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Marketing Articles: Segmentation

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  • Stay or Go? You Tell Me.
    As subscriber engagement becomes a critical factor in the deliverability rates of email campaigns, removing inactive recipients from your list is more important than ever. To keep your list as clean as possible, "Mark" of the MailChimp blog recommends a three-message series that asks non-responsive subscribers if they still want ... more
  • The Anatomy of a Conversion Path
    by Anna Talerico
    A well-designed conversion path does more than guide a user toward the ultimate goal of becoming a customer. It leads you and the user into a richer, better-informed relationship. more
  • Chop That up Even Finer
    "The problem with the word 'segmentation' is that it has lost its meaning," says Andy Hasselwander in a recent post at the B2B Marketing Confidential blog. "Like [saying] 'analytics,' saying 'segmentation' can mean virtually anything." To better hone their targeting efforts, B2B marketers need to focus in on creating more ... more
  • Add Some Local Flavor
    When McDonald's launched its specialty coffees earlier this year, its banner ads inviting consumers to "McCafé Your Day" were all over the Web. Great branding, but does such online advertising send customers to local establishments? The short answer: When combined with search, it does! According to Christa Hoyland, editor of QSR Web, Google research ... more
  • Where Everybody Holds Your Name
    If there's anything Second Life has taught us, it's that people like having a place to come back to—a virtual hideaway where you're always well-coiffed and surrounded by friends, and everybody knows your (avatar's) name. Well, here's some good news for mobile marketers: virtual living just got a whole lot ... more
  • Beer Budget, Champagne Style
    You might not have the big-time marketing budget of a major retailer—but as the holiday season peaks, don't forget there's a secret weapon in your arsenal. "Email marketing campaigns are affordable, and can help small retailers to compete with the big boys during this crucial sales period, " says Wendy Lowe ... more
  • Naughty? Nice? Get the List.
    In late October, Twitter launched its Lists feature, which might just improve your life in a panoply of organization-friendly ways. The new feature helps you sort your own contacts based on personal relevance, but—maybe more importantly—it also provides you with ready-made groups of people to which to target your messages. ... more
  • Mom Loves Me Best
    A new study by the Marketing to Moms Coalition—a not-for-profit group that seeks to share insights about moms to help marketers better engage with them—shows just how much American moms are sacrificing so their families can stay afloat during the downturn. The survey results reveal that "mothers are sacrificing purchases for ... more
  • Ready, Aim, Market
    Direct marketers have long struggled to achieve the ultimate goal of getting the right message to the right person at the right time—and thereby gaining a sale. Now, the advent of location technology has added another dimension to that time-honored formula: getting a marketing message to the right place. In a ... more
  • You're Like the Air to Me
    In a recent post at the Online Marketing Blog, Adam Singer summarizes Charlene Li's keynote at Search Engine Strategies San Jose last summer. Co-author of the business bestseller Groundswell: Winning in a World Transformed by Social Technologies, and a MarketingProfs presenter, Li examines the intersection of search and social media. According ... more
  • Somebody's Watching Me
    In March 2008, Amber Duick began receiving email messages from a criminal fugitive who identified himself as Sebastian Fowler. "Amber, mate!" read one missive. "Coming 2 Los Angeles. Gonna lay low at your place for a bit till it all blows over." Over the course of five days, he advised ... more
  • [Your Name Here]
    Marketing messages with personalized subject lines usually fail to impress DJ Waldow. "[Most] of those emails use my first name as the 'hook' to get me to open," he writes in a recent post at the Email Experience Council blog. "This never works for me. Never. I know it's fake. ... more
  • Glamp It Up
    Warren Katz uses a post at the Elephant Bites blog to discuss the recession-driven microtrend of "glamping"—a freshly coined portmanteau for glamorous camping. In essence, its proponents want the low-budget benefit of a holiday in the great outdoors, but don't care to leave all the luxuries of home behind. "So, who ... more
  • ¿Habla Español?
    Not all Spanish speakers want the same thing from a website—many more factors than just language are at play.That's why, Tamara Barber explains in a post at the Forrester blog, research on customers' preferences led Best Buy and Allstate to dramatically different conclusions: "Best Buy," she notes, "has learned ... more
  •   Moving From Data to Action
    by Justin Talerico
    Your site visitors are not one big herd of cattle moving from Point A to Point B. So to optimize response, you need to segment your visitors and your analysis. more
  • Give the Gorilla the Banana
    by Justin Talerico
    Have you heard the concept of “giving the gorilla the banana”? In post-click marketing, the gorilla is the audience you want to convert and the banana is the reason they clicked your ad in the first place. more
  • Offer Alternatives to Identify Your Best Prospects
    by Justin Talerico
    The art of aligning your strategic objectives with the needs within your clickstream is critical to targeting your message and converting those people who are the best fits for your offering. more
  • How Many Segments Do I Need?
    by Anna Talerico
    Sheena Iyengar is a full professor in the Management Division of the Columbia Business School. I learned of her work in Malcolm Gladwell’s Blink. Iyengar is one of the leading experts on choice, and how choice impacts our decision-making. She is also my new hero. more
  • Customer-Centric Segmentation
    by Scott Brinker
    Sometimes, when we talk about segmentation, we can get caught up in thinking about it as merely categorization—we’re deciding what labels to put on people into and who belongs where. This is like thinking of segmentation as a kind of filing system. more
  • Segmented Audiences are 4X More Valuable
    by Justin Talerico
    Segmentation is immensely valuable. Behavioral targeting of ads is hot because—surprise, surprise—when you give people more relevant messaging and content, you get better results. more
  • Why Segment Respondents?
    by Justin Talerico
    Pre-conversion segmentation offers you a chance to learn far more than what you can learn after conversion because you're dealing with a much larger pool of respondents. more
  • 25% of UK Ads on Social Networks
    Social networking sites accounted for more than 25% of all UK display ad impressions in August. Although younger social networkers were delivered the highest percentage of ads, a sizable percentage of impressions reached every age group. more
  • Marketing to the New Gen X
    by Dave Sohigian
    Most businesses are well aware of how to market to Generation Xers (those born 1961-1981) mainly because so many people in business today are part of Generation X. But as Gen Xers move into midlife (the oldest are 48, and youngest are 28), we are seeing a dramatic shift in ... more
  • What Would We Do Without You?
    You've probably heard a lot that the days of "push" messaging—a mythical golden age when marketers could feed passive viewers whatever rigmarole the ad department pleased—are dead. So true. But for you, it's not a bad thing; it's a chance to develop long-term, even downright codependent relationships with users. And there ... more
  • How a Minority Can Look Like a Majority
    Let's say a travel company sends out a series of email messages with a variety of offers. Campaigns 1 and 3 produce average clickthrough rates of just over 4 percent; campaigns 2 and 4, however, generate rates of 6.68 percent and 6.4 percent, respectively. "Clearly, emails 2 and 4 resonated ... more

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