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Marketing Articles: Mobile

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  • 'Native' Ads May Damage Brand Perceptions
    "Native" ads, those that give the appearance of being authentic content (Twitter promoted tweets, Facebook sponsored stories, etc.), can have a negative effect on the perceptions of brands that sponsor such ads, according to a study by MediaBrix. more
  • Five Ways to Optimize Email for Mobile
    A note to our readers: MarketingProfs has decided to cease publication of the Get to the Po!nt (GTTP) newsletters, and this issue of the Email Marketing GTTP is the last you'll be receiving. We hope you continue to enjoy our daily newsletter, MarketingProfs Today, and our best-of-the-week newsletter, MarketingProfs This Week. "According to a study by Litmus, ... more
  • National Brands Betting on Local Digital Marketing in 2013
    Some 91% of national brands say they plan to spend more or the same on local marketing (i.e., campaigns directed at customers in their local markets) in 2013 compared with 2012 spending levels, and they cite mobile marketing, local blogs, and online customer reviews as their top 3 digital priorities ... more
  • Engagement With Brands via Facebook Surging in 2012
    Among Facebook audiences worldwide, user engagement with brands—via likes, comments, and shares—is surging in 2012, according to Adobe's Digital Index, which covers some 260 billion ad impressions across 338 companies as well as Facebook activity among roughly 70 million fans. more
  • Achieving Kingly Facebook Engagement: The Six Secrets of Superbrands
    A note to our readers: MarketingProfs has decided to cease publication of the Get to the Po!nt (GTTP) newsletters, and this issue of the Social Media GTTP is the last you'll be receiving. We hope you continue to enjoy our daily newsletter, MarketingProfs Today, and our best-of-the-week newsletter, MarketingProfs This Week. Facebook ... more
  • Small Business and the Presidential Election, the Economy, and Marketing
    US small business owners favor Governor Mitt Romney over President Barack Obama as the presidential candidate better equipped to lead the US in an economic recovery, according to the MerchantCircle Confidence Index, which polled local business owners about the economy and their expected revenues and marketing. more
  • Get the Biggest Bang for Your Blog
    Blogging seems like a no-brainer. But it's grueling work that may not immediately yield the results you want. That's part of the reason why longtime blogger Mike Figliuolo has shared his list of tips for diversifying blog content, increasing content shareability, and using tools to maximize output (and profit). A bit ... more
  • Tablets Driving Newspaper, Magazine Readership
    Nearly two in five US tablet owners read newspapers or magazines via their device in the three-month period ended August 2012, and among them one in ten read such publications almost daily, according to data from the comScore TabLens service. Kindle Fire users were the most likely to read newspapers ... more
  • 1 in 4 Google Search Queries Is Local
    About one-quarter (24.24%) of all search queries conducted via Google are for local goods and services, according to a study by Chitika Insights. However, Bing and Yahoo users are more likely to conduct local search queries: 28.81% of queries conducted via Bing are local searches, as are 25.28% of those ... more
  • Connect Remote Workers With Social Software
    If you're running a small business, one of your biggest allies is the freelancer or the remote worker—even if she's not at your doorstep (which she increasingly isn't). But if you have multiple remote workers, building enterprise "culture" and camaraderie can be a real challenge. Enter social collaboration tools, which help company ... more
  • Nine Tips for Building a Solid Mobile Website
    by Lakshmi Harikumar
    Grab a smartphone. Key in your website/blog URL. If what you see is jumbled or distorted, you are likely losing tons of traffic—and conversions. Now that your audiences are mobile, is your website? more
  • The History of Web Video Delivery [Infographic]
    Online video isn't just becoming faster, more accessible, and of higher quality; it's also growing quickly as a media platform. In fact, in July 2012, 184 million Web users in the US accounted for 36.9 billion video content views—and an average of 22.3 hours of video content viewed per viewer. more
  • Photo-Sharing on Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr
    Nearly one-half (46%) of online adults post original photos and videos they themselves have created, and 41% curate photos and videos they find elsewhere on the Internet and post them on various photo-sharing sites, according to a study by Pew Research. more
  • Instagram Surpasses Twitter in Daily Mobile Traffic
    Instagram, the popular photo-sharing platform, attracted an average of 7.3 million daily users in the US via mobile device in August 2012, surpassing the 6.9 million who visited Twitter via mobile device, according to data from comScore Mobile Metrix 2.0. more
  • Captivating Digital Moms: Four Apps They Love
    Moms are among the most connected demographics in social: more than 54% own smartphones, 75% use Facebook; and 5 million visit Pinterest daily. Their purchasing decisions affect entire households and spill over to their super-social friends. So how do you attract this connected, influential audience? At, Christina DesMarais gives us her top ... more
  • Forrester Profiles Smartphone and Tablet App Users
    Mobile app users are an attractive audience for marketers, skewing younger and more affluent than other online adults in the US, according to research from Forrester. more
  • Five Social Lessons for Small Business From Big Business
    Social may democratize the marketing landscape, but big businesses still have the upper hand in terms of best-practices, simply because they have more resources to devote to new media. What's a smaller marketer to do to keep pace in the social space? Here's some help. Brad Smith, in a post at ... more
  • Shopping via Mobile: Spending Patterns, Demographic Profiles, and More
    Men are more likely than women to make purchases using their smartphone (45% vs. 34%), and they're even more more likely to buy certain types of products via mobile device, such as consumer electronics equipment and digital content, according to a study by uSamp. more
  • A Supercharged Sales Force: Power Your Organization Via Mobile Sales Enablement [Infographic]
    Smartphones and tablets are redefining sales because they offer a compelling blend of usability, utility, and innovation that's unachievable with personal computers. In short, mobile enablement can supercharge your sales. And this infographic outlines how. more
  • Four Tips for Using Instagram for Business
    Who would've guessed a few photo filters and instant sharing capabilities would produce a social hit? Instagram, that's who! The image-based social network, available on iPhone and Android smartphones, boasts more than 100 million users. Many are brands: Starbucks, NASA, MTV, and NBC News are some of the most successful Instagrammers. Recently, the ... more
  • Top 50 Websites: Google No. 1, Instagram Makes Debut
    Google Sites was the top-ranked Web property in August 2012, attracting some 187 million unique visitors, followed by Microsoft Sites with 170 million and Yahoo Sites with 164 million, and making its debut to the Top 50 was Instagram, at No. 48, with 26.0 million unique visitors, according to data ... more
  • Riding the iPhone 5 App Marketing Wave [Infographic]
    Some 10 million people will likely end up buying the new iPhone 5 in the 10 days after it hits stores on Sept. 21, 2012, and the iPhone 5's release will present a huge mobile app marketing opportunity for brands, according to Fiksu. more
  • Blue America Watches More Online Video Than Red
    Online video viewers living in blue states watched 26% more video content than those living in red states during the second quarter of 2012, according to Ooyala's Q2 Global Video Index Report, which also found that the proportion of time tablet viewers spent watching premium, long-form video jumped 47% over ... more
  • Shopping via Mobile: Top Item Categories, Buying Influencers
    Almost nine in ten mobile users (88.1%) say they regularly or occasionally research products via their smartphone or tablet, and nearly two in three (66.5%) regularly or occasionally purchase products via the mobile channel, according to a survey from Prosper Mobile Insights. more
  • Mobile Email Expected to Reach Tipping Point in 2013
    More than one-third of email messages across 12 key industries were opened via mobile devices in the first half of 2012, up from 20% one year earlier; moreover, for most brands, email opens via mobile are projected surpass 50% within the next 6-12 months, according to a report by Knotice. more

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