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Marketing Articles: Segmentation

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  • by Andrea Learned
    hy should you pay attention to the senior women's market? Because during the next 20 years, the number of 50+ Americans will grow by a whopping 40 million people. more
  • by Andrea Learned
    How might the high-learning-curve truths of the snow-sport industry translate into some useful nuggets for marketers in general? Bear with us. There are a few lessons we can learn here. more
  • by Matthew Wright
    The Rules" is a controversial US book detailing how to ensnare a husband by employing a strict code of conduct. Coincidentally, the guide provides an inadvertent object lesson for businesses struggling to achieve CRM. more
  • by Dana Blankenhorn
    Back in the 1990s the Internet had something to say to conventional marketers: Donít waste money on people who wonít buy from you. We called it targeting. But is targeting now considered a waste of resources? more
  • by Andrea Learned
    What women want is the eternal mystery. You want to reach women with your wonderful widget. They donít yet realize that they need your widget at all. So what do you do? more
  • by Steve Tingas
    Everybody talks about creating a dialog with their online customers. Follow these steps to develop the online dialog you've always wanted. more
  • Women buy 80% of today's consumer goods. So, how do you target this feminine segment of the buying population? Think soft. Think informative. Think gossip. But what else? more
  • by Allen Weiss
    Research studies come out all the time about consumer behavior on the net. Most report the obvious. Internet companies don't need this research, but do need better execution and more faith that people are people, online and off. more
  • As many businesses have discovered, niche marketing can be the key to creating a successful business platform. As the marketplace continues to expand and become increasingly more competitive, so does the demand for specialized products and services. more
  • by Allen Weiss
    Before getting into how one can think about the various ways to practically segment a market, let's first consider some key issues and questions ... more
  • by Allen Weiss
    So what are the bases for segmentation? While it is difficult to determine what will segment a market into different segments based on different benefit tradeoffs, there are some useful ways of thinking about how this might be done. more

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