand, understand the realities of today's savvy and well-connected marketplace.
  • Crack the Customer Code With Real-Time Segmentation and Predictive Analytics
    Yes, buyers leave breadcrumbs behind them, in the form of data, with every online click or in-store interaction. But mountains of data don't solve a core problem: How do you use that data for insight into buyer behavior?
  • Top 10 Ways to Improve Email Open Rates
    For marketers, achieving a high email open rate is highly desirable, and it is often a key metric for shedding light onto the effectiveness of a campaign. The following 10 best-practices ensure open rates are as high as possible.
  • Three Ways Mobile Marketing Can Help Retain Customers
    If you can't retain a customer, you'll need to spend 6-7 times more to find a new one. By using a mobile app and focusing on the following three areas, you can promote customer loyalty and help retain your most valuable customers.

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