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  • Bah, Humbug to the Downturn!
    Few companies have been spared the ravages of the recession, but some strategies seem to be working to help small businesses stay afloat. In a recent article at Inc., Elizabeth Wasserman suggests tactics that small retailers might employ to add some ho-ho-ho to the late-holiday sales season—and boost results in the ... more
  • Internet Strong Amid Tepid 2010 Ad Recovery
    Annual global advertising expenditure will have declined 10.2% by the end of 2009––the worst annual drop in modern times––but is forecast to stabilize and grow 0.9% in 2010, according to projections by ZenithOptimedia. more
  • Lying Liars and the Lies They Lie
    "Every once in a while," writes Ardath Albee at the Marketing Interactions blog, "I get a bit irked at the irresponsible email practices of companies that play fast and free with their databases." In this case, an email from a marketing solutions company raised her ire by lying to her. Repeatedly. ... more
  • DVR Use and Online Video Growth Strong
    In the third quarter of 2009, Americans' consumption of new media formats grew at a brisk pace: DVR use increased 21% year over year, while the use of online video increased 34%, according to Nielsen's latest A2/M2 Three Screen Report. more
  • Problem Solved: How Much B2B Branding Is Too Much?
    by Claire Coyne
    How much B2B branding is too much? You want to incorporate your B2B brand message into every encounter with prospects and clients. But how do you do that without overdoing it? more
  • Short, Sweet and Digging for Gold
    The purpose of a pay-per-click (PPC) ad, says Nick Usborne, is "to match a thought in a reader's mind and then move that person forward to your landing page with a click." But here's the catch: You have to do it in 95 characters or less if you're writing a ... more
  • Window-shopping, Parisian-style
    Get this: 8 in 10 smartphone users say they have trouble accessing content from their handhelds. What's more, they swear they'd spend at least $9 more per month on purchases if the products they wanted were easier to find. The stats come from a survey of both US and UK smartphone ... more
  • Must You Always Play It Safe?
    Peruse the blogosphere for email marketing guidance, and you'll discover a number of seemingly inviolate dictums—rules that must not be broken if you aspire to a successful email program. But in a post at the Email Marketing Reports blog, Mark Brownlow argues that many "best" practices are in fact simply ... more
  • B2B Media Platform Q3 Revenues Down
    Signaling continued restraint in marketing spending, the revenue for three key B2B media platforms declined during the third quarter of 2009 at approximately the same rates as during the first half of the year, according to American Business Media's Business Information Network. more
  • Senior Execs Continue Shift to Online Media
    Since 2003, senior executives have steadily increased their use of electronic media—so much so, that as of 2009 80% say within five years they will be consuming over half of their work-related media online and 60% say the same for leisure media, according to a Decision Dynamics Survey cosponsored by ... more
  • Room for Improvement in Advertising ROI
    With today's increasingly price-conscious consumers, there is ample room for improvement in advertising efficiency: The ratio of average short-term return on marketing investment––sales within three months of media execution––is $1.09 for each dollar spent, according to a recent study by Nielsen. more
  • We Can Make Music Together
    In a video at, Israeli conductor Itay Talgam gives a spirited 20-minute talk on what modern leaders could learn from great conductors. Interestingly, a lot of the principles he presents in the video can apply to nourishing a social-media campaign. Here are some of his words of wisdom that can cross over ... more
  • Stop Flaunting That
    "Before the current recession," writes Mark Dolliver in an article at Adweek, "popular wisdom said wealthy people tended to be relatively untouched by the ups and downs of the economy and would keep buying high-end products and services no matter what." Well, times have changed. If your business serves the luxury ... more
  • This Smells Phishy
    As phishers (criminals masquerading as trusted entities to grab usernames, passwords and credit card info) become more sophisticated, and your subscribers become more cautious about online commerce, it's important to know how the average customer vets the marketing messages you send—especially those in which you request personal information. A legitimate appearance—in ... more
  • Neuromarketing Is the Future, But...
    by Samuel D. Bradley, PhD
    Increasingly, marketers are turning toward brain-imaging techniques, such as functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), in the quest for the Holy Grail "buy button." We call it neuromarketing. The brain, however, is reluctant to reveal its code. more
  • SEO Will Cure That SOS
    Business owner Fran Murdy presented all the symptoms of full-blown Search Overload Syndrome (SOS), Microsoft's term coined in its recent commercials for Bing, when he fessed up in a forum discussion not too long ago at "I'm in desperate need of help to find keywords for my business." Soon afterward, fellow ... more
  • Bring the Mayor to Your Doorstep
    Few things are as irresistible as a mobile game that lets players rack points up during waiting-room or bus-ride lulls. But if you're a brick-and-mortar shop, or a restaurant, there isn't much incentive for throwing another branded version of Tetris out into the ether. What to do, what to do? Solution: Hook up ... more
  • Over Before It Starts
    Those of us who check multiple email accounts throughout the day can hardly imagine a world in which people don't read messages as soon as they receive them. But in a post at the Retail Email blog, Chad White reports on a Pivotal Veracity study that found email recipients in August ... more
  • You're Like the Air to Me
    In a recent post at the Online Marketing Blog, Adam Singer summarizes Charlene Li's keynote at Search Engine Strategies San Jose last summer. Co-author of the business bestseller Groundswell: Winning in a World Transformed by Social Technologies, and a MarketingProfs presenter, Li examines the intersection of search and social media. According ... more
  • I Just Want to Help You
    You're in the business of communicating, and in the age of Internet-and-mobile, your platforms for doing so have expanded almost exponentially. But here's a down side: From fielding phone calls to checking email to ensuring your personal/company blog and Twitter accounts are well-populated, how do you manage it all? Lucky for you, slews of ... more
  • Risky Business
    "Having an offer for your products or services that is truly risk-free might be just the ticket you need to really make a difference in your email marketing campaigns," says Janine Popick in a post at her Vertical Response blog. She points to retailers like these that generate customer loyalty and ... more
  • Gen-Y Women Viewed by Gen-X as Trendsetters
    Gen-Y women have emerged as a distinct and influential consumer demographic, and they wield significant brand influence over older Gen-X women, according to a study conducted by Radar Research for Sugar Inc. more
  • Moms Sacrifice Own Purchases for Family's Sake
    As mothers carefully budget for their families, they are sacrificing purchases that are for their own use in order to ensure their families get what they need, according to a study by the Marketing to Moms Coalition. more
  • Somebody's Watching Me
    In March 2008, Amber Duick began receiving email messages from a criminal fugitive who identified himself as Sebastian Fowler. "Amber, mate!" read one missive. "Coming 2 Los Angeles. Gonna lay low at your place for a bit till it all blows over." Over the course of five days, he advised ... more
  • Weaker Online Holiday Spending Expected
    Despite a gradually improving economy, consumers plan to spend less and save more this holiday season, according to Nielsen's annual holiday retail survey. Some 42% of consumers plan to spend less this year on holiday gifts than last year; only 4% say they will spend more. more

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