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Marketing Articles: Mobile

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  • Three Ways to Enhance SEO With Twitter
    "While Google has ended its Realtime Search deal with Twitter, search engines are still using social media sites for ranking purposes," says Jillian Stira at the Scholes Marketing blog. And Twitter remains a critical part of your search strategy, she notes: "Twitter has pulled ahead of many other social media platforms, ... more
  • Maximizing Your Brand Presence on Google+
    Recently, Google+ granted companies the ability to launch brand pages. Its stated goal in doing so was to help users build relationships with any company they "care about." As Google's SVP-Engineering Vic Gundotra describes it, "behind every page (or storefront, or four-door sedan) is a passionate group of individuals, and ... more
  • Mobile Email Audiences Up 28%
    Some 89.6 million Americans used their mobile phone to access email for work or personal purposes during the three-month period ended November 2011, up 28% (19.5 million) from the 70.1 million who did so a year earlier, according to comScore Data Mine. more
  • Apple Forecast to Gain Share as Smartphones Surge
    Despite Android's firm grip on the smartphone market, Apple's iOS is expected to reap the benefits of increasing consumer demand in smartphones over the next six months, according to a new report by Yankee Group. more
  • Mobile Social Media: Top Apps, Deal Sites, and More
    Social consumers—people who are active on various social networking sites—use mobile devices broadly in their social activities, such as checking in with social networking sites, sharing content, playing games, and finding deals, according to a study by the Pivot Conference. more
  • Five Big Mobile Engagement Mistakes Made at Live Events [Slide Show]
    by Amanda Van Nuys
    One of the best times to use mobile marketing is during a live event. But marketers often make mistakes at events that hinder their success. Here are five mobile engagement blunders to avoid at your next event. more
  • Personal Branding Trends for 2012 (Part 1)
    by William Arruda
    Over the years, personal branding has proven to be an effective technique for enabling career success. But how we build our brands is evolving. Learn six personal branding trends for 2012 that'll help keep you ahead of the pack. more
  • Quick Tricks for Dressing Up Your YouTube Videos
    There are many ways to produce an attention-getting video, but much of it still feels like alchemy. Lucky for us, Stephanie Buck has pinned eight tricks for brands to try—ones that have made other vids big hits. "Today's consumer loves quirk, something different that he can catchphrase or hashtag," she writes. ... more
  • Social Marketing Going Mainstream, but Experimenting Is Still Key
    Brand managers are split on the current state of social marketing in their organizations: 50.8% say marketing via social media is already mainstream or will become so by the end of 2012, but nearly an equal proportion (49.2%) say social marketing will likely still be characterized by continued experimentation by ... more
  • How Retailers and Brands Are Using Mobile to Win at Shelf... and Beyond [Slide Show]
    by Rick Gardinier
    This holiday season, leading brands are capitalizing on the mobile boom. Is your brand following suit? If your brand hasn't quite cracked the mobile code yet, learn four quick points (with takeaways) that'll help you win at the shelf. more
  • Social Media Chatter Reveals Mobile Shoppers' Frustrations
    Many consumers are unhappy with recent mobile shopping experiences, according to study by Tealeaf; among social media conversations related to mobile shopping over the Thanksgiving weekend of 2011, 58% expressed praise for mobile commerce, but 41% reflected frustration with mobile experiences. more
  • Use QR Codes so You Don't Get Thrown Away After Tradeshows
    by Sarah Baker
    Want to leave a lasting impact on tradeshow attendees? Go mobile. Learn three ways to maximize your tradeshow success using QR codes—and five key considerations for using them most effectively. more
  • Local Business Marketing: Daily Deals Up; Facebook Ads Slowing
    Group deals are gaining popularity among local businesses: 12% of surveyed local merchants say they have offered a group-deal promotion, up 33% (3 percentage points) from the 9% who said so in June 2011, according to the seventh annual MerchantCircle Confidence Index. more
  • Marketers to Integrate Social Media and Email in 2012
    More than two-thirds of business leaders (68%) say they plan to integrate social media with their email marketing efforts in 2012, and 44% plan to integrate mobile with email, according to a survey from StrongMail. more
  • Android and iOS Rule US Mobile Apps Market
    Consumers who own Apple iPhones and Google Android devices together constitute the majority of the smartphone and mobile app user segments in the US, according to new data from Nielsen. more
  • Email Viewership Report: Opens via iPad Up 73%
    Mobile email viewership is climbing: Some 23% of email messages were viewed via mobile devices* during the six months ended September 2011, up 34% from the previous six-month period, according to study by Return Path, which also found that Monday is the worst day of the week for mobile email ... more
  • Small Businesses to Ramp Up Mobile, Social Marketing in 2012
    With smartphone penetration reaching an impressive 80% in the small-business community, interest in mobile marketing is mounting: 21.8% of small-business decision-makers say they plan to dedicate more resources to mobile marketing in 2012, up from the 12.6% who said so a year earlier, according to a report by Ad-ology Research. more
  • 'Tis the Season for Holiday Branding
    Bored with the usual "Seasons Greetings" client postcard? Use a bit of holiday spirit to warm up your social campaigns! Meghan Gargan has made a list of do's and don'ts for sending social holiday greetings with panache. "While you should capture the magic and merriment of this time of year, ... more
  • Small Businesses Embracing Social Media With Integrated Approach
    Growing numbers of small businesses continue to adopt social marketing: 81% now report using social media channels to market their businesses, up from the 73% reported six months earlier, according to a survey from Constant Contact. Among those now using social media channels, 65% say such tools complement other forms ... more
  • Smartphone Users Quickly Abandon Bad Mobile Shopping Experiences
    People who shop via smartphone expect mobile websites to deliver fast and easy interactions loaded with rich content, and most (80%) mobile shoppers are willing to abandon mobile sites when confronted with a bad experience, according to a study by Limelight Networks. more
  • Four Tips for Mobile Email Design
    "Designing emails that look great no matter where they're read can be quite the challenge," writes Justine Jordan at the Litmus blog. "As more people read email on mobile devices, chances are your recipient might view your email ... on a mobile phone as well as on their desktop." To help you ... more
  • Do Social Media Spaces Belong to the Consumer?
    Businesses may be wasting time and money trying to reach consumers who resent brands intruding on their social networking spaces: Fully 60% of socially networked Americans say they don't want to engage with brands via social media, according to the Digital Life study by TNS, a Kantar company. more
  • Forrester: B2B Interactive Marketing Spend Forecast Lower
    Interactive marketing budgets are forecast to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 17% over the next five years, but not all industries will invest at the same pace, according to a new report by Forrester Research. more
  • Video Viewers Watching Longer via Tablets, Sharing More on Facebook
    Tablet users spent nearly 30% more time per session than desktop users watching online videos in the third quarter of 2011 and they were twice as likely as desktop viewers to complete those viewing sessions, according to Ooyala's Video Index Report. In addition, Facebook was the most popular way to ... more
  • Four Tips for Mobile SEO
    "Despite some predictions that mobile SEO will be of negligible importance, mobile search has grown 5x in the past 5 years—far outpacing PC searches—and the growth is only set to continue with the rapid uptick in smartphone sales," writes Lior Levin in a guest post at HubSpot. That means if you ... more

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