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  • Case Study: How a New, Low-Cost Offline Channel Generated Surprisingly Stellar Results for Samsung
    by Kimberly Smith
    When your product competes with the iPhone, you have to get creative. Which is just what Samsung did. more
  • How Can I Find the Words?
    In a recent post on the blog, Dustin Williams notes that every successful search campaign starts with finding the right keywords. It's important to not rush that precious keyword research, he says, because, "the goal is not only to rank well for many search terms but to also rank well ... more
  • How's This for Passing the Buck?
    One year ago, Lynda Partner wrote—but did not publish—a blog post that eviscerated a software company for taking liberties with her email address, and then treating her complaint with stunning indifference. "Why publish it now, you ask? This week I got more spam from this same company," she says. "It ... more
  • A Whole New Way to Unsubscribe
    As an email marketer, you'll be, well, interested in a new development at Gmail. "Some of you already use the 'Report Spam' button on all kinds of unwanted email," Brad Taylor tells users in a post at the Gmail blog, "and for that we're very thankful: The more spam you ... more
  • Ad Spending Share by Medium, May 2009
    Television—Network, Cable, and Local—accounts for the vast majority of ad spending according to the latest adspend-share data from Nielsen. more
  • Stellar Viral Videos, Pt. II
    Last week, we showed you some cool makeup vids as an example of how viral videos can rack in the mega-bucks. This time, we offer a sample of how a consistent, useful and compelling online video campaign can serve your brand amazingly well. Consider "Will it Blend," a fascinating online ... more
  • Look to Where the Sun Is Shining
    "The Hispanic market seems to be the only one still flourishing these days in the face of economic doom and gloom," says Blaire Borthayre in an article at MarketingProfs. And there are, she argues, a number of reasons why the buying power of these savvy consumers will likely grow to ... more
  • First Impressions Sure Do Count
    In an article at MarketingProfs, Louis Chatoff argues that the success of any email campaign largely comes down to creating a good first impression. To gain approval, he says, an email marketer must—above all—focus on the quality and relevance of each message sent. "It simply doesn't work to quickly throw ... more
  • Top 15 Auto Industry Search Terms, June 2009
    Demand for "pre-owned" automobiles has been hot during the recession, and the automotive search terms used most in June reflect consumers' interest in buying and selling cars online. more
  • Case Study: A Facebook Experiment in Ad Targeting
    by Jason Alba, Kimberly Smith
    Here's how One Day, One Job—an online company that helps college students find entry-level jobs—grew its Web traffic and visibility via targeted ads on the social network. more
  • You CAN Get Satisfaction
    Mick Jagger sang, "I can't get no satisfaction," and that's apparently how many SEM professionals feel about their efforts these days. A recent report from [x+1] found that even though organizations are still investing as much if not more in SEM during this down economy, they have been somewhat unhappy ... more
  • Don't Become a Frenemy
    "Refer-A-Friend campaigns can be tricky territory," says Kristen Gregory in a post at the Bronto blog. "Let's be very clear: just because someone gives you the email address of their friend does not mean you have permission to email [that friend] whenever you want, as often as you like." For ... more
  • Lessons From a Cardboard Box
    Mark Brownlow of Email Marketing Reports says he learned a thing or two while working in a cardboard-box factory as a teenager. "The first was the importance of proofreading," he says. "There are not a lot of alternative uses for 200,000 boxes advertising ‘Premium banannas.’ " Another lesson was the ... more
  • Stellar Viral Videos, Pt. I
    News flash: mascara is recession-proof! At present, the most popular and recession-resilient videos on YouTube come from the "makeup tutorial" subgenre. Now, don't let those $5 words fool you: this cottage industry is composed of girls barely out of their teens, producing tutorials on everything from applying mascara with a ... more
  • That Is So Last Week
    "How much do you know about your customers right now, at this moment?" asks John Kembel in an article at MarketingProfs. You can't depend solely on the static nature of composite profiles, he argues, when the current downturn has put needs and attitudes in a state of flux. "[Y]ou need ... more
  • Communications Industry Forecast: Slump, then... Growth
    Total communications spending will decline 1% in 2009, to $882.6 billion—its first spending decline since the 2001 recession—according to the latest Communications Industry Forecast (CIF) from private-equity firm Veronis Suhler Stevenson (VSS). more
  • Ready for Your Close-up?
    In a post at the Emma blog, Edwin Acevedo tells the story of VideoLink, a video-production company that wanted to highlight its skills in an email campaign that showed off new features at a redesigned website. "They made a short video [hosted by CEO Gina Chudnow]," he says, "added a ... more
  • Commercial Break: M&M's Blue
    In this regular Daily Chirp feature, William Arruda shares some of his favorite television ads. And he offers up a lesson for how the ad relates to your personal brand. Today, he looks at M&M's "Blue" commercial. more
  • Peeling This Doesn't Make You Cry
    In an article at the MarketingProfs website,  Mike Volpe explains that SEO is one of the most effective ways to help your customers find you. He compares SEO to a gigantic onion, noting that "there is always another layer you can peel off." For your site to show up first ... more
  • You Can Thank Your DVR
    "Television advertising is finally on the cusp of long-anticipated change," says Daniel Frankel in an article at The Wrap. "The popularity of digital video recorders is making that 60-year-old TV ad standard—the two-minute commercial break—obsolete." In its place, notes Frankel, expect shorter, more frequent ad breaks, sponsorship by single advertisers ... more
  • Take This Plan and Shove It!
    "Lately," says Ken Magill in a post at DIRECT, "I regularly get messages from frustrated email managers whose bosses are trying to prod them into doing something self-destructive." It seems they're dealing with upper management who believe that doubling frequency will double profits, and that anything is fine as long ... more
  • Grab for That Brass Ring!
    "I predicted back in January that 2009 would be the year of the email marketer," says Stephanie Miller in a post at the Daily Fix blog. "Times got rough mid-last year, and executives were scrambling to maintain revenue and keep customers happy." As a result, she thought, the low investment ... more
  • Are You Socially Acceptable?
    One reason social media sites have caught on like wildfire among users is that, by and large, they operate on basic principles of social decency. Now, be honest: Do your social-media skills match the subtle standards set at sites like Twitter and YouTube? Not sure? Well, here are a few site-inspired rules ... more
  • New Breed of Mobile-Media Consumers Emerging
    Avid users of mobile video constitute a unique audience that may not be reachable via other digital media, according to a study of mobile-phone users that measures consumers' reactions and feedback to mobile video advertising and their reliance on mobile for information. more
  • Mind if I Take a Peek?
    In an article at MarketingProfs, Josh Nason suggests you might be letting valuable customer data go to waste. "In every campaign that you send out," he says, "you should have direct links to specific pages on your website, helping you gauge and track what's moving the meter in your emails ... more

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