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  • Voice of the Customer: Trick or Treat for Your Product Launch?
    by Tim Riesterer
    Have you heard of the phenomenon of “declared preference” versus “revealed preference?” If you haven’t, you may be in for a scary surprise this Halloween season if you are using “voice of the customer” research to drive the positioning and messaging for your product launch. more
  • Science + Structure + Metrics = A Winning Formula for Positive Teleprospecting Results
    by Peter Gracey
    "Science + structure + metrics = successful outcomes" might not be the formula that immediately comes to mind for improving your teleprospecting results, but following it step-by-step is a great way to keep your teams focused and organized throughout a campaign. more
  • Content Plays Critical Role Throughout Tech-Buying Cycle
    by Lenna Garibian
    When making a major technology or security solution purchase, information technology decision-makers (ITDMs) download an average of nine content assets throughout the buying cycle, according to a report by IDG. more
  • Five Tips for Engaging Customers With Video Ads This Holiday Season (and Most Any Other Time)
    by Kelly Ford
    You still have a small window of time to enhance your holiday marketing initiatives before shoppers start checking off their wish lists. The most engaging medium to use with those initiatives is online video advertising. Here are five tips for smart video ads that will make the most of this ... more
  • The Two Paths to Trust in Marketing Professional Services
    by Lee W. Frederiksen PhD, Sean T. McVey, et al.
    The most fundamental tenet of professional services marketing is trust. How can you expect potential clients to retain you if they don't trust you? You can't. Until recently, only one path led to trust between you and clients; now, another path is available to you. more
  • Three Cross-Sell and Up-Sell Tactics to Boost Email Marketing ROI
    "It's an old adage," writes Amanda Hinkle in an article at MarketingProfs. "Driving increased sales from your current customers is easier than acquiring new customers." And yet, it's an old adage many retailers don't heed: In a recent survey, only 37% said they use cross-sell and up-sell programs to boost ... more
  • Solve Your Four Hairy Demand-Gen Data Challenges
    by Stephanie Tilton
    What do you get when you put an analyst, a consultant, a practitioner, and a ringleader on the same panel devoted to demand-gen data? You get smart answers to your most pressing questions. Here's a summary of the smarts that such a panel imparted at the MarketingProfs B2B Forum earlier ... more
  • The Four Relevancy Commandments of Lead-Gen Marketing
    by Sean Shoffstall
    People hate push marketing: It interrupts their favorite shows. It clutters their screens. And too often it has nothing to do with their interests. But customers don't mind messaging that's relevant to their needs. These four commandments will keep relevancy central to your messages. more
  • For Effective Company Web Events and Presentations, Learn From the Politicians
    by Eric Vidal
    Whether you like politicians or not, you've got to hand it to them: On either side of the aisle, they know how to connect with others and win hearts and minds. How they do it is how you can do it, too. more
  • B2Bs Lack Collaborative Processes for Content Creation
    Two-thirds of B2B companies struggle to achieve a truly collaborative process for message development, according to a report from Corporate Visions: 33% of B2B sales and marketing professionals say their message creation process is non-collaborative, politically charged, or nonexistent, and 33% say their message creation process is semi-collaborative. more
  • How to Generate Leads via the Chamber of Commerce
    You have a very good reason to join your local chamber of commerce: "One study on consumer preferences found that 63% of consumers prefer to shop and do business with chamber members," writes Mike Bowman at MarketingProfs. But the respectability of chamber membership isn't the only perk: It can also generate a steady ... more
  • Don't Just Script... Teleprospecting Done Right
    by Peter Gracey
    The way teleprospectors phrase their questions and emphasize key messaging can be the difference between a fully qualified lead or a dial tone. But don't fall into the common trap of writing a script and trying to get everyone to follow it verbatim. more
  • How to Nurture Your Marketing Automation Leads to a Certain Sale
    by Sid Smith
    A common misconception about lead nurturing in marketing automation systems is that its purpose is to "move prospects through the sales funnel." But it's not—at least not if you want the end result to be a sale... more
  • Marketing Automation Drives B2B Lead Gen Effectiveness
    Among B2B organizations, the use of integrated marketing automation appears to boost the effectiveness of lead generation efforts across various metrics, such as the quantity of leads generated, the quality of leads passed to sales teams, and the proportion of leads accepted by sales, according to a report by Lenskold ... more
  • A Supercharged Sales Force: Power Your Organization Via Mobile Sales Enablement [Infographic]
    Smartphones and tablets are redefining sales because they offer a compelling blend of usability, utility, and innovation that's unachievable with personal computers. In short, mobile enablement can supercharge your sales. And this infographic outlines how. more
  • Online Deals Forecast to Reach $3.6B in 2012
    US consumer spending on online deals (daily deals, instant deals, and flash sales) is forecast to reach $3.6 billion in 2012, up 86.9% from the estimated $1.8 billion spent in 2011, according to a report by BIA/Kelsey. However, the forecast signals a maturing market. more
  • Four Reasons to Jettison the Traditional Website and Go Social
    by Christian Briggs
    Companies are dispensing with the traditional website, instead integrating popular social networks right into their site and communicating with customers in real time via tweets and Facebook posts. Here's why you might want to follow their lead. more
  • What's Showrooming? (And Six Ways You Can Combat It)
    by Michael Stevens
    Armed with smartphones, shoppers are going to brick-and-mortar stores to evaluate products—then, often while still in the store, buying them online to get deals. That's "showrooming." Here's what you can do about it. more
  • How the Best B2B Marketers Think Like B2C Marketers: Five Strategies to Emulate
    by Russell Glass
    The best B2B marketers are successful because they start with building a brand. In other words, the best B2B marketers think like B2C marketers. And here's just how they think and what they do. more
  • Who's Who in the E-Commerce Business [Infographic]
    E-commerce is booming again! Now, online merchants have a lot of choices when selecting shopping carts and hosting platforms. Lexity has put together an infographic after studying the e-commerce landscape. more
  • The Seven Elements of a Great Lead Gen Landing Page
    What's the key to crafting a B2B landing page that grabs attention—and loads of leads? It needs to be well-written, and offer real value to visitors. It needs to be eye-catching, to grab attention in those first critical seconds. But we all know these basics, right? So which specific elements work ... more
  • Three Cross-Sell and Up-Sell Tactics to Improve Email Marketing Results
    by Amanda Hinkle
    It's an old adage: Driving increased sales from your current customers is easier than acquiring new customers. But when marketing via email, a lot of businesses seem to be missing an opportunity that's right in front of them. more
  • Why and How to Encourage Online Reviews
    by Tara Hornor
    One of the first things consumers look for when making a purchase is a review of the product or service they're interested in. They look to their peers for input and advice and trust them far more than they do the brand, especially if they've had little or no interaction ... more
  • Social Media Weapons for Your Event-Planning Arsenal
    Anyone who thinks it's easy to plan, promote, and execute a successful event has never planned, promoted, or executed a successful event. In any case, social media tools can make events easier.  "Whether you need to work with organizers, generate buzz, or share post-party photos, social media should be a primary weapon in your ... more
  • Zen and the Art of Conference Presenting
    by Lara Haehle
    At a recent industry event, I was often inspired, but also confused... therefore this attempt at Zen, to provide feedback to presenters everywhere about what they do that's excellent—and less than excellent. more

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