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Marketing Articles: Segmentation

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  • Five Proven Ways to Improve ROI Using Marketing Automation
    by Debbie Qaqish
    Marketing automation offers five main opportunities to improve ROI and drive revenue. Are you taking advantage of them? Learn how marketing automation can help you segment leads, improve conversions, and reduce lead leakage. more
  • 'Tis the Season to Be Grateful: Five Thank-You Email Triggers
    It's the time of the year when businesses need to say "Thank you!" to their customers during the holiday season. And what better way than event-driven email campaigns that show gratitude to customers? more
  • Three Caveats for Multicultural Marketing
    "Are your campaigns reaching the intended audiences?" asks Darren Megarry at MarketingProfs. "That's a key question facing marketing professionals, as the combined wave of technology, communication access, and spending power continues to extend across the globe." But you don't need a global business to understand the importance of multicultural marketing. ... more
  • Top Tips for Multicultural Marketing
    by Darren Megarry
    Are your campaigns reaching the intended audiences? Learn how to create an effective multicultural marketing campaign—and avoid the common pitfalls many endure when marketing to growing ethnic groups. more
  • Three Tips for One-to-One Marketing
    "[H]ow many of us do one-to-one marketing?" asks Elaine Fogel at MarketingProfs. "I don't mean sending out personalized mass communication. I mean marketing to one person at a time." It takes a lot of time, but it can be remarkably effective—especially when your marketing budget is, essentially, zero. Fogel discovered ... more
  • Facebook: Brands Should Target Friends of Fans
    Brands that conduct Facebook marketing can gain huge benefits by targeting the friends of their Facebook fans, according to a new report by comScore and Facebook, which also found that Facebook users spend 27% of their time browsing homepage newsfeeds. more
  • CMOs Ramping Up Budgets, but Accountability Is Key
    Marketing budgets are on the rise again: 57% of senior-level marketers say they are increasing their overall marketing spend in 2011; among them, most (26%) plan to increase budgets between 1% and 5%, according to the CMO Council's State of Marketing Report. more
  • The End of the 'Average American'
    "Fifty years ago, the concept of John Doe, an average American in a relatively even society where vast numbers of people had similar consumer needs, was real," writes Karen Talavera at MarketingProfs. But results from the 2010 census—due to be released this summer—will show just how much that picture has ... more
  • Go Local: Seven Steps to Running Geotargeted Campaigns Like a Pro
    by Kfir Moyal
    This is the decade for geotargeted local advertising and bringing the global presence to the local user. Though it may seem daunting, getting local can be a simple and rewarding process if you follow these seven steps. more
  • Do You Really Know Your Customers? Marketing to a Rapidly Diversifying Population
    by Karen Talavera
    The 2010 census results will be released this summer, and marketers should expect major demographic shifts. To cope with these changes, I recommend adopting three approaches for your email, mobile, and social marketing. more
  • Five Steps to Optimized New-Business Prospecting Lists
    by Jenny Vance
    Whether your new-business prospecting list is purchased or homegrown, your business can improve sales 100% or more. The key isn't just about how companies effectively work the phone but, rather, how they work the list. more
  • Mobile Marketing: No Longer a Tradeoff Between Reach and Targeting
    by Gib Bassett
    Communicating with your customers via the mobile platform is an effective way to engage, share offers, and learn about your consumers. Learn how to reach your target audience and boost your mobile marketing ROI. more
  • Five Myths About the Youth Market: Busted
    by Amy Henry
    The youth market is hotly pursued by scores of brands in so many industries. But the youth demographic is fraught with myths. To help reinvent your marketing efforts and boost results, here are five common myths—busted. more
  • Avoid the High Cost of Untargeted Marketing
    by Mark Smith
    Targeted campaigns have become a necessity for companies trying to meet the demand for customer personalization. Learn how to replace your mass outreach with tailored messages that'll reap results and increase brand trust. more
  • Rebalance B2B Marketing Budgets to Maximize Sales
    by Sean Geehan
    Rebalancing your marketing investments is the way to sustainable, predictable, and profitable growth. That's why it's crucial to analyze where your budgets are going and identify where the biggest returns on spend are. more
  • List Segmentation: Why It's Important and How to Do It
    by Georgia Christian
    List segmentation increases the relevancy of your email messages—resulting in higher open and click-through rates and increased sales. Not sure how to get started? Here are eight factors to consider when segmenting customers. more
  • Five Steps to Interactive Marketing Success With Behavioral Analytics
    by Akin Arikan
    Many organizations struggle to capture, organize, and effectively act on Web data to drive marketing programs. Here is a five-step path to help marketers develop their capabilities and expand the use of Web analytics to deriving behavioral-insights that fuel interactive marketing. more
  • Boost Digital-Ad Yield by Knowing Your Audiences and the Content They Read
    by John Shomaker
    How does advertising yield improve when targeting digital ads to certain audiences? How much influence does the type of content users are reading when the ad is shown have on yield? This article summarizes the results of an extensive study on the subject. more
  • Affluent Gen-Y Hooked on Social Media, Brands
    Digital media is trouncing traditional channels among up-and-coming Millennials: 81% of affluent Gen-Y adults use Facebook every day—roughly double the number who read newspaper content (45%) or watch TV (44%) daily, according to a new study by L2. Moreover, 45% of such consumers read at least one blog every day. more
  • Why and How You Should Be Using Triggered Email, Part 2
    by Karen Talavera
    This article looks at the first two of four triggered-email campaigns that no email-marketing program should be without: Welcome and onboarding emails, and remarketing emails (such as resending to nonoperners and clickers but nonconverters). more
  • Why and How You Should Be Using Triggered Email, Part 1
    by Karen Talavera
    You can segment your list and version your broadcast campaigns with different offers and creative, but the real power of personalization and relevance lies in trigger-based email, because behaviorally targeted trigger-email campaigns get 30% higher open and click-through rates and three times the conversion rates of broadcast email. more
  • Six Best-Practices to Improve Sales and Marketing Alignment
    by Laura Patterson
    Your sales and marketing organizations are the most critical links to customers. The alignment of those two organizations determines how well a company attracts buyers and sells to them. The relationship is more than just a simple handoff at the point a lead is generated; it is the foundation for ... more
  • How to Identify Brand Loyalists on Your Email List
    by Karen Talavera
    On any email list, there will be three populations: those who love you, those who like you, and those who are just hanging in there. This article focuses on by far the most appealing sector: the people who love you. So how do you figure out who's who? Here are ... more
  • Email Marketing in the Age of the 'Ultra Managed Inbox'
    For years, writes Stephanie Miller at the Deliverability blog, marketers have enjoyed the linear nature of the email inbox—your newsletters and offers sitting cheek-by-jowl with personal correspondence from a subscriber's friends. But you shouldn't get too comfortable with this privileged arrangement. "The world is changing," Miller says. "A new set of ... more
  • Four Ways to Impress Customers With Social Responsibility
    "It's a global trend," writes Geri Stengel at MarketingProfs. "Consumers want to buy from, employees want to work for, and other businesses want supplies from, socially responsible enterprises." So how can you demonstrate your commitment while improving your bottom line? Stengel suggests the following: Treat your employees with respect. Social responsibility ... more

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