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Marketing Articles: Mobile

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  • Google's Top 20 Mobile Products (and How It Monetizes Them) [Infographic]
    by Verónica Jarski
    Google is fast on its way to becoming a "mobile first" company: Within a year, mobile will become the primary way users access Google. So what does Google's mobile portfolio look like? And how does it profit from those products? more
  • Apple Gains Ground on Google Android, Strengthens Handset Lead
    by Lenna Garibian
    Apple increased its share of US smartphone subscribers and its lead in the handset market in January 2013, according to data from the comScore Mobilens service. Though Android is still the top smartphone platform in the US with 52.3% market share for the three-month period ended January, Apple's share grew ... more
  • Video Viewing via Mobile Doubles; Live Content Still Favored
    by Lenna Garibian
    People are watching more video content with their mobile devices: The proportion of total time spent watching online video via tablets and smartphones reached 8% at the end of December 2012, double the 4% recorded a year earlier, according to the 2012 Year-End Video Index Report by Ooyala. more
  • Top Mobile Web Destinations by Category: Google (News), ESPN (Sports), Amazon (Shopping)...
    by Lenna Garibian
    Google is the most popular Web destination among users of mobile devices, according to new data from Hitwise Mobile: Google attracted 17.27% of total Web traffic via mobile devices for the week ended February 23, 2013. more
  • Text Me Maybe [Infographic]
    by Verónica Jarski
    In 2012, an estimated 9.6 trillion text messages were sent out. What were all those texts about? Fortunately, you don't to have to read over someone's shoulder to find out. Leads360 did the research then created the following infographic. more
  • Texting Prospects (at the Right Time) Boosts Conversion
    by Lenna Garibian
    Though email messaging is an important part of the selling process, texting can be an effective way to supplement email and phone channels, according to a study by Leads360. Sales prospects who receive SMS text messages during the sales process convert at a rate 40% higher than those who do ... more
  • Six QR Code Do's and Don'ts for Events
    by Eric Olson
    Slapping a QR code on a handout or a poster is easy, but creating something useful takes thought and planning. So what are QR codes good for? Plenty, including for your events, if you use QR codes wisely. more
  • Social and Mobile Gaming Ads Outperform Standard Online Formats
    by Lenna Garibian
    Social and mobile gaming ads are outperforming standard online ads, generating both higher average click-through rates and engagement levels than many online formats, according to a report released today by MediaBrix. more
  • Social Media Tools Galore, a Vine Resume, the Burger King Hack... The Week in Social Media #SocialSkim
    by Angela Natividad
    This week was replete with value. Learn the "science of the Harlem Shake," see the first-ever Vine résumé, and score the story—and insights—on the Burger King Twitter hack. Also, we've got tools in droves... more
  • Video Viewing via Mobile Surging; Apple Dominates
    by Lenna Garibian
    Video viewing via mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, game consoles, etc.) rose dramatically in 2012, accounting for 12% of total video viewing in the fourth quarter, up 10 percentage points from 2% a year earlier, according to a report by FreeWheel. more
  • You CAN Enable Sales via Mobile
    by Chris Boyles
    Sales organizations are starting to use tablet devices to create engaging mobile experiences that deliver transformational business results, driving new revenue, differentiating the buying experience, and solving big productivity problems. more
  • Social Network Demographics: Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook
    by Lenna Garibian
    Young adults are more likely than older adults to use major social media sites, and women, African-Americans, and Latinos are most likely to use Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, according to new data from Pew Research. more
  • National Brands Lack Tools to Execute Local Campaigns Effectively
    by Lenna Garibian
    Though 59% of national brand marketers say local marketing is essential to their business growth and profitability, only 7% say they have highly evolved campaigns in place—complete with measurements and analytics—that can activate consumers at a local level, according to a report by the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council in ... more
  • Which Mobile Approach Is Right for You? [Infographic]
    by Verónica Jarski
    Figuring out which mobile approach to take can be complicated. Fortunately, Mutual Mobile has created an infographic that guides you to your destination through the process of elimination, so you know what you want (and what you don't). more
  • Seven Tips for Creating a Mobile-Aware Marketing Culture
    by Joe Wozny
    The next cultural shift your organization must pay attention to is mobile marketing—at the strategic planning level and at the tactical level. As a marketer, are you ready to ease your organization into mobile? more
  • Google Forecast to Earn $5B in Tablet Search Ad Revenue
    by Lenna Garibian
    Ad clicks via tablet devices are projected to account for 20% of Google's paid-search revenues in the US by December 2013, up from 10.7% a year earlier, according to a new report from Marin Software. That would amount to roughly $5 billion in revenues from tablet ads alone for the ... more
  • US Trailing W. Europe and Canada in New Media Adoption
    by Lenna Garibian
    Despite its wealth and stronger economic growth, the US is adopting new media technologies —smartphone, tablet, and IPTV (Internet protocol television)—at a slower pace than other countries. The US now ranks No. 12 in the adoption of new media technologies, and it's expected to slip to No. 14 by 2015. more
  • Video: Why and How You'll Be Using It in 2013
    by Melody King
    Online videos, which users love, have become useful marketing tools—for SEO, social media programs, and mobile and e-commerce. Here's how video will continue to make inroads in 2013. more
  • Is Your Video Platform Future-Proof?
    by Jeff Fissel
    You might already have your video marketing strategy figured out, but technology is always changing. Learn whether your video platform is future-proof, and get tips on making sure your video platform and enterprise videos remain accessible and useful as technology advances. more
  • Ditch the Funnel: 'Purchase Loop' Echoes New Buyer Behavior
    by Lenna Garibian
    With the advent of digital, social, and mobile media, the consumer buying process has become more complex than simply identifying a need, exploring options, and making a purchase, according to new research conducted by Latitude and Even so, buying decisions appear to happening more quickly than ever, the study ... more
  • Need to Know: Four Mobile App Marketing Trends for 2013
    by Ravi Kamran
    Mobile marketing changes so rapidly that every day brings new developments, but some trends are here to stay, including the steady growth of mobile apps. To stay at the top of the mobile marketing game, you have to stay on top of these four trends. more
  • Most Frugal US Cities: Atlanta, Orlando, and Tampa
    by Lenna Garibian
    Saving money has become second nature for many Americans, but the South and Midwest still have a leg up on the rest of the country, according to the 2012 Savings Index by, which ranks US cities by their use of digital coupons in 2012. more
  • 7 Marketing Lessons (and an Infographic) for Next Year's Super Bowl Advertisers (and You)
    by Jeffrey K. Rohrs
    This year's Super Bowl advertisers' near total failure to engage viewers beyond the TV screen led me to distill seven marketing lessons for any marketer looking to get more ROI from marketing investments. more
  • PayPal Still Dominating Digital Wallet Marketplace
    by Lenna Garibian
    Only 51% of US consumers are aware of digital wallet providers other than PayPal, even as electronic payment providers, mobile phone carriers, banks, and retailers themselves line up for a piece of the emerging digital wallet market, according to new data from comScore. more
  • Mobile Search Advertising Just Got Way Easier: AdWords Enhanced Campaigns
    by Larry Kim
    Today (Feb. 6, 2013) Google announced some major upcoming changes that will make mobile ad campaign management exponentially simpler in AdWords. The new "Enhanced Campaigns" will be available as an upgrade by late February and become the default for all campaigns by June or so. more

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