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The Social Oscar Goes to... [Slide Show]

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On Sunday, February 24, the 85th Academy Awards (commonly called the Oscars) took place to honor the movie industry's finest.

And while the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences was declaring the winner in each category, folks on social media networks were discussing the Oscars (553,195 total mentions) and naming their own winners.

Let's look at the Oscars from a social media perspective, thanks to Viralheat.

130228-1 Comparing Oscar winners to social media winners

First Lady Michelle Obama presented the Best Picture award to Argo; but on social media, Lincoln ruled. It received more social media mentions that its Oscar-winning competitors.

Not surprisingly, the winners for Best Actor and Best Actress received the most social media mentions during the event.

130228-2 How people felt about nominated best pictures

Folks on social networks made running commentaries about the winners announced during the televised event. So, how did people feel about the nominated best pictures?

Django Unchained received the most positive social mentions (81%) with only a minimum of negative mentions (11%). The film that received the most negative social mentions was Silver Linings Playbook, with 30% of mentions neutral and 25% of them negative.

130228-3 Mentions over time for the red carpet

Part of the allure of the Oscars is the fashion (what are celebs wearing?) and celebrity couples (who attended with whom?). Both are on sparkly display during the red carpet portion of the event, when the Academy Awards event attendees make the walk from their limos to the doors of the Dolby Theater. Here's a look at the mentions over time for the red carpet segment.

130228-4 Most social mentions for best actor and best actress

So, which actors and actresses received the most social media mentions during the Academy Awards presentation?

Best Actor winner Daniel Day Lewis received the most mentions (56,787) among his fellow nominees, which may be a result of his being the only actor to receive three Oscars in his career.

Silver Linings Playbook actress Jennifer Lawrence, winner of the best actress category, received the most social mentions (186,614) among her fellow nominees.

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Veronica Jarski is the Opinions editor and a senior writer at MarketingProfs. She can be reached at

Twitter: @Veronica_Jarski

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