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  • Coupon, Incentive, Retail Site Traffic Jumps
    Traffic to retail sites surged in November as Americans began their online holiday shopping, according to comScore. Motivated by free shipping, price cuts, and discounts, consumers drove high traffic volume to online coupon and incentive sites as shoppers scoured the Web for money-saving opportunities. more
  • Adults Spend 13 Hours a Week Online
    US adults spent an average of 13 hours a week online in 2009, off slightly from last year, when average weekly online use was 14 hours, according to a poll by Harris Interactive. However, usage varies greatly: 20% of adult Internet users are online for only two hours or less ... more
  • What Every CMO Should Know About Music
    by Ruth Simmons
    Sir John Hegarty, the man behind the Levi's jeans and Lynx deodorant ads, once claimed, "Music is 50% of an ad's success." Yet even today very few metrics are regularly applied within the planning and creative processes to measure the value of music and sound to a brand's marketing. more
  • 2009 TV Revenues Down 22%
    The television industry will close out 2009—a year dominated by shifting advertising budgets and a poor economy—with lower-than-expected revenues of $15.6 billion, a 22.4% decline from 2008, according to BIA/Kelsey. more
  • Looking Back: A Decade of Changes
    As the decade draws to a close, only 27% of Americans have positive things to say about the past 10 years and 50% say they have generally negative feelings about them, according to Pew Research. The Internet, email, and cell phones, however, are viewed by many consumers as a ... more
  • The Word on the (Virtual) Street
    In a recent post at the Retail Email blog, Chad White highlights a host of interesting takeaways from this month's Winter Email Insider Summit. Among them are some hot email marketing tactics you may want to consider implementing, such as these: Give email credit where credit is due. "By withholding emails and monitoring sales," ... more
  • Android Shaking up Smartphone Market
    Awareness for Google's Android operating system is gaining momentum in the US as 17% of consumers in the market for a smartphone say they plan to buy an Android-supported device in the next three months, compared with 20% who plan to buy an iPhone, according to a study from comScore. more
  • E-Books Attract Internet-Savvy, Educated
    US consumers who own electronic book readers are more likely than other adults to be well-educated and have high incomes, according to Mediamark Research & Intelligence (MRI). They are also far more likely to be heavy mobile Internet users. more
  • How to Capture Your Company's Essence in 15 Words
    by Kathryn Roy
    As a B2B company, you may never air a 15-second message on NPR. But distilling your company description to its essence is a powerful goal. It will force you to jettison the jargon and superlatives. And your message will resonate all the more with prospects. more
  • Picture Yourself at the Top
    Major search engines now have their own image-search functions that provide image-search listings in regular Web-search results, writes Pandia Search Engine News in a recent article. And although searchers may have different reasons for using image-search engines, all of those searchers may be potential customers, subscribers, or readers. So, if ... more
  • Sounds Good to Me!
    "I know I have said it a million times in speeches, articles and in person," writes Dylan Boyd at The Email Wars blog, "but telling someone 'thanks' is one of the best things that you can ever do for your email campaigns." He was particularly impressed by the follow-up he received ... more
  • Just Leave Me Alone!
    You wouldn't add random people to your email list without their permission—you know better than that—but perhaps you're willing to take liberties with the email addresses of prominent bloggers like Chris Brogan. After all, you might reason, if he likes what he sees, he might forgive the spam you sent—and share the ... more
  • Emerging Markets to Drive Smartphone Surge
    The smartphone market will climb to 37% of global handset sales in 2014, expanding from 16% of market share in 2009 to 37% in 2014, with emerging markets driving the growth, according to Pyramid Research. more
  • US Marketing Models Won't Work in China
    The consumption of media among the Chinese––and the influence that media exerts on Chinese purchasing behavior––is significantly different from what it is for American consumers, according to and BIGresearch. Chinese consumers are also educated about Western brands and tend to be selective in their purchases. more
  • Small Business Marketing in 2010: A Forecast
    Small business owners are planning to engage customers in new ways in 2010, according to an Ad-ology Research study: 28% say they will spend at least the same or more on online video, an increase of 75% over last year's plans; 25% say they will commit more resources to social ... more
  • Will This Be on the Test?
    "[T]here is altogether too much guessing and not enough proving in email marketing," says Stephanie Miller in a post at the MarketingProfs Daily Fox blog. "With inboxes overflowing, subscriber fatigue growing and competition from social networks increasing, it's no longer enough to broadcast out your best guess as to what ... more
  • Consumers Simply Want a Better Phone
    Consumers are asking for three features when they buy their next cell phone, including better connectivity, better audio, and simplicity, according to a survey by In-Stat. more
  • Add Some Local Flavor
    When McDonald's launched its specialty coffees earlier this year, its banner ads inviting consumers to "McCafé Your Day" were all over the Web. Great branding, but does such online advertising send customers to local establishments? The short answer: When combined with search, it does! According to Christa Hoyland, editor of QSR Web, Google research ... more
  • Where Everybody Holds Your Name
    If there's anything Second Life has taught us, it's that people like having a place to come back to—a virtual hideaway where you're always well-coiffed and surrounded by friends, and everybody knows your (avatar's) name. Well, here's some good news for mobile marketers: virtual living just got a whole lot ... more
  • We're Engaged!
    According to DIRECT's Ken Magill, a recent announcement from AOL hints at where Internet service providers' spam-filtering techniques are headed, and "what marketers had better start doing if they want their email lists to continue to perform." Here's the scenario: Until now, senders with consistently low complaint rates earned a coveted ... more
  • Seniors Flock Online, Love Facebook
    Americans 65+ comprise less than 10% of the active Internet, but their numbers are growing: In the last five years, the number of seniors actively using the Internet grew 55% to 17.5 million in November 2009, up from 11.3 million in November 2004, according to a survey by Nielsen. more
  • Agency Doublespeak
    If there's one thing marketers know how to do, it's to make things sound better than they actually are. Consider a drink often requested by Paul Williams at Starbucks—that purveyor of infinitely customizable beverages: Iced, tall, no-shot Americano. Even if you know how to decode Starbucks lingo, you might still ... more
  • Beer Budget, Champagne Style
    You might not have the big-time marketing budget of a major retailer—but as the holiday season peaks, don't forget there's a secret weapon in your arsenal. "Email marketing campaigns are affordable, and can help small retailers to compete with the big boys during this crucial sales period, " says Wendy Lowe ... more
  • Naughty? Nice? Get the List.
    In late October, Twitter launched its Lists feature, which might just improve your life in a panoply of organization-friendly ways. The new feature helps you sort your own contacts based on personal relevance, but—maybe more importantly—it also provides you with ready-made groups of people to which to target your messages. ... more
  • Consumers Digitally Dependent, Discriminating
    Americans can't live without the Internet and television; they prefer advertisements that are innovative and playful; and they are open to new technologies that monitor their media usage if privacy is ensured, according to a recent study by Synovate. more

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