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Marketing Articles: Mobile

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  • Why 'Free' Text Messages Will Cement Mobile as a Critical Component of the Marketing Mix
    by Matt Silk
    With short message service (SMS) reaching 5 billion mobile phones around the world, marketers can no longer ignore the significance of texting as a marketing channel. Some consumers, however, are hesitant to take advantage of those mobile marketing programs, in part because of the fees associated with branded messages. Enter ... more
  • Why Mobile Is Driving a New Approach to Data Management
    by Brian Deagan
    As the mobile channel continues its rise to prominence among marketers and consumers, the lines between the digital marketing and the physical marketing worlds have become blurred. If mobile is meant to connect the two worlds, a new approach to data management is crucial for marketing to remain effective and ... more
  • Use a Food App to Hawk a Product Line. Why Not?
    We love photographing food—local gems we hope to immortalize and share. Now there's an app for that! Inspired by Foursquare, Foodspotting lets users snap pictures of food and share the name and location via iPhones. It's a great way for iPhone users to find yummy dishes nearby. (Just think: Now you ... more
  • Three Crucial Ways to Serve Today's Wired Shoppers
    Today's consumers are "eager to use mobile devices to inform in-store decisions," says Target's Kris Roberts in a recent article that quotes experts on the subject at Knowledge@Wharton. Digital innovations, the article argues, are transforming how people shop. As mobile networks improve, it's becoming easier for retailers to target customers based ... more
  • One More New Way to Take Your Business Mobile
    In less than five years, more than 50 percent of users at any given time will be accessing the Internet from a mobile device, according to Morgan Stanley. Frankly, it feels like that number is already being reached in the business world. After all, Internet-ready mobile devices are ubiquitous, and the ... more
  • Spread Your Online Messages Offline
    Now, even your offline world can have a social element: Sotokolan, whose slogan is "Objects get social," enables you to attach your Facebook page to a custom QR code. (A QR code is like a barcode that, when scanned, points users to a Web page or reveals other digital information.) Through ... more
  • Tips for Building a Hot Mobile App
    In April, Morgan Stanley analyst Mary Meeker issued her report on this year's Internet trends. It included this revelation: Mobile is a hit, and in the next five years, people will be using it to get online far more often than any of their desktop devices. The current leader of this ... more
  • Boost Customer Service With a Little Digital Magic
    Ever wanted to share a snowman in springtime, send a love letter to a stranger—or surprise a loyal customer with a gift message? Get a load of Layar, which puts the magic of augmented reality in the hands of anyone with an idea and an iPhone 3GS or a phone that ... more
  • Creating a Unique Mobile Experience With iPad—Which Industry Will Be First?
    by Joseph Jaffe
    The iPad has the potential to provide an all-in-one tablet that people are going to use everywhere—on their couch, while on vacation, and from all the places in between. No doubt brands are salivating at the chance to use the device to connect with consumers. Since many are hitching their ... more
  • Find Your Glory Story
    Remember Foursquare, the mobile game where users check in to gather badges and mayorships at their favorite local spots? If you're not a brick-and-mortar retailer, it's understandably hard to imagine how to leverage this strange new breed of socnet, which now serves more than 800,000 users worldwide. To help you get ... more
  • Mobile App or Site? Choose With Care.
    Having a mobile app can make sense for a B2B company, says Jennifer Leigh Brown in a post at the B2B Insights Blog. "But there are key considerations when deciding between investing in a mobile application instead of designing a mobile website," she cautions. And when money is tight, you ... more
  • It's an iWorld After All
    Time to start thinking "i" again—this time for the iPad. Like it or not, it's a mobile device, and 120,000 were preordered in the first 24 hours of its release in April. And as of May 3, iPad had already hit 1 million units sold, and 12 million iPad apps ... more
  • IM as Team Sport
    The Blackeyed Peas' recently raised eyebrows during a concert in Florida when he freestyled, in real-time, anything users sent to his BlackBerry. You're thinking, "Whoa, that's a lot of people with's number." Thankfully, he still reserves that for his friends. The messages were sent to him via the instant-messaging ... more
  • It's a Mobile Makeover!
    Dipping your brand into unfamiliar territory (like marketing a mobile app to the masses) isn't just a matter of learning new terrain, it's a matter of rethinking what you think you know. A good place to start? Other companies' success stories. Enter Vogue Stylist ("Your closet. Styled by Vogue."), an iPhone app ... more
  • Go Mobile or Go Away
    "With 4.6 billion current mobile subscriptions projected to surge to 6.5 billion mobile connections by 2014, there's no denying it, marketers: Mobile has arrived—and it's changing how (and where) business professionals communicate with each other, and how (and why) business audiences interact with B2B brands," says Christina "CK" Kerley in ... more
  • Rethinking Normal: The Newest in Marketing Research From the ARF's Annual Conference
    by Tim McAtee
    MarketingProfs blogger Tim McAtee shares his thoughts about the ARF's 56th annual conference about rethinking normal. more
  • B2Bs, Your (Mobile!) Markets Need 'More Show, Less Tell'
    by Christina "CK" Kerley
    MarketingProfs blogger Christina "CK" Kerley discusses how B2Bs need to formulate an action plan for the mobile market. more
  • Messaging Through Earbuds, Pt. I
    If you don't think of podcasting as a mobile medium, think again! Any users with MP3 players (including smartphones) can load podcasts onto their devices and listen to them anywhere—while sitting on the subway, jogging, walking the dog, you name it. Podcasts are inexpensive to produce, and once you've loaded one onto your server, you can ... more
  • Mobile-ity
    "Make no mistake about it," says Christina "CK" Kerley at MarketingProfs, "mobile has arrived—and it's changing how (and where) business professionals communicate with one another and how (and why) they interact with B2B brands." And yet, she laments, many B2B companies lag far behind B2C counterparts in leveraging this powerful ... more
  • Incite Change in a Moment's Text
    Good news, nonprofits! At Le Web this year, Her Majesty Queen Rania of Jordan discussed how, in an era when a panoply of tech options are available to us at a finger-swipe, we can pick and choose the charitable causes we support in the same way we pick and choose ... more
  • Why Social, Mobile, and Email Are BFFs (Not Archenemies)
    by Morgan Stewart
    The digital-marketing trifecta of social media, mobile, and email are fueling (not cannibalizing) one another. One clear example is the impact that smartphones are having on the use of email and social networking. more
  • Can Texting Work As a Marketing Tool?
    by David Reich
    MarketingProfs Daily Fix Blogger, David Reich, discusses the possibility of texting as a marketing channel. more
  • Maximize Your Digital-Marketing Mix: 10 Ways to Integrate Social, Mobile, and Email
    by Dan Forootan
    Cross-promotional efforts can help companies spread the word as new online-marketing platforms are launched, boosting follower interest and opt-in. The following are 10 popular strategies that companies use to maximize their digital-marketing mix. more
  • Now There's an Owl for That
    Sweet news, hardcore Twitter users! Hootsuite—the Twitter management tool developed with marketers in mind—just released an app for the iPhone. That means you can now access the handy features of Hootsuite in any old roost! We first covered Hootsuite shortly after Canadian company Invoke Media launched the adorable owl-themed service. It made ... more
  • Five Reasons Why Mobile Marketing Is Prime for B2Bs—And Five Key Questions B2B Marketers Should Be Asking
    by Christina "CK" Kerley
    In the B2C space there's a lot of buzz around mobile marketing, but in the B2B sector it's more likened to a whisper. B2Bs are missing out on super-sized opportunities for integrating a valuable new brand touch point for their customers and establishing a dynamic new communications channel with professional ... more

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