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Marketing Articles: Segmentation

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  • by Gerry Myers
    Connecting to the female consumer is not easy, because there is no single magical way to target women. They are a diverse group, and in many ways it is harder to reach them than their male counterparts. As a follow up to part one of this article, here are specific ideas ... more
  • by Tim Crank
    Rewards program members are more likely to have spent a greater amount of money in the past six months across 11 retail categories examined in a recent study, including home improvement, electronics, grocery and book stores. Check out the study's specific results here. more
  • by Jim Koppenhaver
    How do consumers decide what to buy? And how much money do they have to spend for what they want to buy? Marketers have long tried to figure it out, and you're probably no exception in finding out that there haven't been any good answers. So you rely on things like ... more
  • by Gerry Myers
    To design marketing plans that are effective in attracting and selling to more women, you have to know where you are today. In other words: To get the right answers, you must start with the correct questions. As your company focuses on developing appropriate strategies, here are some questions you ... more
  • by Gerry Myers
    "Marketing to women" has become the new buzz phrase for many companies. Corporations are creating high-level positions with the title of director or VP of the Women's Marketing Initiative; forming Women's Advisory Boards; hiring consultants to help them; and employing and promoting more women. While these moves may be seen by ... more
  • by Blaire Borthayre
    The month-long 2006 World Cup Soccer tournament will begin on June 9, and already commercials have been launched referencing the event. The heavy hitters behind those ads include 15 global brands, such as McDonalds, Coca-Cola, MasterCard, Nike, and Adidas. The US focuses on advertising globally since the World Cup typically evokes ... more
  • by Stephanie Diamond
    We've all read about Web 2.0 and the impact it will have on businesses. Some find the principles life-altering, others say it's pure hype. Whichever camp you are in, you can't ignore the fact that business is changing—especially online. Here are five categories that managers need to consider now to keep ... more
  • by Neil Anuskiewicz
    Despite the death knell sounded for email marketing, it has persevered as the most direct and effective way to reach your customers. It's critical, however, to reach them on their terms. Here's the basics on how to send permission-based email that speaks to your clients and prospects. more
  • by Steven Nicks
    Finding ways to encourage customers to talk about your company and products is easy once you know what to do. Even in the B2B space, you can indeed create buzz. more
  • by Ignacio Hernandez Jr.
    Last week, we ended the first part of this two-part series with a discussion of the perceived entry barriers to marketing to Hispanics. Now, we take a brief look at the tactics that marketers use to reach the Hispanic market, and discuss in depth Search Engine Marketing as an optimal ... more
  • by Ignacio Hernandez Jr.
    The US Hispanic population, with its growing purchasing power and impressive growth in media usage, has companies scrambling for ideas and ways to effectively target this barely tapped market. In this new report from MarketingProfs is solid and hard-to-find data on what organizations are doing effectively to target this market, ... more
  • by Marti Barletta
    Women age 50+ constitute a market force to be reckoned with. These women are in their prime—this is the healthiest, wealthiest, most influential generation of women in history, and terms like mature (overripe), middle-aged (frumpy) and senior (out to pasture) fail to convey their vitality and potential. These women should be ... more
  • by Mary Brown
    Never before in history has such a large demographic group as the Baby Boom generation experienced major life-stage transitions en masse. Now in their 40s and 50s, Boomer women are grappling with one of the most challenging stages they have faced to date: the empty nest. A critical juncture in a ... more
  • by Matthew Syrett
    Few rules are more widely quoted in marketing today than the 80/20 Rule, which states that 80 percent of your sales come from just 20 percent of your customer base. Intuitively, it makes sense. But this marketing interpretation of the 80/20 rule is actually flawed. more
  • by Terri Whitesel
    Word-of-mouth, or WOM, has become the buzzword in many marketing and advertising circles. Whether you are working in the B2C or B2B space, having your customers tell their friends, family and work colleagues about your product or service is what we all hope to achieve (and translate) into new leads, ... more
  • by Lisa Johnson
    There is an emerging group of business mavens—mompreneurs. Mompreneurs are more than just a great tale of free enterprise. They're a market phenomenon that has emerged for several key reasons. more
  • by Andrea Learned
    Are all the consumer options available today actually serving customers better, or does the exhaustive selection overwhelm (and ultimately discourage) potential buyers? What if all the great new products and models lining the shelves were actually inspiring would-be buyers to decide...well, not to decide? That's where doing your homework of ... more
  • by Chris Maher
    This is an open letter to major advertisers and marketers from one of your own ranks who is also (like us all) a consumer. The author is unhappy, worn out, and ill-tempered. When you think of him from this point forward, he says, hear the words "diminishing returns." more
  • by Robbie Baxter
    Imagine a world where video, photography, text and music are all available from any device that can connect to the Internet at any time. Whether you're using your computer, iPod, television or mobile phone, you will have the information you need and the diversion you want. Such a fantasy world ... more
  • by Lisa Johnson
    In a world that's increasingly inundated with massive choice, filters are a critical market phenomenon. Consumers rely on trusted filters to sift through the raw data and identify the top picks. As a result, many savvy brands are learning to build filtering mechanisms into their brands, their products and Web ... more
  • by X Murphy
    People of Caribbean heritage remain a large and diverse market. Marketers who ignore them are missing on the opportunities to showcase their products and services to a fast-growing segment with significant buying power. Unfortunately, some of the marketing campaigns of companies who are marketing to people of Caribbean heritage are ... more
  • by Mattias Durnik
    Last April, the last European Union member states implemented Article 13 of the Directive on Privacy and Electronic Communications -- the "Spam Directive." The first paragraph of Article 13 states that sending commercial email messages is only allowed if recipients have given their prior consent. So what's the state of email marketing ... more
  • by Paul Epstein
    Marketers who choose not to devote significant time and effort to the Hispanic population are missing out on a vital consumer segment that is growing faster than any other minority group in the United States. In fact, businesses should consider implementing new approaches and strategies to target Hispanics. Perhaps the most ... more

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