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Social vs. Search: Which Is the Winner? [Slide Show]

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121129-1 Intro

"While there are many differences between search marketing and social media, and each has its strengths, both are essential in marketing today," according to an infographic from MDG Advertising.

The trick, of course, is knowing when to use each in your marketing and how to combine their power for maximum effect.

121129-2 Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Search is the clear winner in B2B and B2C lead generation—a mix of search engine optimization (SEO) and pay per click (PPC) advertising will do more for lead gen goals than social, according to MDG.

121129-3 Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness

Social, however, is better suited to brand awareness—its top benefit, according to Social Media Examiner. Search can raise brand awareness, but to a lesser degree.

121129-4 Local Visibility

Local Visibility

Search, meanwhile, claims the local visibility prize: When searching for local restaurants and businesses, people are far more likely to consult Google than to check Facebook.

121129-5 Interactivity


Because social is built around the concept of interactivity, inherently it's what marketers turn to as their chief means of interacting with prospects and customers.

121129-6 The Real Winner

The Real Winner: A Combined Strategy

Don't think of it as search vs. social, think of it as search + social. "When paired up in a comprehensive marketing plan, the two can reinforce each other and contribute to a company's overall marketing success," concludes MDG Advertising.

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Christian Gulliksen is a writer who has authored several of the Get to the Po!nt newsletters for MarketingProfs. A former editor at Robb Report, he has also contributed to Worth, Variety, and The Hollywood Reporter.

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  • by Dave Ball Thu Nov 29, 2012 via web

    These are among the worst infographics I have ever seen. The information is good (if somewhat obvious) but it is close to impossible to read.

  • by MDG Advertising Thu Nov 29, 2012 via web

    Hi Dave. You can see the full size, large, obvious version here:

  • by Nick Stamoulis Fri Nov 30, 2012 via web

    Site owners need to stop thinking of it as search vs. social! Both feed into one another and the two combined (along with content marketing) make a much stronger and far reaching campaign.

  • by alexandra Mon Dec 3, 2012 via web

    have to agree with Nick, try LinkedIn for an example of connectivity

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