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Marketing Articles: Mobile

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  • Three Email Copywriting Tips for Non-Pros
    Let's say your small business doesn't have the resources to hire a professional copywriter for email campaigns. That means you—or someone on your overtaxed team—is trying to create effective messages without a solid knowledge of what works and what doesn't. So, what must you know? In a post at his blog, pro ... more
  • Five Tips for Masterful Pinmanship on Pinterest
    We've mentioned why Pinterest is a great resource for reaching users, and the social space is now brimming with case studies. Cases in point: GSD&M used it to create an SXSW survival guide for the conference's attendees. The British airline bmi started a Pinterest lotto campaign to enable eager Repinners to ... more
  • Most Execs Are 'On' Regardless of Time or Location
    Smartphones, Wi-Fi access, and social media have liberated business executives from the confines of their offices; however, the flip side of that freedom is that very few can separate themselves from work after hours, according to a study by gyro and Forbes Insights. more
  • Six Tips for Managing Facebook Brand Timeline Pages
    We have updated you on some of the major changes to Facebook’s Brand Timeline pages. Now that you feel more familiar with the medium, it’s time for your Community Manager to step in and do her due diligence. (Don’t have one of those yet? Here are tips for hiring one!) Social ... more
  • Facebook and Instagram: The Data Behind the Photo Op
    On April 9, 2012, Facebook announced its billion-dollar plan to acquire Instagram, a hugely popular photo sharing network with more than 30 million users. Traffic to Instagram's website had already been increasing steadily over the previous 24-week period, reaching 3.8 million visits as of April 7, over 55 times the ... more
  • Portable Purchasing: Trends in Shopping via Tablets, Smartphones
    Tablets are fast becoming the mobile shopping device of choice among consumers: 64% of tablet owners say they have made at least one purchase via their device in the previous six months, compared with 48% of smartphone owners who say the same, according to a new survey by Local Corporation ... more
  • Five Twitter Tips for B2B Marketers
    B2B social marketing isn't an easily intuitive process because social has oft been perceived as consumer-focused. (For the most part, anyway.) But here's some good news: Social Media B2B—a great resource for B2B strategists—has made life a little easier for cautious B2B socializers by publishing 10 Tweetable Twitter Tips for B2B ... more
  • Google Android Captures Majority of US Smartphone Market
    Google Android continued to widen its lead in the US smartphone market in February 2012, crossing the 50% threshold to capture a majority share for the first time in its history, according to data from the comScore MobiLens service. more
  • Four Mobile Email Myths You Need to Bust Right Now
    "With the increase in smartphone adoption, there's been a lot of talk lately about mobile email," writes Anthony Schneider of Mass Transmit. "Some of it is brilliant. Some of it's baloney." In the latter category is the notion that teenagers are the only ones reading email on mobile devices. Not true, ... more
  • Decoding the Code: Seven R's of a Relevant Mobile Barcode Campaign
    by Igor Glubochansky
    Mobile barcode campaigns can deliver a call to action, engage customers and prospects, and enhance the human experience as it relates to your brand. Learn seven key tips for launching a successful mobile barcode campaign. more
  • Email Preferred Over Texting for Brand Offers, Promos
    Despite the widespread adoption of SMS text messaging in personal communications, most (86%) people prefer to receive promotional offers from brands via email rather than text, according to a survey from Ipsos OTX and Ipsos Global @dvisor. Similarly, most business professionals prefer email over text messages when receiving promotional offers ... more
  • Three Key Changes to Facebook's Brand Timeline Pages
    In February, Facebook launched its updated Brand Timeline pages, which include better opportunities for customizing a brand page, among other features. Wildfire Interactive CEO Victoria Ransom has detailed six things marketers must know about the new Pages. Here are three changes to note: Improved look and feel. Now, as with ... more
  • An Argument Against the Usefulness of QR Codes
    We've been talking about QR codes—those slightly out-of-focus, black-and-white squares—for several years now. "Conceptually, this is neat," writes Alexis Madrigal at The Atlantic. "People who are looking at paper but connected to the Internet via their phones can combine the two in one seamless experience." We see QR Codes everywhere—but ... more
  • Five Apps to Build Facebook Fan Engagement
    Chances are high that your target, or someone who influences your target, is on Facebook. But beyond starting a Page and praying for rain, how do you draw attention to yourself and maximize that target's engagement? The Social Media Examiner has collected 10 great apps for building community on Facebook. ... more
  • 'Generation C' Is the New Gen Y: Connected and Social
    Americans age 18-34, or "Generation C" as they've been recently dubbed, make up 23% of the US population but they comprise an outsized proportion of consumers who watch online video (27%), visit social networking sites and blogs (27%), own a tablet (33%), and use a smartphone (39%), according to a ... more
  • Three Tips for a Memorable Smartphone App
    When you introduce a new smartphone app, you're asking your clientele to interact with your brand in an unfamiliar way. So how do you encourage early adoption among your best customers? With great design, of course—and it doesn't hurt if you get there ahead of your competitors. "[O]ne of the ... more
  • Five Tips for Mobilizing LinkedIn Mobile for Social
    These days, 11% of traffic to LinkedIn comes from mobile pageviews. That figure is expected to grow as smartphone browsing becomes the easiest way for users—particularly professionals—to hit the 'net from wherever they may be. So how do you maximize LinkedIn Mobile for your own social purposes? Here are five tips ... more
  • Brands Not Capturing the Benefits of Big Data Marketing
    Although 91% of senior corporate marketers agree that successful brands are using customer data to drive marketing decisions, 39% say their own company's data is collected too infrequently or not effectively enough, according to a report by the Columbia Business School's Center on Global Brand Leadership and the New York ... more
  • Senior Execs Consume Both Traditional and New Media
    Senior executives have a healthy appetite for a wide range of traditional and new media channels, according to a survey from Doremus and the Financial Times: Most surveyed execs still read business and trade information in printed formats, but they also use digital channels—such as online video, professional networking sites, ... more
  • Sweat-Free Ways to Check Your Social Pulse
    Once in awhile we need tools that can help us maintain our social chops. To help you bring some coherence to all the noise across Twitter and the blogosphere, we've compiled a list of powerful and, in some cases, lesser-known "oldies but goodies." Take a minute to consider these social ... more
  • Market Research Spend Forecast to Rebound in 2012
    Businesses are ready to spend on information again, according to a new report by IBISWorld: Marketing research revenues are forecast to grow 3.1% in 2012 as corporate profits rise and businesses increase marketing budgets. more
  • Five Android Apps to Make Your B2B Sales Life Easier
    On-the-go B2B salespeople are always looking for ways to make their lives easier—and apps really can help. Here are a few Android apps that folks are buzzing about. Writing at the Intuit Small Business blog, Brad Chacos touts the benefits of some "truly useful" business apps, including one of Intuit's. Among ... more
  • Four Ways to Use Mobile at Your Next Tradeshow Booth
    by Chad Udell
    At your next tradeshow, you'll likely be competing for the attention of a finite pool of attendees. So how can you best your competitors and capture (and keep) the attention of attendees? You've got to effectively incorporate mobile. more
  • What Buyers Want in Apple's New iPad
    Apple is expected to unveil the next-generation of the iPad on March 7, 2012 and nearly one-third (29%) of mobile Web users say they plan to buy the new device, according to a survey from InMobi. Among those 29%, more than one-half (54%) are first-time tablet buyers. more
  • How to Overcome the Social Shakes and Get Your Brand Out There
    It's OK to feel nervous about taking the social leap; it's a vast frontier with lots of possible pitfalls. It can make you feel pretty darned small. But there's a lot to be harvested in targeting the "social customer." So how do you go about social-farming strategically, instead of just doing ... more

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