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  • Five Risks to Take in '10
    In a recent Search Engine Land article, Andrew Goodman predicts that the biggest risk in 2010-2011 for search marketers may lie in working with outdated assumptions about the size and potential of target markets and the paid-search channel. As a remedy, he suggests five investment or expansion "risks" that could ... more
  • Move Over, Night Rider
    We like to emphasize that mobile is probably the most personalized technology available so far in the 21st century. And these days, finding ways to incorporate yourself into users' daily rituals is crucial to maximizing brand exposure on their up-close-and-personal handhelds. That's one reason for taking a look at GM's new ... more
  • Social Gaming Integral to Social Networking
    Nearly one-quarter (24%) of consumers say they regularly play games on social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace末and contrary to prevailing stereotypes, the typical social gamer is a 43-year-old woman, according to a new survey from PopCap Games. more
  • Consumers Would Pay for Some Web Content
    Most consumers (85%) want free online content末and nearly eight in ten (79%) say they would stop using a website that introduced charges, presuming they could find the same information at no cost elsewhere, according to a survey from Nielsen. more
  • Local SMBs Mull Social Media, Online Directories
    Local small and medium-sized businesses are applying social media to their ad plans: Nearly one-third (32%) of SMBs plan to use a page on a social networking site in the next year, and 39% plan to use customer-generated ratings or reviews on their website, according to a survey from BIA/Kelsey more
  • Stay Trendilicious!
    Looking to make your brand trendier? Get a load of Trendistic, a clear and simple way to watch the ebb and flow of buzz on Twitter. A visit to the Trendistic homepage gives you a quick glimpse at what keyword is hottest on Twitter right now. In addition to the most current ... more
  • Mix It Up, Baby
    In May 2009, Omniture and The CMO Club asked 102 CMOs to rate the relative effectiveness of digital-marketing media. The vast majority (78 percent) gave top marks to email marketing, but a sizable minority (33 percent) reported success in emerging social-media channels, too. That's because, these days, consumers "engage with a ... more
  • 2009 US Digital Year in Review: ComScore
    Despite the tough economic environment and unprecedented challenges to the industry, consumers' use of digital media climbed to new heights in 2009 as the Internet continued to evolve as an integral component of Americans' personal and professional lives, according to data from comScore. more
  • Boomers' Media Habits Shift Online, Turn Social
    Baby Boomers' consumption of media has shifted dramatically to the Internet: 62% of Boomers (age 45-63) spent more time on the Internet in 2009 than they did the year before, and the majority of Boomers had joined Facebook within the previous six months, according to survey conducted by CPH Research ... more
  • You Can Climb This Pyramid
    Before you start soliciting links and becoming active in online communities, it's best to first ensure that your site's content, structure, and design are in peak condition, Virginia Nussey advises in a recent post at the Bruce Clay blog: "Before you can expect a site to develop inbound links, you have ... more
  • Teens Prefer Social Networking to Blogging
    Blogging has lost appeal for most teens and young adults in the past three years, but social networks such as Facebook and MySpace are more popular than ever, according to a new report from the Pew Internet & American Life Project. more
  • The Numbers: Super Bowl Ads, Social Media
    Among the 38 brands that ran TV commercials during the Super Bowl this year, 75% reported twice as many blog posts about their brands on Sunday, compared with levels on Sunday evenings over the previous six months, reports Radio Business Report, citing research from Prophesee, the social media arm of ... more
  • When Pizza Turns a New Leaf
    It'd be an understatement to say 2009 was a tough year for Domino's Pizza, what with the awkward employees-abusing-food scandal. A quick recap: two bored employees recorded themselves doing unpleasant things with food, and the video wound up on YouTube. Domino's responded swiftly enough, both terminating the employees and releasing an apologetic YouTube video ... more
  • TV Ads Less Effective, Budgets Shifting Online
    More than half of advertisers (62%) say traditional TV advertising is less effective than it used to be, and many plan to shift their attention末and budgets末away from traditional TV to social media, online video ads, and branded advertising, according to a survey from Forrester and the Association of National Advertisers ... more
  • I Chat for a Good Cause
    The Great Recession has certainly not spared nonprofit organizations. With contributions down an average of nine percent, many charitable organizations have been forced to cut services. Some even face closure. Fortunately, though, the news is not all bad. "With the right marketing mix, savvy nonprofits are able to leverage social-media marketing ... more
  • 50% Click-Through Rates? Yes, You Can!
    by Stephanie Miller
    You'd think that to get half of your subscribers to click through, you might have to give away a million dollars every month. Publishers Clearing House actually does give away millions of dollars, but that wasn't enough on its own to earn a significantly higher-than-average response rate on its email ... more
  • Case Study: How Pioneer Achieved a Whopping 60%+ Click-Through Rate for Its Online Ads
    by Kimberly Smith
    Here's how Pioneer Electronics earned amazing click-through rates on its targeted online ads. more
  • All in Good (SEO) Time
    "They say an Internet year is … equivalent to seven normal years," says Kevin Gibbon in a post at SEOptimise—meaning that we can witness seven real-world-years' worth of change in one year online. To help search marketers keep up, Gibbon offers seven ways to stay on top of the competition in the ... more
  • Now There's an Owl for That
    Sweet news, hardcore Twitter users! Hootsuite—the Twitter management tool developed with marketers in mind—just released an app for the iPhone. That means you can now access the handy features of Hootsuite in any old roost! We first covered Hootsuite shortly after Canadian company Invoke Media launched the adorable owl-themed service. It made ... more
  • Mobile Coupons Attract Younger Consumers
    Mobile couponing is still in its early stages, yet nearly two-thirds (66%) of younger adults (age 18-34) who own a mobile phone say they are at least somewhat likely to try receiving and redeeming bar-coded coupons via their mobile phones, compared with 46% of all adults who say the same, ... more
  • HDTVs Could Reach 74% of Homes by 2012
    Nearly two-thirds (62%) of US consumers have HDTVs in their home, and another 12% are looking to purchase one within the next two years, bringing the potential market penetration to nearly three out of four households (74%) in the US, according to a new study from ORC. more
  • Americans Passionate About Music, OK With Ads
    Americans love their music: 72% of consumers surveyed consider themselves passionate about music,* and one-third (33%) say they "would give anything" to meet their music idols, according to a recent survey from Synovate. more
  • Time for Tea and Tweets
    Remember when we told you about Twitcam, the service that lets you stream live video via Twitter? This is kind of like that, but with more oomph and less lag. Say hello to tinychat, which lets you host live Web meetings, TV shows, music jam sessions—or whatever else you wanna do ... more
  • Unclear ROI Impedes Mobile Marketing
    Though most companies (75%) say mobile marketing is at least somewhat important to their marketing plans this year, many are still unsure about its practicality and ROI: 32% of marketers and business professionals cite not knowing how to make a business case as their biggest impediment to executing a mobile ... more
  • Newspaper Sites Draw 37% of Web Users
    Newspaper websites attracted an average monthly unique audience of 72 million visitors in the fourth quarter of 2009末37% of all Internet users末according to the Newspaper Association of America (NAA). more

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